Which Country Has Accidentally Shot Down A Russian Military Plane

Which Country Has Accidentally Shot Down A Russian Military Plane – Late last month, Russia received several modern Su-34M fighter-bombers, and one of them has already been shot down over Ukraine. However, it was not the Ukrainian forces who managed to shoot down the two-seat plane… These are Russia’s own air defense systems.

A video surfaced over the weekend of the Russian military shooting down a plane flying over eastern Ukraine, though it was not clear at the time what type of aircraft they had intercepted. The footage was uploaded to Telegram by a Russian war correspondent previously sanctioned by foreign states for spreading disinformation and propaganda on behalf of Moscow.

Which Country Has Accidentally Shot Down A Russian Military Plane

“Last night, an allied air defense crew destroyed a target in the sky over Alchevsk,” Evgeny Poddubny, a Russian war correspondent and well-known propagandist, wrote in the video. “The nature of the target is not clear. The burning ball fell to the ground for more than a minute.

Iran Crash: Plane Shot Down By Accident, Western Officials Believe

The one-minute video, posted on July 17, shows a bright light coming from behind the clouds, accompanied by a thunderous rumble. Soon after, a fireball falls from the sky.

Russian war correspondent Yevgeny Poddubny published a video at night, which, according to him, shows how Russian / LPR air defense systems destroy a target over Alchevsk. It turned out that Russian air defense shot down their own Su-34 bomber. https://t.co/qTxccwJRua https://t.co/fVEvBoUy21 pic.twitter.com/RmBDCrRyJ3 — Rob Lee (@RALee85) July 18, 2022

The wreckage of the plane was soon discovered, and upon examination it soon became apparent that it was in fact one of the

These aircraft, which the Russian media are calling 4++ generation fighter-bombers, have just been delivered to the Russian Air Force late last month, completing the start of an order placed in May 2020.

Deaths In Poland From Ukrainian Missiles Are A Warning For Everyone

In June 2021, the Russian edition of TASS reported that by the end of the year the country would receive eight updated Su-34M fighter-bombers. Only on July 8 this year, Russia adopted the first operational Su-34Ms.

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Su-34 The Su-34, named Fullback by NATO, has been developed for literally decades, and its design concept was first proposed as a replacement for the Su-24 Fencer back in 1977. Like many modern Russian fighters, the Su-34 was based on the Su-27 Flanker, an air superiority fighter designed to compete with US 4th generation fighters such as the F-14 Tomcat and F-15 Eagle. It first flew 32 years ago in April 1990 but did not enter service until March 2014.

The Su-34 may have its roots in air superiority, but its design has been drastically changed to better suit the ground attack role. It can carry up to 17,630 pounds of ammunition on 12 hardpoints located under the wing and under the fuselage, along with the GSh-30-1 30mm internal cannon. A pair of Russian AL-31FM1 engines provide 30,000 pounds of thrust each in afterburner, giving the aircraft a top speed of Mach 1.8 and a service ceiling of about 56,000 feet. The Su-34M is said to improve these performance by integrating a synthetic aperture radar, a camera module, and a UKR-RT electronic intelligence (ELINT) module to improve situational awareness.

In some ways, the Su-34 can be compared to the American F-15E Strike Eagle, as the air superiority fighter evolved into a fighter-bomber, although in practice its design takes a different approach.

Missiles Reportedly Land In Poland As Russia Pummels Ukraine

The Su-34 differed most from its predecessor, the Su-27, in the nose, with a new forward fuselage allowing the aircraft’s two-man crew to sit side by side rather than in front of each other. The resulting design was so unique that it earned it nicknames like “Hellduck” and “Platypus”. A pair of canards from the Su-30, mounted closer to the rear of the cockpit, further enhances the impression.

In 2020, the Russian Aerospace Forces placed an order for 76 modernized Su-34Ms at the rate of 14 aircraft per year until 2027. Each of these upgraded fighter-bombers cost Moscow about $50 million, thanks in no small part to upgraded avionics, radar, communications systems and electronic warfare. Given that Russia’s defense budget is less than one-tenth that of America’s, the loss of such an expensive aircraft to friendly fire is a major setback.

Conservative estimates put Russian aircraft losses during their invasion of Ukraine at just 35, with sites like Oryx counting confirmed photos of identifiable platform losses to come up with that figure. Ukrainian officials, however, are suggesting a significantly higher number, which will soon exceed 220. While this may seem like a big discrepancy, the Oryx themselves highlight the fact that actual losses are almost certainly significantly higher than they report due to their strict requirements for photographic evidence. . .

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“This list includes only destroyed cars and equipment, about which there are photo and video materials. Therefore, the number of destroyed vehicles is much higher than recorded here,” Steen Mitzer explained to Oryx.

Russia Shoots Down Its Own Advanced Jet Just Weeks After Delivery

Among the confirmed losses are at least 11 other Su-34s, although none of the previous losses were related to promising Su-34Ms. Earlier Su-34s are often valued at between $35 million and $40 million, making their losses just as hard to swallow for an increasingly cash-strapped Kremlin.

To date, Russia has failed to secure air supremacy over the East Ukrainian Front’s combat operations, which may be largely due to the fact that Russian military doctrine has placed little emphasis on air superiority. Russian forces have long based their doctrine on a potential conflict with NATO, and because Russia believed air supremacy in such a conflict was unlikely, they changed their approach to combat by simply trying to control the airspace directly around their forces and targets. and nothing more.

However, despite Russia’s setbacks, Ukraine still faces a grueling struggle, with no clear path to victory yet.

Alex Hollings is a writer, father, and veteran Marine specializing in foreign policy analysis and defense technology. He holds an MA in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University and a BA in Corporate and Organizational Communications from Framingham State University.

Russia Has Shot Down Own Aircraft In War Blunders, Says Uk Spy Chief

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Dutch Prosecutors Charge 4 In Shooting Down Of Flight Mh17 Over Eastern Ukraine

The technical storage or access is necessary to create user profiles for sending advertisements or to track a user on a website or across multiple websites for similar marketing purposes. Illegal air defense unit fired at a passenger plane without permission, Iran says. Iran failed to properly calibrate its radar system by shooting at a Ukrainian passenger plane without permission. All 176 people on board died on 8 January.

Rescuers inspect the wreckage of a Ukrainian airliner that was shot down shortly after takeoff in the Iranian capital Tehran on January 8. Iran says a series of tragic mistakes led to the missile attack. Akbar Tavakoli/IRNA/AFP via Getty Images hide caption

Rescuers inspect the wreckage of a Ukrainian airliner that was shot down shortly after takeoff in the Iranian capital Tehran on January 8. Iran says a series of tragic mistakes led to the missile attack.

Human error, a misaligned missile guidance system and a decision to open fire without permission led Iran to shoot down a civilian passenger plane in January, according to a new report from the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization.

What If Russia Uses Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine?

Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 was shot down shortly after takeoff from the Iranian capital Tehran, killing all 176 people on board. No one claimed responsibility for several days, but signs indicated he had been hit by a missile. Eventually, Iran admitted that it had targeted the plane, mistakenly believing it was an American missile.

“PS 752 was identified as a threat by one of the air defense units and was consequently attacked,” the Iranian accident investigation report says in the introduction, before the relevant facts are laid out. The plane flying to Kyiv received permission from the air traffic control service to take off from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport. The flight plan was submitted to the Iranian air defense coordination center, and the military gave permission for the aircraft to take off.

That’s when everything went wrong. Mistake #1: One of Iran’s air defense units was moved, but due to human error, its radar system was never reconfigured. So when the unit spotted an object flying on an unknown flight path, the unit did not realize it was a Boeing 737-800.

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