How Do You Get Military Tech In Dying Light 2

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Looking for more military tech in Dying Light 2? There are dozens of different resources available to hunt in Dying Light 2, but few are rarer or more useful than Military Tech, which you’ll need if you want to start upgrading the Nightrunner tools at your disposal. And let me tell you, if you haven’t started updating those tools yet, now is the time to start. Below, we’ll walk you through how to get your hands on military tech in City of Dying Light 2 and how to use it to upgrade your tools.

How Do You Get Military Tech In Dying Light 2

Military technology is one of the rarest resources in Dying Light 2. You can only get it by completing Military Airdrop activities. You can spot these activities by scanning certain (usually high) rooftops with your binoculars. After you spot one, it will be marked on your map with a parachute icon.

Dying Light 2 Military Tech Locations: How To Get Military Tech For Upgrades

The idea behind military airdrop activity is simple: just reach the roof and open the airdrop box. Doing this will get you high level loot and 1 military tech, but it’s easier said than done to get through some of these rooftops.

I strongly recommend that before attempting a military Airdrop activity, you find that particular Airdrop activity on the map or in your Journal (under Activities) and take a look at its recommended endurance and any other requirements. Many of these buildings require a stamina of 300 or more to complete, and some are explicitly stated to be accessible only with your paraglider. So if you don’t meet these requirements, don’t bother trying until you’re a little further into the game.

Once you reach the top, you will be able to open the crate on the roof using your GRE access key. As a side note (minor spoilers): Right before Dying Light 2’s point of no return before the epilogue begins, there’s a moment where you won’t have your GRE key on your person, for reasons. If you’re trying to open a military Airdrop while you don’t have your GRE key, it’s still possible, but it’ll cost you a whopping 25 Lockpicks (that’s 125 Lockpicks Scrap). So, I suggest you don’t bother looking for Military Tech until you have the GRE pass key again.

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Once you’ve opened enough military Airdrops and cleared enough military tech from those pesky crates, you can start upgrading your Nightrunner tools. Yes, that’s right, you can upgrade these tools just like you would upgrade regular gear, except instead of paying Infected Trophies, you pay in Military Tech. This is the real use of Military Tech, and it’s important. To unlock new upgrades for your Nightrunner tools, head to any Craftmaster in Villedor, navigate to the “Upgrade” tab and you’ll find your possible Nightrunner tool upgrades at the top, including your Paraglider and the all-important grappling hook (if you’ve unlocked it) , among others. Hover over each tool to see the nature and costs of each update. Some of them are very worthwhile, so it’s a good idea to spend some time accumulating military tech from those Airdrops.

Military Robotics Development

If you want to make traversing the city a little easier, you might want to consider handing over control of certain facilities to the Survivors, one of Dying Light 2’s two Factions to choose from. While you’re exploring, you should also keep an eye out for Dying Light 2 inhibitor locations to help increase your stamina and other stats. And if you need help, check out our guide on how to play Dying Light 2 multiplayer. Learn how to find military tech in Dying Light 2 so you can start upgrading your tools, like your parachute and grappling hook.

Military Tech is one of the most valuable resources in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Gather enough of the military technology and you can upgrade some of your survival tools. The main problem is finding Military Tech, as it is not as abundant as inhibitors.

Military Tech is only found in Military Airdrops in Dying Light 2. These airdrops are dotted around the map and are usually highlighted by parachutes attached to crates. What this means is that you should search the city of Villedor for parachutes on top of buildings, structures, and other hard-to-reach areas.

To make this process easier, scale a tall building and take out your binoculars. As you travel around the city, look at the reticle to zoom. Even if you can’t see exactly what he’s looking at, he can help lead you to a point of interest. Also, you should also inspect your map from time to time and find out the question marks, as they may turn out to be airdrops.

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Killer Robots Are Not Science Fiction

For the most part, Military Tech will be up high, on buildings and other places that are difficult to climb by normal means. An example of this is the broken road that runs along the edge of old Villedor. Getting to this is quite a challenge as it requires a lot of stamina and potentially some of the skills of Parkour. Some technologies may require you to jump from a building and glide towards it, so you need to unlock the paraglider as soon as possible.

As for what you need Military Tech, it’s all about upgrading your survival tools. The paraglider, UV flashlight and powerful grappling hook can all be upgraded, improving their functionality. Take the paraglider as an example, it can be upgraded to improve its maneuverability and range, and even increase its gliding height mid-flight.

Now that you know how to find Military Tech, you can start scouring the map in Dying Light 2 for those parachutes and start climbing some buildings. Remember to get those binoculars out and keep looking! For more help, head over to the Dying Light 2 page.

Hailing from the land down under, Sam Chandler brings a bit of Southern Hemisphere flair to his work. After going through a few universities, getting a bachelor’s degree, and entering the video game industry, he found his new family here as a guide editor. There is nothing you enjoy more than producing a guide that will help someone. If you need help with a guide or notice something isn’t right, you can tweet: @SamuelChandle The Military Tech location guide will help you get all Airdrops for Military Tech in Dying Light 2. But before that, let’s consider why you need to collect the tech Airdrops military. The Military Tech helps you upgrade your Nightrunner skills/equipment such as the Paraglider. Apart from having the best combat and parkour skills, ranged weapons like bows and crossbows are essential to progress smoothly through the game. Also, Nighrunner’s tools are great, so it’s never a waste to have them, especially when all you have to do is climb some skyscrapers and loot a container. Now let’s see all Military Airdrops locations and their military technology in Dying Light 2.

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Dying Light 2 Inhibitor Locations

Military technology and Airdrops are accessible from the start of the game, but with a few exceptions. You can easily get to most military Airdrop locations, but some won’t be possible until you get to the later part of the game and get paragliding. You’ll still have to rely on your parkour skills to get to these hard-to-reach places we’ve mentioned below. This is why it would be a great idea to farm XP in Dying Light 2 if you only have basic combat and parkour skills.

Below we have listed all Airdrop and Tech military locations in Dying Light 2, and you can choose where you want to go. Military technology is found in two types of military Airdrops, and they are:

The location of the Military Tech at Airdrop THB-04B in Dying Light 2 is on the northeast side of Houndfield.

The best way to get there is by climbing up to the building on the right. To go up to that building, use the stairs provided at the back of that building. Once he climbed the stairs from inside the building. Find your way to the top of the other building. Climbing there is easy and can be done without difficulty, so you will easily get the Military Tech from Airdrop THB-04B.

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Airdrop THB-17U is on top of a building at the north end of Horseshoe, and you’ll find the Military Tech inside that Airdrop.

After arriving at the site, if you look at the building from below, you will see a lot of red ledges leading up to the top. We’re going to use those ledges to climb to the top. To climb these ledges

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