Why Is The American Flag Upside Down On Military Uniforms

Why Is The American Flag Upside Down On Military Uniforms – Posted Jun 4, 2022 9:25:11 AM PDT Jun 4, 2022 9:25:11 AM PDT Jun 4, 2022 9:25:11 AM PDT

Traditionally, the meaning of an upside-down American flag has always been that the person displaying the flag in this manner is in serious danger or trouble, whether it be life-threatening or their property. Finally, an upside-down American flag is usually seen as a sign of dire distress.

Why Is The American Flag Upside Down On Military Uniforms

However, today you may have heard of cases of Old Glory flying upside down, but the circumstances were not related to war or imminent danger.

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Let’s first discuss the famous US Flag Code that defines how the national symbol should be used. The United States flag was created by representatives of over 68 organizations, led by the American Legion’s National Commission on Americanism. The code was published in 1923, but it took about two decades before Congress passed the code in 1942.

The flag code suggests, among other things, that the flag should be treated with respect, never touch the ground, and may be hung upside down only in times of great distress or grave danger. However, the key word here is “suggests”. Basically, if someone breaks one of the rules of the flag code, for example, if the flag touches the ground while lowering it, there is no penalty or penalty. In fact, the police are not active when a person violates the Flag Code.

In short, flying the American flag upside down is considered disrespectful to the national flag of the United States of America, unless a person or their property is in extreme danger.

Nowadays, it is rare to hear of a national symbol being flown upside down for any reason other than as a sign of protest and a means of free expression.

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What Does Flying The American Flag Upside Down Mean?

The flag is supposed to be an apolitical, national symbol, but there have been instances of it being flown upside down as a way to make a political point. Ernie Lamarre, a resident of Brunswick, shared his views on the state of the nation after the 2021 presidential election, as well as the situation regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and abortion laws.

For example, in 2007, a man was arrested in Pennsylvania for flying a flag upside down in front of his home. Joseph Yamrus was disillusioned with the Middle East policies of some members of Congress. In protest, he decided to fly Old Glory upside down to express his dismay at the current attitude towards the war in Iraq.

However, Yamrus’ neighbor did not know that this act was a sign of protest and called the local police about the incident. As a result, a local police officer instructed Yamrus to either fly it properly or land it, saying it was illegal under Pennsylvania law. When Yamrus refused, he was arrested.

Hanging the flag upside down, not only the national flag, but any flag is considered a clear sign of trouble and a cry for emergency help.

Upside Down American Flag Stock Photos

On the other hand, there have been cases of the flag being used as a sign of protest, as at the recent “Freedom Convoy” protest against the public health mandate of COVID-19, when the Canadian flag was turned upside down.

Obviously, today, one should think twice when reacting to the latest news, which is often spread on social networks. Perhaps someone is simply signaling that their lives are in danger, or simply wants to express concern and protest about certain events that are not directly or personally life-threatening.

For some, flying a flag upside down on a flagpole is a form of free expression. Still, for others, especially if they’ve served in the military, flying the national symbol upside down to make a point is considered the ultimate disrespect.

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An Act Of True Patriotism: Fly The American Flag Upside Down This Fourth Of July

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POLK COUNTY, Fla. – Some residents in the community of Auburndale are upset after several homeowners placed an American flag upside down near their homes.

The flag placement was apparently done in response to the presidential election results being certified for President-elect Joe Biden.

What you need to know Auburndale community residents upset over homeowners flying American flag upside down HOA said it has no say in the matter: US Department of Defense: Flag should be flown upside down only ‘to convey a sign of distress or great danger’ .

American Flag Flying Upside Down At Fresno Business

Hanging the American flag upside down is considered disrespectful by many, including those who have served our country in uniform.

The US Department of Defense says the flag should only be flown upside down “to convey a sign of distress or great danger.”

The Florida Department of State agrees, stating on its website that “flags should never be flown upside down except as a sign of great distress.”

Still, several American flags were flying upside down on the Juliana reservation Tuesday when Spectrum News visited the neighborhood. Some residents took to social media to express their displeasure with their neighbors’ actions, and Spectrum News reached out to the homeowners association for comment.

Ridgewood Black Lives Matter Protest

While HOAs typically have rules regarding flying flags or displaying signs in yards, the Juliana Reservation HOA said it has no say in the matter and referred Spectrum News to the corporate office in Michigan.

Neighbors upset after several American flags were raised upside down in response to @JoeBiden’s victory in this year’s election. https://t.co/yG9Hg6Ifn3 pic.twitter.com/QhE1DhwKXV — Ashonti Ford TV (@AshontiFordBN9) January 13, 2021 TUCSON, Ariz. ( News 13 ) – Pima County Treasurer Beth Ford is facing American criticism over her summer upside down on his property since Inauguration Day.

“It’s very obvious, the intention is to show everyone,” said one neighbor to. “She is an elected official. It is important that we hold our elected leaders to a certain level of accountability.”

Don Jensen, another neighbor, said about two weeks ago he first noticed that the Trump 2020 campaign flag on Ford’s property had been replaced with an upside-down American flag.

One Year After Biden Wins, I See An Upside Down Flag

“To begin with, we supported Ms. Ford,” Jensen said. “I think she is a very talented and intelligent young lady. I’m an old soldier and I know that upside down flags mean ‘help’. I believe she has the right to do what she wants. Do I believe it is wrong? I know. I believe it should be taken down.”

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According to Title 36, Section 176 of the American Flag Code, the flag should never be flown with the union flag down, except as a sign of great distress in cases of extreme danger to life or property.

“Do you know what [the upside down flag] represents?” asked Ford’s husband. “It is a national sign of distress. We feel our nation is in trouble right now… Mrs. Ford has absolutely nothing to do with that flag, I do.”

Ford’s husband told us he planted the flag on January 20, the day of President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Antique American Flag With 45 Upside Down Star, Utah Statehood At 1stdibs

Reporter: “We just want to know if you support flying the flag upside down in front of your house and if you think the country is in trouble because of the election results?”

Ford: “Election results? REALLY HOW IMPORTANT! Of course this country is in trouble. We are in the middle of a pandemic. People are dying, our children can’t go to school, and people have lost their loved ones, their livelihoods and their jobs… My flag will show the help signal until we get through this crisis!”

Journalist: “I only asked about the election results because your husband said it was about an upside-down flag.” So are you saying it has nothing to do with the outcome of the election?”

Ford: “There are many problems facing the country right now. The pandemic is the source of most of the problems. It has nothing to do with the election.”

Upside Down Flags, Venting Frustrations, Fueling Flames

“It’s pretty clear to me that it’s a pretty blatant attempt to get her off the street,” the first neighbor said. “There is no mixing of the message. It is very ironic that she is protesting the process that actually brought her to power.”

We reached out to Pima County officials for comment and were told, “Ms. Ford is an elected official. She answers to the voters.”

This election cycle, (R) Beth Ford won her sixth term as Pima County Treasurer, however, it was a tight race against (D) Brian Bickel. Ford beat Bickel by about 5,800 votes or about one percent of the vote.WEBVTT

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