Will I Lose My Husband’s Military Pension If I Remarry

Will I Lose My Husband’s Military Pension If I Remarry – Kateryna Halyshka: “My job is to do everything possible to make women feel less depressed because of the loss of their beloved men. The lost and the pain I went through”

Since 2019, Kateryna Halyshka has been providing medical care to wounded soldiers in hot spots. Working in such a situation cost him dearly. Every time I just think about what you have to do to save someone’s life as you think that someone you love is waiting for him somewhere at home. Friends can’t save her lover’s life…

Will I Lose My Husband’s Military Pension If I Remarry

I was born in Poltava region and have been living in Kyiv for 9 years. A long time ago, I participated in projects that worked with the UN and non-governmental organizations on the issue of displaced people, women and refugees. I got my degree in history from Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv. Later, I graduated from the university and got a second education at the National Security Agency in the field of public security. My dream was to work at the UN and reach the international level. However, the war changed my plans three months ago. A year and a half ago I started working in the Ukrainian National Army as a civil servant and I plan to continue and build my career. Partly, I’m still dreaming.

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I also worked in the all-Ukraine program “Community of interest” as a communicator and helped to build an active organization capable of creating changes in the country, which is important for us now after 2014.

I loved history and architecture. I have traveled the world, experienced different cultures. I loved the art house and modern Ukrainian literature that gave me strength and energy. I wanted to marry a loving man, build a family and have a nice home.

No matter what it sounds like, I had a great time on February 24th. From nine o’clock at night on February 23, I had a long conversation with Anton, he plays the guitar, I understand, he sings. I was smiling. We talked about everyday things, laughing a lot. We arranged to meet so he could tell me over a bottle of wine why he loves me. And we did it until two in the morning. I slept peacefully, because I was fine, he was fine, everyone was fine.

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On February 24, between 4:40 and 5:00 in the morning, my sisters Runa and Mishka called. “You’re not sleeping, are you?”. I was surprised because – why the hell do I have to get up so early? “There are bombs in Kyiv. Kate, the war is here. Fly and pack your things”.

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I picked up my phone and saw Anton’s message: “It has started”. I saw what happened and called my friends: Vitia, Vania and Vita. “It’s started,” I said. I called my parents. I called at work. I’m dressed. I put the bags in the corridor, and then I took them so I wouldn’t have to go home.

“Take care of yourself,” Anton said. I went to work between 5 and 6 am on February 24th.

“Be careful. I love you,” – we talked to friends. And I went down to the ground floor, which was the first air raid in my life.

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I wish I could close my eyes and go back to when Anton was singing and laughing so hard. While my friends and I were planning to visit a new restaurant and its kitchen. If I could take my parents on a tour or think if the play would be interesting my mother would buy the tickets. When my friends were safe, but not on the front line. That the walls of my room will not shake from the explosion. When a well-known person wrote to me from Mariupol, he said: “We have little strength, but we will continue until the end.”

“In 2019 I joined “Hospitaller”. It is a Ukrainian volunteer battalion. I took a 7-day course in tactical medicine and as close to combat training as possible.”

Then I went to the first rotation. I’ve always been in different groups. Now I am working in a group, our main goal is to move the wounded from the battlefield. We also provide first aid, take the wounded to the second line, which is safe, and send them to the medical team. They give water to the wounded soldiers, other medicines and transfer them to the third level – to the hospital.

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During my work, I check a lot of blood. If it’s a cut, then I try to stop as much blood as possible where it can flow, check the airways to keep the person breathing and conscious.

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Working in such conditions scared me. Every time I just think about what you have to do to save someone’s life. At one point I had to pull out four wounded people at once. This was already a heavy load, and things were difficult on the road. We had fire almost all the time, the car was driving at full speed, and somehow I had to work with the wounded and give them help, check the blood. I came back from this assignment sometime, almost hysterical.

Imagine you are working, and the minister is flying around. In these situations, you must win and not be afraid, do not be afraid, shy, but remain a person with a calm head and complete the task. After returning, I sat down, lit a cigarette and thought: “Katia, you can work in such conditions (because it’s practical) and at the same time save people, really bring them!” However, it seemed that I really missed one of them because I was alone and my mind was scattered among them.

There were also difficult emotions with one injured person. It wasn’t serious, but a moderate injury. He looked a lot like Anton. To my Anton. He had such an injury, and every time I drove, I thought about my boyfriend. I was worried if I could save this person. Since they couldn’t save Anton…

I always thought in my mind that his family and friends were waiting for him at home. And I didn’t want him to feel the pain of missing out. I know he survived. And I’m glad that my work allows me to do everything possible so that as few women as possible feel the pain of losing the man they love. The loss and pain I went through.

Kateryna Halyshka:“ My Work Is To Do Everything Possible That Could Make Women Feel Less Frustrated About Losing Their Loving Husbands. The Lost And Pain That I Went Through”

Anton Gevak called “Perun”. He was 27 years old. He joined the army in 2012, after which he joined the special forces. In 2014, he went to war.

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Later, he entered the Odesa Military Academy, where he studied and pursued advanced studies. During his studies, he decided that he wanted to go into the water, and after graduating, he was assigned to a certain division. He was a platoon leader in the 140th Infantry Division. He loved his job, he was a soldier who valued what he did. Anton wanted to build a career in the military.

He had a dream that he would fulfill his promise by moving to another city. He thought about Kyiv. I wanted to start working there in the military, but I got behind. He enjoyed playing the guitar, composing music and songs. He loved to read, especially the Scandinavian philosophy “Way of the Warrior” which is similar to his path. He loved to meditate and travel to places he called places of power, where you can feel oneness with nature.

I learned about his death from a girl who was a paramedic in his unit. He wrote to me. Using my time, I had the opportunity to ask questions, and the command told me that this was true.

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I didn’t believe in other worldly things, but… One day, he had a dream and told me that he had finished his fighting mission and was coming back. But he was alone, cold and distant. I woke up thinking he would talk soon. But on March 10, he was pronounced dead. He died in battle.

They went through Mariupol, which was surrounded at that time, and met the enemy’s column. He knocked on the tank. Reportedly, on the day he died, he fulfilled his dream of shooting with a Javelin and NLAW.

Anton took out an enemy vehicle with an NLAW bullet, the column of attackers stopped and the Russian army started to work. He was hit by bullets. He did not die immediately,

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