Why Do Some Military Vehicles Have A Cage Around Them

Why Do Some Military Vehicles Have A Cage Around Them – 1 / 6 Show caption + Hide caption – Baghdad – Spc. Jersey Shore, Pa. Richard Pleger, a Soldier with Company B, 328th Brigade Support Battalion, 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, welds outriggers onto a bolt-on metal frame April 16. The frame is supported by Hesco mesh wire AP. .. (Photo credit: U.S. ) View original

2 / 6 Show caption + Hide caption – Baghdad – Spc. Samantha Shell (left) of Philadelphia, and Sgt. William Funaro of Monroeville, Pa. Hesko handed the wire to Spc. Richard Plegor of Jersey Shore, Pa. They put it on a metal outrigger. Soldiers of the 328th Brigade Support Bat… (Photo credit: U.S. ) View Source

Why Do Some Military Vehicles Have A Cage Around Them

3 / 6 Show caption + Hide caption – Baghdad – Spc. Samantha Shell of Philadelphia holds a piece of wire mesh as Sgt. William Funaro of Monroeville, Pa. See you at Camp Taji on April 16. Soldiers from the 328th Brigade Support Battalion, 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team location … (Photo credit: U.S. ) View Source

British Wolfhound Armored Vehicles Received By The Armed Forces • Mezha.media

4 / 6 Show caption + Hide caption – Baghdad – Spc. James Green, of Philadelphia, welds a metal frame around bulletproof glass as Spc. Ryan Nace of Quakertown holds a frame steady April 16 at Camp Taji, north of Baghdad. The Soldiers of Company B, 328th Brigade Support Ba… (Photo credit: U.S. ) View Source

5 / 6 Show caption + Hide caption – Baghdad – Adding a bulletproof glass cupola to military vehicles is a common site in Iraq. Stryker vehicles, mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles and transport trucks, such as those at Camp Taji, often sport some form of low-cost add… (Photo credit: U.S. ) View Source

6 / 6 Show caption + Hide caption – BAGHDAD – A mine resistant ambush protected vehicle used by the 328th Brigade Support Battalion, 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, has a wire mesh deflector at Camp Taji. The tool is bolted to both sides of the vehicle.

BAGHDAD — Soldiers from the 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team are installing low-cost, homemade add-ons to their state-of-the-art military vehicles at Camp Taji to gain an extra level of protection.

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Us Army Turns To Microgrids, Evs To Hit Net Zero By 2050

Armed with the best armored rides the Army can provide — including the brigade’s eight-wheeled Stryker vehicles and Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles — soldiers in the field haven’t stopped adding their own innovations, just for a few dollars.

The practice is common in the country as soldiers use metal pipes, bulletproof glass, wire mesh and “550 cord” to brave Iraq’s roads.

Capt. Melissa Knox, Company B, 328th Brigade Support Battalion commander, compared the value of Pope glass cupolas and wire mesh cages to a MasterCard advertising slogan.

“If we can save a life using things lying around the store, that’s ‘priceless,'” Knox said.

Taliban Seize U.s. Weapons In Afghanistan, Stockpiling Helicopters, Guns And Trucks

Knox said the bulletproof glass surrounds now installed on BSB transport trucks give soldiers a greater ability to scan for threats from a protected position. He said the add-on would allow more use of weapons. Knox credits BSB soldiers for coming up with the design of bullet-proof glass cupolas.

BSB soldiers placing wire cages around their MRAPs. Knox said battalion leaders looked at several designs before choosing the wire mesh configuration now in use.

“It’s a simple process,” Knox said. “We knew it would work for every MRAP model. There was no damage to the vehicle. These could be completely removed from the vehicles.”

Sergeant Company B Service and Recovery Platoon Platoon Sergeant Laney Bankhead of Warminster, Pa., soldiers bolt 2-by-2-inch steel tubes onto the MRAPS to serve as a base for the equipment. Soldiers then weld the outriggers to the base and place Hesco mesh wire into slots in the outriggers. Cotter pins hold the wire mesh in place.

Russia’s Protective Cages On Tanks Have Little Success Against Ukraine’s Weapons

“We actually manufacture the mount from scratch,” Bankhead said. “It’s about eight hours of work to get one up and ready. We’re not actually welding to the vehicle.”

A cord attached to the bottom of the Hesco wire limits how far the wire can swing and allows soldiers to pull the bottom of the screen inward, toward the vehicle, for tight squeezes on narrow streets. The idea behind the mesh surround is to deflect hand-thrown explosives down, Bankhead said.

Bankhead also said the inexpensive addition “would mean the world” if it made soldiers feel safer or saved lives.

The entire apparatus can be removed within an hour if necessary, Bankhead said. Sargent Monroeville, Pa. William Funaro of MRAP estimates that adding wire mesh covers about $400 in materials per vehicle.

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Sorry, Banning ‘killer Robots’ Just Isn’t Practical

Knox said the battalion Soldiers volunteered to work in the Company B welding shop during their downtime because they understand the importance of this add-on mission. BSB began modifying its MRAP and trucks in late March and hopes to complete the project in the next two weeks, Knox said. British then Prime Minister David Cameron (C) talks with soldiers in front of Mastiff armored vehicles at Camp Bastion outside Lashkar Gah in Helmand province, Afghanistan December 20, 2012. In July 2020 the Army announced plans to sell or shed many of the blast-proof trucks it had bought for that war. (Stefan Wermuth/AFP via Getty Images)

LONDON – Around 750 armored vehicles bought by the British Ministry of Defense to combat the threat of roadside bombs in Afghanistan are being withdrawn from army formations.

The Mastiff, Ridgeback and Wolfhound armored fleets will be retired in the latest drawdown of vehicles by the British Army under the Land Environment Fleet Optimization Plan (LEFOP), MoD procurement minister Jeremy Quinn told lawmakers this month.

The plan involved the complete deletion of some fleets and a reduction in the size of others, as vehicle numbers were properly sized to reflect the needs of the British Army.

Tschechische Hilfe Für Ehemalige Afghanische Mitarbeiter Der Armee

About 733 vehicles built by US manufacturer Force Protection, subsequently acquired by General Dynamics, are to go on the latest insurgency-specific rides bought by the British to provide the army with better protection against improvised explosive devices.

“The Army continues to rationalize its legacy vehicle fleets, with work beginning in 2017 under the Land Environment Fleet Optimization Project. This work has already removed 2,831 vehicles from service and disposed of several legacy vehicle fleets. The next strand of this work is the disposal of several legacy vehicles, including the Mastiff, Ridgeback and Wolfhound fleets. seeks to remove vehicle types from service,” Quinn said in a written response to a question from lawmakers on July 2.

The vehicles will be disposed of by being sold to foreign defense departments over the next few years.

The British purchased thousands of armored vehicles, mainly under its Emergency Rapid Procurement Scheme to meet emergency needs, improve protection for patrols and logistics operations.

Tag Doberman Raav

With the end of Britain’s Afghan war campaign in 2014, the vehicles were largely taken into the Army’s Core Equipment Programme.

Partly to ensure that the army had the ability to respond to possible stabilization missions in the future, but the British lacked the ability to purchase 8×8 armored personnel carriers and other programs long ago.

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Some of the decommissioned vehicles will be replaced with a small number of better, modern, digitized platforms such as the Boxer, which have wider utility and improved protection.

Britain has purchased 500 Artec Boxer 8×8′s, with the first vehicles expected to arrive in military units in 2023.

The Beastly Cougar Mrap Vehicle

Here’s why Britain is struggling to create a fully effective carrier strike group Britain’s Royal Navy has taken delivery of two new aircraft carriers, but a government report on ships achieving operational capability has posed some obstacles to creating a fully effective carrier strike group.

Britain’s top military officer, Chief of the Defense Staff General Sir Nick Carter, was questioned by the Parliamentary Defense Committee on July 7 whether there was a future for counter-IED fleets.

His response? It depends on your view of the world, money and what the government’s upcoming comprehensive defense review says.

“It’s a question of how you see the world in the future. If you think there’s going to be a stabilization mission somewhere around the world, those capabilities can be pushed to one side. The question, of course, is do you hedge for a stabilization mission in the future and do you think you need counter-IED-based platforms. A judgment has to be made in the context of a comprehensive review as to whether or not you need to spend the money to continue,” Carter told the committee.

Us Army Combat Engineer Vehicles: 1980 To The Present: Amazon.co.uk: Jeffrey Derosa: 9780764362798: Books

Partly because that judgment is already happening without the help of a review, it is likely to hit rather than enhance the MoD’s already strained budget.

A further reduction in military personnel numbers is rumored to be one of the options being considered by a review led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his special adviser Dominic Cummins.

Buffalo Ordnance-Clearance Vehicles, Talisman Counter-IED

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