What Were The Reasons For Homosexual Disallowment In The Military

What Were The Reasons For Homosexual Disallowment In The Military – The men of Dignity Washington held signs for LGBTQ Catholics in October 2020. (Photo: Christopher Flow via WUSA9)

Pope Francis signed the acceptance of LGBTQ Christians in October, but the Vatican made it clear on March 15 that the Catholic Church will not bless same-sex unions, which it says are sinful “choices”.

What Were The Reasons For Homosexual Disallowment In The Military

Although the pope is the authoritative leader of the Catholic Church, doctrinal statements are often made by groups of Catholic clergy, including the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. This group is responsible for the statements released this week that same-sex unions are illegal in the eyes of the church and are not blessed.

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Some LGBTQ Catholics and their allies saw a glimmer of hope for their inclusion in October, when a new document began in Rome, with Pope Francis saying that those who identify as LGBTQ “have the right to be in the family.”

In Francesco’s articles, which will begin circulating in the United States on March 26, Francis says about homosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders and queer people: “They are children of God. You cannot expel someone from the family, or make his life miserable because of this. What we should be with federal law; that way they are legally covered.”

However little that door seemed to be open, it was closed on March 15 with an announcement from the Vatican that the church does not have the authority to bless unions between men and women.

The Vatican’s explanation said the Catholic church cannot “allow and encourage decisions and lifestyles that cannot be considered to be directed in a direct way to the revealed plans of God.”

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Furthermore, the Vatican’s explanation said that the Catholic church cannot “sanction and encourage decisions and lifestyles that cannot be considered as being aligned directly with the revealed plans of God.”

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The use of that word and the word “choice” refers to a 1986 pastoral letter written by Pope Benedict XVI called “On the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons.”

While a 1986 pastoral letter from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith does not use the word “choice” in the same sense, it does affirm homosexuality as a sin:

“Although the idea of ​​homosexuality is not a sin, it is a tendency more or less directed to internal evil; and therefore the form itself must be seen as meaningless.”

Vatican Makes Clear That Catholic Churches Might Welcome Lgbtq Christians But Cannot Bless Their Unions

This week’s statement from the Vatican acknowledges that some within the church seek approval for same-sex unions and that such requests are often “motivated by a genuine desire to welcome and accompany” gay Christians as they seek to “understand and do fully the will of God.” in their lives.”

While saying that “God loves everyone, and the church does the same,” the Vatican said that those who seek to bless same-sex unions do not deserve such a blessing.

“It is not allowed to give a blessing to a relationship, or a partnership, even a stable one, that includes sex outside of marriage…, as in unions between men and women,” the statement explains. “Being in such a relationship of good things, which in itself should be valued and appreciated, cannot correct this relationship and make it a legitimate thing for the blessing of the church, since the good things are within the union that was not ordered to the Creator. plan.”

A proper Christian marriage, the document argues, would be between one man and one woman. Therefore, denying a blessing to a same-sex union is not discrimination but support for the teaching of the church.

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The statement quotes a 2016 declaration by Pope Francis that: “There is absolutely no reason to think that same-sex marriage is the same or even similar to God’s plan for marriage and the family.”

This week’s message to Catholic church leaders is that it is okay to give blessings to “homosexuals” as long as they are.

To show the desire to live faithfully to the plans of God announced as planned by the teachings of the church.”

As is often the case with statements of such doctrinal structures, a recent proposal on same-sex unions was presented to Francis by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and Francis “gave approval” to it on February 22.

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DignityUSA, a Catholic organization that works for the full inclusion of LGBTQ people in the church, expressed displeasure with the Vatican’s comments.

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“The denial of the Vatican’s blessings to men and women will only increase the pain and anger of LGBTQI Catholics and our families. This statement is harmful to married men and women, and denies the grace shown to men and women who live in deep love and committed relationships,” said Marianne Duddy-Burke, director.

Ross Murray, director of religious affairs for the LGBTQ group GLAAD, told the Associated Press: “To have sin clearly included in this statement takes us back to zero.” And he added: “Our ability to live our lives fully and freely is still seen as disrespecting the church or, even worse, disrespecting God, who created us and knows us and loves us.”

“There will be no recognition of same-sex marriages or marriages with the Roman church. It is unspeakable. End of story,” he said. “Pope Francis has been under intense pressure from gay activists, inside and outside the church, to give the green light to same-sex marriage. The statement issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to questions about this issue is the strongest rejection of those efforts ever written.”

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However, he also called attention to the specific language of the Vatican statement that refers to “decision” and “way of life.”

“The Vatican has left nothing on the table,” he said. “The door has been slammed shut on the gay agenda.”

While the Vatican’s statement is in line with the traditions expressed by many evangelical groups, as of Monday evening, March 15, none of the most prominent organizations had issued any public statement on the matter.

In the United States, the Vatican’s consistent tone against same-sex unions is likely to deepen the gap that already exists between Catholic teaching and public opinion on major social issues.

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American public opinion has swung significantly in favor of same-sex unions in recent years. In fact, public opinion has changed so rapidly that social scientists initially disputed the data. This seismic shift was the subject of an entire episode of the NPR show “Hidden Brain” in 2019.

“This is one of the most shocking things in the entire history of public opinion,” Stanford sociologist Michael Rosenfeld told the NPR show. “There has been more and more rapid change in attitudes toward gay rights in the last 30 years in the United States than there has ever been in recorded attitudes in the United States on any issue.”

In 1988, the US General Social Survey began asking Americans whether gays should have the right to marry. That year, less than 12% of respondents said yes – an insignificant number. Within 30 years, however, the tide turned. By 2018, 68% of Americans said same-sex couples should have the right to marry. And this change is written for some amazing conservative groups.

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This data was recently confirmed by the research company PRRI. In its 2020 omnibus survey of American attitudes, the firm asked whether respondents thought same-sex couples should be allowed to legally marry. It found 70% of all Americans saying yes and only 28% saying no.

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This affirmation was found among the majority of Democrats (80%) and independents (76%) and half of Republicans (50%). With the exception of white evangelical Protestants — who PRRI reports as dominant in many areas of American life today — majorities in other major religious groups have been found to support marriage equality. This includes 78% of Hispanic Catholics and 67% of white Catholics.

The Roman Catholic Church, however, is a universal church – and views in some countries where Catholicism is strong are often not favorable to marriage equality. The same issue has troubled the United Methodist Church, with its African pastors and churches strongly opposing same-sex marriage while many U.S. pastors Methodists supporting same-sex marriage.

Northern Ireland is among the countries in Europe as the home of devout Catholics, and same-sex marriage became legal in October 2019 – thanks to the actions of the Parliament of the United Kingdom in London.

Meanwhile, Spain legalized same-sex marriage in 2005, drawing criticism from Vatican officials and the Catholic Spanish Bishops Conference.

Pdf) “gen Silent”: Advocating For Lgbt Elders

Public opinion… has never affected the Catholic Church as much as it has evangelical Christians.

In Latin America, Argentina in July 2010 became the first country to register same-sex marriage. That happened despite opposition from the Roman Church and Protestant churches.

Even when public opinion changes towards marriage equality, it has never influenced the Catholic Church as much as it has led evangelical Christians astray. The reason, in both cases, is a strong doctrinal belief that is seen as a stand against an increasingly adulterous culture.

Duddy-Burke of DignityUSA advocated for the current gay ban

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