Who Is D First Military Head Of State In Nigeria

Who Is D First Military Head Of State In Nigeria – 3/3 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Tajikistan captain Mehriddin Odinaev displays his nation’s colors during the international flag ceremony to mark the start of the 2012-2002 secondary school year Feb. 13 at the Lewis and Clark Center in Fort Leavenworth. , Kan. This … (Photo Credit: U.S. ) ORIGINAL VIEW

FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. (February 16, 2012) – The Republic of Tajikistan has joined the first of 46 international military cadets attending the United States Command and General College for the February 2012 commencement class.

Who Is D First Military Head Of State In Nigeria

Captain Mehriddin Odinaev, CGSC’s first cadet from Tajikistan, raised his flag alongside other military students at the international flag ceremony on February 13.

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“For decades, international students at the Command and Staff College have proudly displayed their nation’s flags alongside our Stars and Stripes as a symbol of our shared commitment to the principles of freedom and human rights,” Johnson said.

7,400 international students from 160 countries attended CGSC more than 100 years ago. Half of the international graduates became generals, one in 10 became the head of their country’s defense department, and 28 CGSC graduates became heads of state in their own countries. CGSC honors international graduates twice a year with its International Hall of Fame ceremony, held this April, to bring back a CGSC graduate who has achieved success in the military or government. Pictures of former students hang in the fourth floor hallway of the Lewis and Clark Center.

Johnson said he encouraged all international and American students to engage in rigorous debates on military topics. CGSC classes are taught in staff groups of 16, with one international student in each group, to maximize exposure of US students to new ideas and cultures.

For Odinayev, this also provides an opportunity to learn. Your country is part of the former Soviet Union and lies on the northern border of Afghanistan.

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“It’s a good opportunity to be here at this great school and I’m very proud to be the first,” he said.

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Odinayev said he hopes to learn about the US doctrine process. Your own country still uses the old Soviet doctrine.

Odinayev’s wife and three children returned home to Tajikistan. He has been serving his nation since 2000, as an enlisted soldier for two years. He attended military school in Ukraine and his nation’s capital, Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Although Odinayev is here without his family, many students come with family members who speak little or no English and have little familiarity with American customs. Because of this, neighborhood sponsors help students adjust and find what they need to live in the United States for a year.

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Randy and Marquita Pace of Kansas City are supporting their 16th student this year through People to People.

“When I was a young soldier in Germany 49 years ago, I was taken in by a German family,” he said. “What I do is an opportunity to give back the thoughtfulness and care that was given to me.” Although every effort has been made to adhere to the rules of citation style, variations may occur. If you have questions, consult the appropriate style manual or other resources.

Muhammadu Buhari, Muhammadu aka Muhammad, (born 17 December 1942 in Daura, Nigeria) is a Nigerian military leader and politician who served as President of Nigeria in 1984–85 and was democratically elected President in 2015.

Educated largely in Katsina, Buhari underwent military training in Kaduna as well as Britain, India and the United States. He participated in the military coup that overthrew Yakubu Gowon in 1975 and was appointed the military governor of North-Eastern State (now Borno) in the same year. He was appointed Federal Commissioner for Petroleum Resources by General Olusegun Obasanjo, who became military head of state on the 1976 assassination of Gowon’s successor, Murtala Mohammed. By 1977, Buhari had become the Military Secretary to the Supreme Military Command. government. By September 1979 he had returned to regular military service and commanded a division based in Kaduna. Although civilian government returned to Nigeria in 1979 with the election of Shehu Shagari, discontent with the dire economic conditions and what the military considered a corrupt politician led to another military coup on December 31, 1983, and Buhari was unanimously elected as the new leader. the state.

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Many of the economic problems that existed under the Shagari administration also plagued the Buhari regime and Buhari introduced austerity measures. He took a hard line on corruption: during his tenure, hundreds of politicians and business officials were tried and convicted or were awaiting trial on corruption-related charges. His regime launched a program called the “War on Indiscipline” which sought to promote positive values ​​in Nigerian society, although authoritarian methods were sometimes used in the implementation of the program. In an effort to quell dissent to his policies, Buhari restricted the press, political freedoms, and trade unions.

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Although many Nigerians initially welcomed Buhari’s efforts to eradicate corruption and improve social values, his regime’s repressive measures have led to discontent amid ongoing economic woes. By August 1985, the military had had enough, and on August 27, Major General Ibrahim Babangida took control of the government. Buhari was detained in Benin City but was released in late 1988.

In 2003, Buhari ran for president and was defeated by incumbent President Olusegun Obasanjo of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Buhari ran again in 2007 but was defeated by PDP candidate Umaru Yar’Adua in an election that was heavily criticized by international observers as marred by voting irregularities. Buhari also contested the 2011 presidential election, which was largely praised for its transparent, free and fair election, but lost again to the PDP candidate, Goodluck Jonathan.

In 2014, the All Progressives Congress (APC) party nominated Buhari for the 2015 presidential election. His incorruptible reputation and military background made him an attractive candidate who many Nigerians hoped could better deal with the threat posed by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram, whose violence has terrorized parts of the country in recent years. There were 14 candidates in the March 28 presidential election, although the real contest was between Buhari and Jonathan, who was again the PDP candidate. In Nigeria’s most closely contested election ever, Buhari garnered the most votes – some 2.5 million more than Jonathan, the nearest competitor – and was declared the winner. His victory marked the first time an incumbent president had been defeated in Nigeria. Buhari was inaugurated on 29 May 2015.

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Progress under Buhari has been mixed. His presidency had a difficult start, and the country went into recession in 2016, partly due to a drop in revenues from oil sales. By 2018, there was evidence of an economic recovery from the recession, although many Nigerians still lived in extreme poverty. Fighting with factions of Boko Haram continued. While the military was initially successful in containing the groups, the militants gained momentum and attacks increased. In addition, Buhari’s government faces security threats from militants seeking to disrupt oil production in the southeast of the country, as well as Biafran separatists. His administration’s war on corruption has been both praised for its progress and criticized for focusing on political opponents rather than allies.

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During this period, Buhari’s health, and thus his ability to lead Nigeria, was questioned after he went abroad several times for medical treatment. In 2017 alone, he left the country several times due to an unknown medical illness; he was away for a total of more than five months that year, during which time his vice president was in charge. The lack of transparency about Buhari’s health and his prolonged absences led to rumors that he had died and been replaced by a corpse. Buhari and his administration brushed aside concerns about his health and emerged as the APC candidate for the February 2019 presidential election. Buhari faced more than 70 challengers in the election originally scheduled for February 16, which was postponed to February 23 at the last minute. He emerged victorious and won re-election with 56 percent of the vote. Slovenia has appointed a female officer. at the head of its military on Tuesday, a first for the country and any NATO member state.

Major General Alenka Ermenc, 55, will start her service on Wednesday. He replaces Major General Alan Geder, who held the post for only six months after his predecessor was dismissed due to the poor performance of the country’s armed forces in NATO tests.

“Major General Alenka Ermenc meets high professional standards, has extensive leadership experience and demonstrates decisiveness” [Pahor stated.] (Slovenia is the first NATO country to appoint a female army chief)

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“The global trend of deteriorating security continues, and although Slovenia is not directly threatened militarily, it needs to improve its military security relatively quickly,” he added.

Ermenc promoted

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