How To Wash British Ex Military Down Feathers Sleeping Bag

How To Wash British Ex Military Down Feathers Sleeping Bag – This article is about the British Field Marshal. For other people with the same name, see William Robertson (disambiguation).

Field Marshal Sir William Robert Robertson, 1st Baronet, GCB, GCMG, GCVO, DSO (29 January 1860 – 12 February 1933) was a British Army officer who served as Chief of the Imperial General Staff (CIGS) – the professional leader of the British Army – from 1916 to 1918 during the First World War. As CIGS, he was committed to a German-focused Western Front strategy and opposed what he saw as peripheral operations on other fronts. While at CIGS, Robertson had an increasingly bad relationship with David Lloyd George, Secretary of State for War and Prime Minister, and threatened to resign in the face of Lloyd George’s attempt to subordinate British forces to the French commander-in-chief, Robert Nivelle. In 1917 Robertson supported the continuation of the Battle of Passchdaele (also known as the Third Battle of Ypres) in contradiction to Lloyd George’s view that the British war effort should be concentrated in other theaters until enough American troops arrived on the Western Front. .

How To Wash British Ex Military Down Feathers Sleeping Bag

Robertson is the only soldier in British Army history to rise from a listed rank to his highest rank of field marshal.

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Robertson was born in Welbourn, Lincolnshire, the son of Thomas Charles Robertson, a Scottish-born tailor and postmaster, and Ann Dexter Robertson (née Beet).

He was educated at the local church school and as an older child earned 6 days a week as a student teacher. After leaving school in 1873, he became a watchman in the village presbytery, then in 1875 he became a footman to the Countess of Cardigan.

Cleaning at Dee Park. He made no mention of this period of his life in his autobiography and rarely spoke of it, although during World War I he once said to one of his aides: “Boy – I was a fucking bad footman.”

He began his military career in November 1877 by enrolling for twelve years as a cavalryman in the 16th (The Que’s) Lancers.

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British Arctic Sleeping Bag

As he was three months younger than the official minimum age of eight, at the request of the recruiting sergeant, he declared his age as eight years and two months, with these additional five months becoming his “official” age throughout his time in the army.

His mother wrote to him in horror: “…what cause have you for such a low life…?”

“You know you’re the big hope in the family…if you don’t like the service you can do something else…there’s a lot Steady Young M can do when they can write and read as you can… (the army) is a refuge for all idlers… I won’t name it to anyone because I’m ashamed to think about it… I’d rather bury you than see you in red coat.”

On his first night in the army, he was so horrified by the rowdiness of the barracks that he considered deserting, only to find that his civilian clothes, which had been packed up but not yet home, had already been stolen by a another deserter. .

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As a young soldier, Robertson was known for his running prowess and for his voracious reading of military history. He won first company prizes in epee, spear and shooting.

Among the young lieutenants under whom he served were future Lieutenant Generals “Jimmy” Babington and “Freddy” Blair, who would later become Robertson’s military secretary in Eastern Command in 1918.

As a corporal, he was imprisoned for three weeks with his head shaved when an arrested soldier, whom he was escorting, escaped near Waterloo station. Later, while serving in Ireland, he once kept soldiers under arrest in handcuffs during a twelve-hour train journey rather than risk a repeat of the evt.

Robertson was promoted to troop sergeant major in March 1885 to fill a vacant post, as his predecessor, a former medical stallion serving in the ranks, had been demoted for botching the regiment’s accounts and later committed suicide.

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He passed an examination for an officer’s commission and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the 3rd Dragoon Guards on June 27, 1888. Normally, only four or five officers were commissioned each year at this time.

Robertson later noted that it would have been impossible to live as a cavalry subaltern in Britain, where £300 a year was needed in addition to the official salary of £120 (about £30,000 and £12,000 at 2010 prices ) to maintain the required lifestyle; he hesitated to leave the cavalry,

But his regiment was deployed to India, where salaries were higher and expenses lower than in the UK. Robertson’s father made his uniforms and he economized by drinking water with meals and not smoking, as pipes were not allowed in the mess and he could not afford the cigars that officers were supposed to smoke. Robertson supplemented his income by studying with native tutors while others slept on hot afternoons, qualifying as an interpreter—for which officers received cash grants—in Urdu, Hindi, Persian, Pashto, and Punjabi.

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He saw his first active service in 1891, distinguishing himself as a rail transport officer for the Kohat expedition.

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He was appointed Attaché to the Intelligence Branch of the Quartermaster General’s Department at Simla in India on June 5, 1892.

There he became a protege of Sir Hry Brackbury, the new military member of the Viceroy’s Council (equivalent to the Minister of War for India), who had been Director of Military Intelligence in London and was responsible for strengthening the branch Indian Army intelligence, including mapping of the North West Frontier. Robertson spent a year writing a long and detailed “Gazetteer and Military Report on Afghanistan”.

After five years in India, he was granted his first long leave in 1893, only to find that his mother had died before he returned home.

In June 1894 he embarked on a three-month journey via Gilgit and the mountainous north of Kashmir, crossing the Darkot pass at over 15,000 feet to reach the Pamir plateau at the foot of the Himalayas, returning to India in August by a route west via Chilas. and Khagan. On the journey, he learned Gurkhali from a Gurkha, later qualifying in this sixth Indian language.

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He took part in the Chitral Expedition as the Force Brigade Intelligence Officer which crossed the Malakand Pass across the Swat River via Dir to Chitral. He was described by Lieutenant-General Sir Robert Low, the expedition commander, as a “very active and intelligent officer of exceptional promise”.

After the relief of Chitral and the installation of Shuja-ul-Mulk as Mehtar, Robertson was engaged in pacification and reconnaissance duties, but was injured when attacked by his two guides on a narrow mountain path during a reconnaissance. A guide was armed with a shotgun and shot Robertson but missed. The other guide attacked him with Robertson’s own sword (which he had to carry, as Robertson had dysteria) but Robertson knocked him to the ground and chased the two attackers away with his revolver; one was wounded and later captured and executed.

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Robertson applied to attd Staff College in Camberley. Unlike most candidates, he could not afford to take extended leave from his job (in the intelligence staff at Simla) to attend a courier, and if he failed, he would have been too old to apply again, so he got up between 4 and 5 in the morning. every day to study mathematics, German and French with the help of his wife. Later, he graduated as a French interpreter. He narrowly missed a place, but was given a nominal place on the recommendation of Sir George White (Commander-in-Chief, India). In 1897, accompanied by his wife and baby, he became the first former officer to go there.

Under George Hderson it absorbed the principles, derived from the war operations of Jomini, Clausewitz and Edward Hamley (1866), of concentration of physical and moral force and the destruction of the main body of the army.

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And was detached for service in the Intelligence Departmt at the War Office on 1 April 1899.

As a staff captain, he was the cadet of two officers in the Colonial Section (later renamed Imperial).

With the start of the Second Boer War, Robertson was appointed Deputy Assistant Adjutant General to Frederick Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts, the British Commander-in-Chief of South Africa, on 15 January 1900.

He took part in the Battle of Paardeberg (February 17-26, 1900), the Battle of Poplar Grove (March 7, 1900) and other battles in March and May.

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He returned to the War Office in October 1900 and on 29 November 1900 was promoted to brevet lieutenant-colonel for his service in South Africa.

On 1 October 1901 he was appointed Assistant Quartermaster-Geral with specific responsibility for the Foreign Military Intelligence Section, on the recommendation of intelligence expert Geral Sir Hry Brackbury,

Although Robertson was later to be a strong advocate of concentrating Britain’s effort on the Western Front, in March 1902 (before the tte Cordiale) he wrote an article (“Treaty Obligations of the British Empire” ) recommending that, in the case of Belgium’s neutrality violated by France or Germany in

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