What Does The Blue Sash Mean On Royal Military Uniform

What Does The Blue Sash Mean On Royal Military Uniform – Members of the Royal Family adhere to tradition when it comes to their attire – especially during ceremonial events.

But why do some wear royal blue and what does it mean? Here’s everything you need to know

What Does The Blue Sash Mean On Royal Military Uniform

Some members of the Royal Family will wear a blue robe to symbolize their role as members of the Order of the Garter

Light Blue, Uniform Sash

It is the oldest and most senior order of chivalry in Britain, founded in 1848 by King Edward III.

King Edward III was so inspired by the stories of King Arthur and the rivalry of the Knights of the Round Table that he founded a prestigious group of knights called the Order of the Garter.

The order appoints the Queen, who is Sovereign of the Garter, several senior members of the royal family and twenty-four knights or ladies in recognition of their work – in the past they have included Sir Winston Churchill and Sir John Major.

Some members of the royal family will wear a blue robe to symbolize their role as members of the Order of the Garter Credit: AFP

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Women can be members, but they are called ladies’ peers, while male members are called knights’ peers

According to the royal family’s website, an appointment to the Royal Victorian Order is “a personal gift of the Sovereign, awarded to those who have served the Queen or Monarch in a particular way.”

Royals appointed to the royal description can wear a blue robe – the reigning monarch, King Charles III.

Every June, the iconic Garter Day procession takes place at Windsor Castle – where the ruler publicly invests any new peer with the insignia of the order in the castle’s throne room.

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Britain’s King Charles Iii To Be Crowned In May

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These include the Prince of Wales, the Queen Consort, the Princess Royal, the Duke of Kent, Walessex and Forfar, the Duke of York, Princess Alexandra, the Right Honorable Lady Ogilvie and the Duke of Gloucester.

The ribbon used for the sash is unique to the order, and is the easiest way to tell the orders apart. Season T Teasers and The Crown of “Crown”; The Medal, Sass, and Tiaras of the Crown visual Cinderella reference in the story S4E3.

Every time there is a state banquet or celebration in the show, the actors’ costumes are positively covered in medals, socks, necklaces, ribbons. But what do they mean? Let’s find out 🙂 =

Why Do Girls Wear Blue Sashes Around Their Dresses

Claire Foy, as Elizabeth II in Season 1 of The Crown, wore a blue ribbon representing the Order of the Garter, sporting several Royal Family Orders and the George IV State Diadem.

Olivia Colman, in season 6 of The Crown, wore a blue ribbon representing the Order of the Garter and sported the George IV State Diadem.

The Queen wore the George IV State Diadem, made in 1820. It has been worn by four Queens: Victoria, Alexandra, Mary and Elizabeth II.

Elizabeth’s pink and blue ribbons with medals: As you can see in the photos by Claire Foy and Olivia Colman, the Queen often wears medals with images on some raw silk for state occasions. These are Royal Family Orders, which are awarded by the King to female members of the British Royal Family (as women do not receive the commemorative medals that men do). These badges include a small portrait of the King in a diamond frame placed on a ribbon; Each king has a different colored silk ribbon Elizabeth’s pink ribbon badge is from George VI (her father) and the colored blue ribbon badge from George V (her grandfather). His own royal family badge is yellow These awards are given privately and are not announced, so they only know if a family member has received one if you see them wearing them in public. These are worn only on formal events like state dinners

Why Was Kate Middleton Not Wearing A Sash At The State Banquet?

Elizabeth & Phillips’ Blue Sashes: The sashes are actually called ribbands, a fellow Crown fan helped me out on Facebook (thanks Eric Hufford!) These are sashes worn on the left shoulder. A member may wear only one ribbon at a time, even if they belong to several orders However, since some orders come with badges, people may wear ribbons from one order, and badges from others, so they are all represented. do. Orders of the highest rank occupy the most prominent place in a uniform and are then arranged in order of importance.

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The blue sash shown in this series resembles the blue sash of the Order of the Garter. The Royal Victorian Order appears to be actually blue in color and worn from the right shoulder instead of the left (Thanks to the brilliant Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor blog for lots of info!)

Many different countries order sashes, and ribbons often come with additional insignia The ribbon of the Order of the Garter is also worn with a badge and star A Knight of the Order of the Garter (a male member, as opposed to a Lady, a female member) also receives a mantle, feathered cap, and a blue garter with the order’s motto.

Apparently, ordering rules vary from country to country Queen Elizabeth herself rarely grants the British Order Orders are usually worn with men’s military uniforms or a dress code of white and women’s gowns and ties.

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By the way, although it is not required for the Queen to wear white on state occasions, it appears that she usually prefers white or other light colored dresses, as those colors show off the ribbons and sashes.

Claire Foy, as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown seasons 1–2, wore a blue dress representing The Order of the Garter, sporting several royal family badges and Queen Alexandra’s Kokoshnik tiara.

Olivia Colman, as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown season 1, wore a blue sash representing the Order of the Garter, several royal family badges, and a recreation of Queen Mary’s fringed tiara.

Tiaras: Update 3/4/2021: I’ve started a quick roundup by identifying every crown and tiara featured in The Crown! Check out the posts on Season 1 and Season 2!

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In the photo at the top of this post, both Queens are wearing George IV state diadems. It is traditionally worn by the Queen and the Queen Consort at Parliamentary processions and State Openings. The Queen must have liked it, as she has worn it on other occasions as well

Photographs directly from the Tiaras section show Claire Foe wearing a recreation of Queen Alexandra’s Cocoon Tiara from 1888 (left, Claire Foe) and Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara (Olivia Colman, right). Elizabeth also wore a fringe tiara on her wedding day All her tires are beautiful and have interesting histories; If you want to know more, Harper’s Bazaar Australia has a great round up of tires here

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The Queen has a lot of tires, yes! Court Jewelers has a fantastic Tirepedia which systematically lists all the tires in the UK which you should definitely check out for more information. I’ve included photos of some of my favorites that I won’t discuss further in this post below the tires section

Ann Mender wears the tiara, which originally belonged to Princess Alice of Greece and Denmark. The Queen of Great Britain and Ireland wears the tiara The red and white ribbon is for the Austrian order When visiting a foreign country, that country’s order of insignia takes precedence over that of your country (Credit: Fox Photo/Getty)

Kate Middleton’s Dazzling State Banquet Regalia Explained

Queen Elizabeth II wore a Brazilian aquamarine pure tiara with a necklace and earrings (Credit: Anwar Hussain/Getty) (Pair refers to a set of jewelry and tires)

The Queen wears the Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara in her “divorce” state to meet President Obama. This tiara can be worn with and without emerald or pearl drops; It has been described as “variety” when worn without drops (Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty)

Philip has a ton of medals for his wartime service in World War II Many thanks to the Daily Mail for the description of the medals below, because good lord, it would have taken me a long time to see them all myself.

He of course wears the blue sash of his Order of the Garter and the accompanying badge and star.

The Real Meaning Of Kate Middleton’s Very Personal Honor From The Queen

War Medal 1939-1945, with mention in dispatches: Awarded to those who served in the armed forces or merchant navy for at least 28 days between 1939-45. The oak leaf on the ribbon indicates mention in the dispatch

King George VI Coronation Medal, 1937: These medals were created to commemorate the cremations of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth;

Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal, 1953: A commemorative medal commemorating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Greek War Cross, 1950: Awarded to

The Princess Of Wales And Queen Consort Attend Event Together

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