How Many Soldiers Are In The U.s. Military 2019

How Many Soldiers Are In The U.s. Military 2019 – US soldiers prepare to leave a remote combat outpost in northeastern Syria on patrol in May [File: John Moore/Getty Images]

According to officials with knowledge of the Biden administration’s plans, the U.S. will not withdraw nearly 900 troops from northeastern Syria anytime soon, despite growing speculation that it will do so after its much-maligned withdrawal from Afghanistan in August. will do

How Many Soldiers Are In The U.s. Military 2019

In recent weeks, Syria watchers have pondered whether President Joe Biden’s landmark decision to end America’s longest-running war in Afghanistan, with the last U.S. plane leaving Afghan airspace on Aug. was, could proceed with a similar retreat from Syria.

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Officially, the US has 900 troops in the northeast of the country, whose mandate is to support Washington’s local counterterrorism partner, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), led by the Kurdish YPG, which is the militant group ISIS. (ISIS) to ensure lasting defeat.

US forces were first sent to the region in 2014-15 under former President Barack Obama to provide material support to local Arab and Kurdish fighters in the fight against ISIS.

In October 2019, following the group’s regional defeat, former President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of US forces from northeastern Syria, triggering a Turkish offensive in the region against the SDF, which Ankara described as has long argued that the YPG poses a threat to its security. The leadership’s links to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a designated “terrorist” group.

However, after criticism at home and abroad, Trump agreed to keep US troops in the area.

U.s. Troops Still Deploying To Iraq, Even As Afghan War Ends

Now, some analysts say Biden’s push to end the post-9/11 “forever wars” is fueled by the American public’s seemingly strong desire to see their country in the Middle East. Seen separately from military engagements, this could mean that a Syrian withdrawal is once again on the foreign policy agenda.

A soldier hands out candy to children during a joint patrol near the Turkish border in northeastern Syria [File: John Moore/Getty Images]

Yet, according to a senior assistant official working on Middle East policy at the Biden White House’s National Security Council, such thinking “goes far beyond the Afghanistan experience.”

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“People talk about how we’re trying to end endless wars as if we have a strategy to completely abandon all of our commitments in the Middle East. That’s clear. But is wrong and simplistic … Surprisingly, we know that Afghanistan and Syria are two different places, and that’s why our policies [about each] were, and are, very different,” the official said on condition of anonymity. told Al Jazeera on condition of the sensitivity of the subject.

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“The scale and nature of our objectives, the depth of our involvement and the environment in which we are operating [in Syria] are completely different,” the official added.

Al Jazeera was told that “assurances” that the US would not go have also been conveyed to SDF leaders.

According to Kino Gabriel – who was most recently a spokesman for the SDF but remains close to the organization – there have been meetings between the leadership and “various sectors of the US administration”, including military and political representatives, regarding the future of the US ground presence.

“They (the Americans) were very strong in making it clear that this is not like Afghanistan,” Gabriel said.

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Recent analyzes have focused on how geopolitical dynamics, such as the intensification of Turkey’s efforts to wipe out the SDF in northern Syria, or the YPG abandoning its American patronage and aligning with the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Russian efforts to persuade to compromise, how could it happen? A shift in America’s strategic calculus ultimately prompted Washington to cut its losses and retreat.

Unlike withdrawal from Afghanistan, which has been supported by a majority of American voters for years, especially after the death of Osama bin Laden in 2011, most Americans have expressed support for the counter-ISIS mission in Syria and Iraq. What is, which indicates that Biden may face it. Less pressure from the “bottom up” to accelerate the evening retreat anytime soon.

The type of mission being executed also matters. The kind of nation-building pursued in Afghanistan has proven to be a deeply unpopular goal at home, while, as some analysts have observed, US intervention abroad in the form of fighting al-Qaida and Daesh fighters. seem ready to dispel doubts about

It’s also questionable whether the Biden administration, and indeed the president himself, would be willing to take another loss in Congress for a decision to withdraw, not to mention the national press, after heavy condemnation in both the House and Senate. From Afghanistan

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Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

As an aide to a Senate Democrat who sits on the Armed Services Committee told Al Jazeera, “On the heels of Afghanistan, the administration is unlikely to be ready to take another defeat in Congress, potentially more The bipartisanship will be… quite strong. There is a sense on both sides that we should take full advantage, including our military presence, until there is a serious political process [in Syria].

“From what I’ve heard, when it comes to our boots on the ground, the White House is on the same page,” the aide added.

Biden’s political history may also predispose to keeping troops in Syria at this time. During his tenure as vice president in the Obama administration, Biden was involved in the withdrawal of US combat troops from Iraq in December 2011, leaving no residual counterterrorism force.

Later, the decision helped create a vacuum for the re-emergence of al-Qaeda in Iraq, which later morphed into ISIS.

Chaplain Of The Few Serves Many

A shepherd and his herd walk past US troops on patrol near the Turkish border in northeastern Syria in May [John Moore/Getty Images]

Although ISIS has returned to a low-intensity insurgency since its regional defeat in March 2019, and its senior members continue to be victimized, it is possible that the US president will once again focus on the volatile border regions and under his control. Be careful about recalling troops from areas of influence. At the moment, the group’s influence in Syria, lest it risk the political fallout at home that would happen if the organization re-emerges.

Although ISIL’s ability to operate has been reduced, its cells continue to carry out ambushes and massacres in various parts of eastern and central Syria, undefended. Additionally, Moscow and Damascus are unlikely to bear the brunt of operations against ISIS in their former territories east of Damascus.

Both view the recapture of Idlib, the last rebel-held stronghold in the northwest on the other side of Syria, as a major strategic priority.

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Given this, and the inability of the SDF to sustain itself for long without US support, it is not difficult to imagine a post-US withdrawal scenario in which ISIS could resurgence.

As a Senate Democratic aide put it, such an outcome would mean, “the resurgence of ISIS happened not once, but twice, as a direct result of policy decisions, not just under the president’s watch, but by Democrats.” Even while taking office … this is not a legacy that President Biden wants for himself or for the party.” About 28,000 U.S. military and civilian military personnel are assigned to U.S. Forces Korea, although during military exercises and when a This number fluctuates as new units move in to support.Another

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According to Army Col. Chad Carroll, spokesman for U.S. Forces Korea, the number could be as low as 27,000 or as low as 33,000. South Korea has about 650,000 troops.

US troops stationed in South Korea and their joint military exercises have long been an issue for North Korea, whose leader Kim Jong-un is scheduled to meet President Trump in Singapore on June 12.

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The Army has the largest contingent of services: more than 19,000 soldiers. There are more than 8,000 airmen in the Air Force, more than 1,000 sailors in the Navy and about 200 Marines in the Marine Corps.

The majority of troops in Pyeongtaek are U.S. Army Garrison is in Humphreys. Yongsanin Seoul; and Camp Walker in Daegu. The two air force bases are Osan and Kansan. The navy operates from Busan and Jinhae. The US military is moving most of its forces from bases near the border with North Korea to bases farther south.

The Mutual Defense Treaty between the United States and the Republic of Korea, which has been in effect since the early 1950s, commits the United States to help South Korea defend itself. South Korea pays about half of the cost of keeping US troops stationed there. In 2016, it amounted to $821 million.

In 1950, American troops fought to prevent the North Korean occupation of South Korea. More than 33,000 American soldiers were killed and more than 100,000 wounded during the three-year war, which was suspended by an armistice.

U.s. Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan Identified

Last year, after North Korea tested long-range ballistic missiles, the South Korean government agreed to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) ballistic missile defense system. President Trump has repeatedly promised to end America’s “endless wars.” The promise he made during the election campaign.

No wars are over, though, and more troops have been deployed to the Middle East in recent months than returned home. Mr. Trump is not.

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