Does Military Experience Make It Easier To Get Into College

Does Military Experience Make It Easier To Get Into College – Where do I put military experience in ?Clarifying your military service in your work history section Including military experience in your resume Top skills to list your military experience Great ideas to take away

Your transition out of the military requires showcasing your talents in a way that civilian employers can. The blog below offers tips on making the most of your service in your post-military career.

Does Military Experience Make It Easier To Get Into College

After serving your country, you join the civilian workforce. Enlisting in the military is a different process than looking for a job in the private sector, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a way to showcase your military experience and get you that coveted interview.

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In fact, many employers seek veterans because they value veterans’ skills and training, but even for employers who don’t specify that they’re looking for veterans, there are good places to help you. convince them that your service is available. really prepared you for civilian work.

You may believe that military experience is a one-off category and requires special treatment on your post-service job application documents, but that’s not the case. With a little management, list your military experience in your will and include it in .

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U.s. Army Sgt. 1st Class Shannon Ross, Right, And U.s. Army Sgt. Maj. Japonica Armstrong, Left, Both Assigned To The Headquarters Company, Special Troops Battalion, 1st Sustainment Brigade, Meet With U.s. Marine

Let’s look at the first question: Does military experience count as work experience? Of course it’s true! You gained a lot of practical knowledge and demonstrated the soft skills that employers look for when looking for new employees.

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In many ways, your military service will be very similar to any civilian experience you have. Our guide and corresponding military examples will give you specific ideas for your military and this blog will guide you through the process of translating your military service into the language that will be seen. non-military users.

Your military service is work, so list it in the work history section. That is the simple answer. A deeper dive is how you shaped your military experience, regardless of what job you did. The place to explain this is in your summary or profile.

You’ll also find a large list of the attributes and knowledge you can acquire in your skills section. The point here is that you will enter your military service experience. But, as with any other career change or transition, you must take two key steps to show your employer that you have the skills they are looking for:

Eric Moore Partnership Medical Practice

To enter your current National Guard service, simply enter your start date and say “current” for your end date such as April 2020-Present.

More than 250,000 people who serve in the military transition to civilian life each year, according to the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

When writing the bullet points in the employment history section, you need to carefully consider the employer you are seeking and your career in the military. Some industries and employers will have a better understanding of the value of military experience, while others will need more explanation and translation.

This list is a starting point for your job search, but there are many more opportunities for veterans. Many companies value the skills of veterans but do not have a formal hiring program.

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If you’re targeting a defense contractor, they’re more likely to understand the importance of your military service and understand the military context (keep it to a minimum – no should be jargon-heavy) or an abbreviation of your accomplishments.

Positions you held in the military that easily translate from military to civilian jobs, such as IT, medical, mechanical, or translation/linguistics, can be defined simply as being him. In other cases, however, you may need to find common terms used in civilian job descriptions to replace military terms.

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In addition to your job description, you should consider translating your military job title to the civilian equivalent. One way to do this is to do a job search that includes the skills you used in your military experience and make a list of job titles that match them. An easy translation is from commander to manager.

All summary sections offer about 100 words to tell the employer why you are the right person for the job. Here you may include personal information such as your work philosophy, motivation, and why this job is right for you.

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This system gives you the perfect opportunity to include your military experience in a way that helps employers understand what you’ve accomplished in the service and how you’ll transition into a civilian career.

You don’t have to explain why you’re joining, if you don’t want to, but showing how you’ve grown as a person and as an employee will help you get that interview – the whole point of .

After four years in the US Navy, I was ready to start my civilian life. Through the military, I gained a deep sense of responsibility, teamwork, and dedication to the job at hand. I also received good training in data analysis, which requires flexible thinking and presentation. I am eager to apply these skills to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. My Navy experience also taught me the value of discretion and privacy, two qualities needed in any health-related position.

The above summary describes to the recruiter what the applicant learned in the military and how to apply that training to work in the private sector.

Work For Warriors Helps Guardsmen Find Employment

You should include a cover letter or letter of recommendation with your application. In your case, you can further emphasize the connection between your military training and the civilian position you are applying for.

Think your basic training doesn’t translate into the skills freelancers are looking for? Think again. Most employers report that most of the time when new hires don’t work out it’s because they lack soft skills.

The sample resume above mentions responsibility, teamwork, commitment, flexible thinking and presentation skills. These are soft skills that employers value and that you learned and demonstrated in the military.

Your hard skills are the skills and knowledge you have acquired through training and education and applied without working in the service. These will depend on your job, but if you have received vocational or professional training, include your highest skills in the skills section.

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Welcome to the world of tomorrow, newly separated veterans. When you have that first big job, you’re already ahead of the game. If you entered high school, this is your first civilian job.

You may be a little nervous; maybe not you. Chances are good that there will be a bit of culture shock. Depending on the workplace, the culture may differ from the work life you may be used to.

Joining The Military Doesn’t Make You A Hero

Don’t worry about all that; just try to feel that culture and act accordingly. Here are some things you can do to understand this new world, your role in it and how to interact with your new colleagues.

It’s true that you only get a first photo once, so make it look professional. If you don’t want to do such a ritual, there will be times when your colleagues will know more later. Today, it is important to show that you are a competent and professional partner that they can trust.

But even if they know the less formal version of you, it’s still important to put your game on at work. You never know who you might talk to one day. CEOs don’t wear four silver stars around their necks; they probably look like normal people, wearing normal clothes. In Silicon Valley, the CEO may wear a hoodie. You never know.

As in , civil society wants you to do things by the book.

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