How Old Do You Have To Be In The Military

How Old Do You Have To Be In The Military – Most of you were almost equally divided between A and B. Should kids enter the workforce when they start high school, or only once they’re closer to graduation? The truth is that both philosophies are perfectly fine. Everything you said is true about the positive effects of working in high school – it gives kids an insight into the value of money and real world experience they won’t get at home. But don’t let your child toil more than 15 hours a week. High school students who work more than that are less likely, on average, to attend college.

Some of you have been vocal about saying that children should put off the part-time job until they complete their education. One response in particular was particularly clever:

How Old Do You Have To Be In The Military

“Their job is school, extracurriculars and community service,” wrote Verna from Cedarburg, Wisconsin. “These got my 3 kids to college with almost free rides. Give up the money now for things they don’t really need, and the payoff is scholarships and grants. In high school, my kids had to share one old junker car. It’s that the money isn’t in hand now, no Says that what you do at school has no reward.”

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It is absolutely true that school is your student’s main job in high school. And there’s something to be said for limiting your kids’ paying jobs for greater payoff when they head off to college. Unless your family relies on the extra income, it’s best to limit a high school student to a summer job. The academic – and extracurricular – load is too great and the stakes are too high for children of this age. A study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics proves it: high school students spend almost an hour less on homework on days they work.

As for those of you who suggest waiting until college to work part-time, there is evidence that students with on-campus jobs get better grades. Why? They feel more connected to the institution, to the community of their fellow students – and these connections appear in their grade point average.

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Wow: “I started a ‘babysitters club’ with my friends from the neighborhood and started in the summer as a nanny and babysitter until the 7th grade.” Between school, extracurricular activities and maybe even work, it’s not uncommon for teenagers to bounce around from one place to another during the day. Those who are tired of walking, taking the bus or being shuttled around town by their parents may think about buying their own set of wheels. The process to do this is not so simple, unfortunately.

Generally, you have to be at least 18 years old to get a car loan, and things aren’t much easier for minors hoping to pay cash. Here’s what to expect when car shopping with your teen.

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A car loan is a legally binding contract that details the financing details of a car purchase. Minors can sign contracts, but they cannot be held to the terms of the contract until they reach the “age of majority” – which is 18 in almost every state. As such, few lenders are willing to grant a loan to a minor, and those that do require a co-signer.

A lender will also want to see an established credit history, which is also a barrier for minors. A minor should not even get a credit report unless they are added as an authorized user on an account belonging to an adult.

If you are an adult with a teenage driver at home, one option is to take out the loan in your name. Once you meet your payment plan, you will be the legal owner of the vehicle and then you can transfer the title to your adult child’s name when they come of age. Your payment activity is reported to the credit bureaus, which means the loan will appear on your credit report.

Car insurance is another detail to consider. The insurance policy is in itself a different type of contract, so it presents the same legal obstacle that the loan does to minors. One way around this is to add your teenager to your car insurance policy. You can think about taking them out when they turn 18, but they may struggle to find affordable cover on their own, as teenagers are generally seen as riskier drivers.

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Lack of credit history can also be a problem because auto insurers in many states can consider your credit-based insurance score when deciding your premium. This is why many parents choose to keep their children on their car insurance until they have more driving experience and can cover their insurance payments.

Things aren’t so cut and dry if your teenager wants to buy a car with cash. For starters, most states won’t allow someone under the age of 18 to get a car title in their name. There are some exceptions – Texas, for example, allows minors to name a car. You can check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to clarify what the law says.

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Beyond getting the degree and registering the car in your state, there is still the problem of your teen being able to legally drive a car on the road, which requires car insurance. As explained above, minors will need the help of an adult here.

Those who plan to finance a car for their teenage driver will have to meet certain requirements to get approved. Every lender is different, but you can expect them to check the following:

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Car loans are available through car dealerships, banks, credit unions and even online lenders. Before you fill out an application, consider crossing the following action items off your to-do list. This can help streamline the process and help you save money:

If you end up going with a bank or credit union for your car loan, getting pre-approved can help give you some leverage when negotiating with car dealers. You may also be able to finance your teen’s new car directly through a car dealership. Either way, comparing offers can save you money in the long run.

Buying a car can be complicated for minors. Between financing and insurance, an adult will have to step in at some point if a minor hopes to purchase a new vehicle that they can legally drive. However, planning ahead and understanding your budget can help you protect your financial health along the way. You can avoid unwanted surprises by monitoring your credit for free with . This is a simple move that can help you keep your credit score strong.

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