What Happens When You Are Medically Retired From The Military

What Happens When You Are Medically Retired From The Military – Early retirement due to ill health – what to do? Understand your options if you are considering early retirement

If you have serious health problems and end up permanently unable to perform your job, you may be able to take early retirement due to illness. It is often called medical retirement. In this article we explain:

What Happens When You Are Medically Retired From The Military

You enter medical retirement by accessing any workplace or private pension you have before the usual minimum age of 55 (or 57 after April 2028). You can also receive sickness or sickness benefits, for example housing allowance or tax reduction. But you will not be able to withdraw your state pension earlier.

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Taking early retirement due to ill health often means that you get access to your pension pots earlier than you planned. If you have a personal or workplace pension with us, we can help you trace your lost pots.

Early retirement due to health problems does not have to mean the end of your career. You can still work after medical retirement by finding a role that better suits your new needs. Of course, this may affect any benefits you receive.

It can be for physical or mental health reasons, or both. And you should be sure that there is nothing that can help you go back to work, for example:

Each supplier has its own guidelines and processes. Be sure to check with yours, so you know exactly what they need. You probably have to send them:

Medical Retirement From Sport After Concussions

Your supplier will review everything you’ve sent and then make a decision. Hopefully they will accept your application. If they don’t, you usually have a set time to appeal.

Once your provider has approved your application, you must decide how best to receive your medical retirement pay. You will be able to start withdrawing money from your pension, which can give you higher payouts.

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But be sure to plan ahead, so you don’t run out of money later. Our retirement income calculator will help you see how much you could get and how long it could last you when you reach 55. If you’re younger than that, we recommend getting estimates from a financial adviser.

Do you want to know more about pension annuity and income withdrawal? Read our article to understand more about these two retirement income products

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If you decide to buy an annuity, early retirement due to ill health can help you get a better deal. You may qualify for an enhanced annuity, which gives you a higher than normal annual income.

Some people go on disability pension because they have a life-threatening illness. If so, you may be able to take your entire pension pot as a tax-free lump sum. You must:

If you are over 75, you pay tax on the lump sum. You may also be able to distribute at least 50% of your pot to your spouse or partner. It depends on your provider.

You can take early retirement if you have mental health problems that make work too hard or even impossible. The guidelines and process are the same as for physical. Your mental health challenges must make you permanently unable to perform your current job or any other similar job.

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And whatever your reason for taking early retirement, we recommend that you keep an eye on your mental health. You may need some extra help and support, as you have left your workplace community and may not have a similar one at home to replace it. Mental health charity Mind is a very good starting point.

You can take early retirement if you have a disability that makes work too hard or even impossible. As with mental health issues, the guidelines and process are exactly the same as for physical ones. Your disability must make you permanently unable to perform your current job or any other similar job.

If you are facing serious health problems, you have our sympathy. We hope that life has not become too challenging and that early retirement will bring you some relief. To get things moving, we recommend:

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Whether you’re nearing retirement or thinking about working into your 70s and beyond, there’s a lot to think about. We look at some things that can help you choose the right retirement age.

Early retirement offers a number of benefits, but there is also a lot to consider. We guide you through the process of how to take early retirement.

If you are starting to think about your retirement, a good understanding of how much your pension is worth can make planning easier and more exciting. Faced with an employee who, due to their health, is unable to perform their role or provide regular efficient service in the future suggests that they should be medically retired rather than dismissed. This is perfectly reasonable and understandable – medical retirement often gives an employee a better financial payout than they would get if they were fired for inefficiency (where often the employee would just get paid in lieu of termination). Furthermore, there is some benefit and comfort to an employee to simply quit by agreement rather than face the ignominy of being dismissed.

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A question that members often raise when they know they have a good chance of being fired for inefficiency is whether, as a reasonable adjustment, the employer should consider medical retirement as a reasonable adjustment (assuming, of course, that there is in fact medical retirement insurance in the pension system). The simple answer is that this will not be a reasonable adjustment as can be seen in the EAT case

. Mr Mylott was on long-term sick leave following an experience of alleged bullying by his bosses. The employer’s policy required consideration of ill-health retirement before dismissing an employee and the employment tribunal found that Mylott had been unfairly dismissed because of this failure, but also the failure to facilitate an ill-health pension application was also a failure to make adjustments.

The employer appealed and paragraph 53 of the judgment states the reasons why it is not a reasonable adjustment very clearly:

The Trust’s case is that there was no reason to believe that the facilitation of an application by the claimant for disability pension would have contributed to ensuring his return to work. It is of course true: ill-health retirement means leaving the job, not doing it… In such a case, we cannot identify any “regulation, criterion or practice” that has a negative “effect” on the employee who offers him sick-health retirement would prevent or mitigate. The whole concept of an adjustment seems to us to involve one or more steps which enable the employee to remain in employment and does not extend to, in practice, compensation for his inability to do so.

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I think that decision is absolutely right. However, it is notable that the same EAT still dismissed the employer’s appeal against the unfair dismissal finding.

So, does this mean that an employer’s failure to offer medical retirement cannot be discrimination? I do not think it does and it is not difficult to imagine such a scenario because both sections 15 and 19 of the Equality Act 2010, unlike section 20, do not have to be about helping an employee back to work. For example, if an employer regularly fails to refer cases where ill health retirement is a possibility, perhaps as a cost-cutting measure, this may be a practice that particularly disadvantages disabled employees (if you are at risk of being dismissed for a permanent inability to perform your job due to your health it will be a relatively rare case that disability is not an issue) so that this would amount to indirect discrimination. Similarly, if a disabled person is denied the opportunity to be considered for a disability pension, this may well mean unfavorable treatment as a result of the disability. However, these issues have not, to my knowledge, been considered by any court of appeals.

Although it is not a reasonable accommodation in employment law to try to help a disabled person to retire on favorable terms and it is uncertain that it involves other forms of discrimination, this does not mean that it is not enforceable.

An employer’s failure to follow a procedure that required consideration of medical retirement may render a dismissal unfair; the leading case in this regard was

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. The EAT found, at para 48, that in a dismissal context “fairness requires that the reasonable employer take due account of an ill-health

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