How Can I Meet A Man In The Military Uk

How Can I Meet A Man In The Military Uk – We LOVE men, don’t we? Well, there’s some interesting data that points to married men being healthier than their single counterparts… And I can’t think of a better way to help them stay healthy than to get them hooked up and married to a sweet woman like you!

So I thought I’d share some info with you straight from the guy’s mouth. Here’s my thinking: getting this information from them will help you become a better dater and partner. Then you will be more likely to connect and attract the right guy; which means more men are getting married and staying healthy! (A circuitous route, but I think it will get there.)

How Can I Meet A Man In The Military Uk

Today’s article from my friend John Armenta. John is 45, divorced and likes to be single. He’s the guy who will tell you when you meet that he’s not looking for anything serious, and he means it. He says he’s open to compromising with “a woman who knocks her socks off.” I don’t know if that woman exists, so I think John remains single; just like he likes it.

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Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional dating coach, life consultant or social guru. I’m just a single man who wants to share a few things with the women of the world. So here it goes…

Let’s discuss what kind of man you want to meet. He needs to be employed in a steady paying job, preferably a nine to five. He has his own house and owns a vehicle or two. He does fun things and household chores on the weekend. Maybe he has a motorcycle or golf clubs. Maybe he has an all-terrain vehicle – a boat? Scuba gear? Ski? – and he’s definitely online.

Okay, so this guy will be at work all day Monday through Friday. This is not the best time to look for him, nor is it a good idea to hunt him down at work. But any night, especially Friday night and Saturday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday, this guy is available. You just have to find him. Now if you only knew where to look.

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A man has to eat, and if he’s single like you want him to be, he probably eats out often. Look for him in high-end restaurants. Sure, places like Denny’s or the Village Inn attract a man, but look for restaurants that have a salad bar or maybe even a buffet kitchen. Even higher, you can meet this man at Red Lobster or Outback. Your dream man may have small children and may be enjoying time with his child on a Friday night at McDonald’s Playland. The whole idea is to get to the restaurants where the men are. Choose a restaurant that caters to the particular type of man you want to find.

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A man has to wash clothes. He probably has a washer and dryer at home and does laundry there, but not always. Look for him at a laundromat on Sunday afternoon or Monday or Tuesday evening. Mondays are probably best. He procrastinated all weekend, and when he finally decided to do his laundry, it was too late on Sunday afternoon to get any effective laundry done. The best way to play laundry catch-up is to go to the laundromat.

On weekends, a man can enjoy time with his children in a place where children like to go. An indoor park or playground could be just the place. An outdoor park is always fun. Maybe he takes the children skiing, four-wheel drive or sailing. Look for a man at the end of August to be in a store or mall with his child to get school supplies, shoes and clothes. A man shopping with his kids? Yes! He is a goalkeeper!

Movies are a fun thing to do with kids, especially kids movies. Next time there’s a Disney movie in town, bring a partner to the Saturday afternoon screening. Tell her your plan to meet the man of your dreams at a children’s movie. She can help you with that. She can even get in on the action herself, so watch out!

If he doesn’t have kids, or for example, if the kids are with his ex this weekend, then this is a perfect time for him to get some of those pesky house projects done. Maybe he needs to replace the battery in his car. Well, he has to buy those things, so look for him at the hardware and parts stores this weekend. Sears, Home Depot, NAPA Auto Parts, Car Quest – men are there! Look for the higher end pick-up trucks in the parking lot. Your husband-to-be definitely has a good truck for hauling things like lumber, tools, and ATVs!

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You want a man who takes care of himself. His health and physique are just as important to him as they are to you. He’ll probably be in the gym working out on Saturday mornings, or almost any night right after work. He will lift weights or run a fast treadmill. He hates sit-ups, but he’s going to do a ton of them anyway.

A single man buys groceries, but not often. When he does it, he does it like everyone else, and maybe once a month. He is at the grocery store, buying meat and potatoes and vegetables – especially vegetables. Remember: Your husband is health conscious. He is at the grocery store on weekends or any evening except Friday and Saturday.

And then he’s online. Choose a dating site. The bigger or more popular sites will have LOTS of amazing men on them. The bigger the city, the more men there are. Post a hot or glam picture of yourself, write something sly and alluring, and hold on, girl! Women get about 100 times more emails from men than men get from women. It’s just one of the facts of life. My advice: Reply to every NEW emailer. Seriously, even if you don’t like the guy and you KNOW you’ll never, ever date him, at least send him a “Thanks, but no thanks” message. Don’t worry about hurting his feelings. He will respect your honesty, and actually feel good that you responded. Ignore him if he answers back. You’ve already told him where you stand, and that’s good enough for anyone.

Now imagine this: You come upon a field that has been torn by floodwaters and you see sparkling spots in the ground. Closer inspection reveals that these flecks are indeed diamonds! So what’s the first thing you do? You pick them up one at a time with your bare hands and put them in your pockets! How simple is it? Imagine the dirt on your hands…and on your knees! What if you start digging in the ground with a stick or shovel and there are MORE diamonds!?

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Okay, now you know where the men are and at what time to find them. So when you find them, what do you do? Sit there like a wallflower and watch them? That’s no way to get diamonds in your pocket! You’re gonna have to get your hands dirty, girl. You will have to work for it. This is another world, another time. The “lady-like” rules from your grandmother’s era no longer apply. I’m not suggesting you act like a bitch or abandon your principles. But sitting patiently and waiting for a man to approach you just doesn’t work today.

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Women are equal – now more than ever – and men impose and expect just as much. So as a woman you have the right AND responsibility to look after your own happiness. If you’re at the beach and you’re in the middle of a random review of all men and you’re just sitting there, you’re not going to meet a man. Today’s man has many more options and ways to spend his time than longing for and searching for the love of his life. Throw in the years of rejection he’s endured since he was old enough to like girls, a few sexual harassment horror stories, the occasional news story about false allegations of stalking and rape that resulted in prison sentences, and he’s just not that motivated . . Besides, there’s a whole world out there, and a self-sufficient single wants to experience every bit of it on this journey we call life. He can’t get “fixed” by a relationship. But he would be willing to “fly” with the right lady! This means that the competition is fierce, so you will have to make the first move. If you’re smart, outgoing, a little brave and a little lucky, you can find a man who wants to take you on his journey. Are you prepared for it?

Now do John a big favor and give him your feedback. What do you think of his ideas and information? He was very generous to write this for us, don’t you think? We use cookies to make great.

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