What’s The Difference Between Doing 20 And 22 Years Military

What’s The Difference Between Doing 20 And 22 Years Military – The disease is a common respiratory illness that is caused by the influenza virus. Symptoms often include fever, headache and body aches, coughing and a runny or stuffy nose. You are at risk for serious complications if you have an underlying health condition or are pregnant. Getting vaccinated every year is the best way to avoid getting sick with the flu.

The flu, common cold and COVID-19 have similar symptoms. Influenza and COVID-19 can be severe, but colds are rare.

What’s The Difference Between Doing 20 And 22 Years Military

Influenza is an illness caused by the influenza virus. It causes symptoms such as headache and body aches, sore throat, fever and respiratory symptoms, which can be severe. Illness is more common in the winter months, when many people can get sick at once (epidemic).

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Flu season – when cases of the flu spike dramatically – in the Northern Hemisphere (which includes the US) is October to May. The highest number of cases (peak) usually occurs between December and February.

Influenza is one of the most common diseases. Every flu season, about 20 to 40 million people in the US get the flu.

The flu and the common cold can have similar symptoms, such as a runny nose and cough. But cold symptoms are usually mild and flu symptoms can be severe and lead to serious complications. Different viruses cause colds and flu.

Since they have the same symptoms, the only way to know for sure if you have the flu or COVID-19 is to get tested. Both are at risk of serious illness. But different viruses cause these infections, and providers treat them with different drugs.

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Certain health conditions can put you at higher risk for severe illness from the flu. This includes serious complications that require hospitalization. You are at higher risk for serious illness if you:

Non-Hispanic Blacks, Non-Hispanic Americans, Alaska Natives and Hispanic or Latino people have higher rates of severe illness compared to non-Hispanic White people. Hispanic and non-Hispanic Asian populations.

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The flu virus causes illness. Influenza A, B and C are the most common types that infect humans. Influenza A and B are seasonal (most people get it in the winter) and have more severe symptoms. Influenza C does not cause severe symptoms and is not seasonal – the number of cases stays about the same every year.

Yes, the disease is contagious (it spreads from person to person). For every infected person, they spread the disease to one to two other people.

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The flu virus is spread by direct or indirect contact with someone who is infected. Common ways to get sick include:

Your provider diagnoses the flu by listening to your symptoms and testing a sample of mucus from your nose. They will insert a long stick with a soft tip (swab) into your nose to test for the flu. The results may take a few minutes or your provider may send the sample to a lab, where you will receive the results in a day or two.

Providers may treat the disease with antiviral drugs under certain conditions. Antibiotics can reduce your risk of serious illness and shorten the time you are sick. Many people can treat the disease without drugs. Providers provide antivirals if:

Each antiviral drug has different side effects, but common ones include nausea and diarrhea. Inhaled medications can cause breathing spasms and narrow your airways (bronchospasm).

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Many people can manage flu symptoms at home with over-the-counter (OTC) medications and other therapies, including:

Not everyone should take certain OTCs, so check with your provider before using them. It is also a good idea to make sure that certain drugs are safe to use together or with supplements. Do not give aspirin to children under the age of 16 unless their provider says it’s okay.

The best way to prevent the flu is to get a flu vaccine every year. Vaccines train your immune system to recognize infections and fight them before you get sick. The flu virus can change (mutate) slightly each year, which is why you need to get vaccinated every year.

Even if you get sick with a different type of illness than the one in the vaccine, the vaccine lowers your risk of getting very sick. Your provider can give you the flu vaccine as a shot or as a mist that is given into your nose.

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Most people are able to manage flu symptoms at home and recover within a few days to a week. Because it can cause serious illness, it’s important to treat your symptoms and get medical treatment if you need it. This is especially important if you have an underlying health condition.

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Illness can last from a few days to two weeks. Symptoms such as fever and body aches may come on suddenly but usually go away faster than other symptoms. Cough or runny nose may last for a while.

You can be contagious with the flu from a day before your symptoms start to a week after. It is most contagious for three to four days after your symptoms begin. People with weak immune systems and infants may be affected for a long time.

To avoid spreading the flu to others, you should not return to work or school until at least 24 hours after you had a fever (without taking fever-reducing medications). An employer or school may have different requirements for a return.

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The virus itself can cause complications or it can weaken your immune system and allow the bacteria to colonize different parts of your body (secondary infection). Complications and secondary infections include:

During a typical flu season in the US, it is estimated that between 20,000 and 50,000 people die from the flu. Another 300,000 to 500,000 need hospitalization for serious illness.

If you think you have the flu, it’s important to get tested early so that antiviral medications can be most effective if your provider prescribes them. Contact a healthcare provider immediately if:

No, gastroenteritis, also called “stomach flu,” is not caused by the flu virus. It is not related to period illness.

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While the disease is common, it is also important to remember that it can lead to serious complications. Getting your flu shot is the best way to prevent getting sick and protect your loved ones and neighbors, too. If you have underlying health conditions or are pregnant, talk to your provider about reducing your risk of illness. Having the flu isn’t fun for anyone, but most people can get by with some movies and chicken soup at home.

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Greens produced for weaving are often labeled with two numbers in what is often referred to as the “set count.” For example, you might look at 8/2 cotton, 20/2 linen, or 6/3 cotton.

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The second number (or lower number) indicates the number of plies of cotton; A cotton yarn is designed with a 1, a double-ply with a 2.

The first number (or the largest number) indicates the “size” of the units in the yarn. Historically, different fibers (linen, wool, cotton) were produced by separate mills, so the size of cotton was adjusted differently for different fibers.

Top to bottom: Cotton knitting yarns in sizes 20/2, 10/2, 8/2, 5/2, and 3/2. Photo by George Boe

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The highest grades are Grade 1 grades and have the highest grists. For example, a 3/1 cotton has three times the grist of the classics as Size 1; 3 x 840 = 2,520 yards per pound. To calculate the grist of a plied cotton, multiply the reading by the 1 yard yardage and then divide by the number of plies. For example, a 3/2 cotton has a grist of 3 x 840/2, or 1,260 yards per pound.

Confusingly, some sources follow a convention where cotton and linen have the first size followed by the number of plies, while wool has the first number of plies.

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