How Much Military Aid Does The Us Give To Israel

How Much Military Aid Does The Us Give To Israel – Looking at military aid pledges to Ukraine between January 24, 2022 and Jan. 15, 2023, the US government has committed to providing more financial aid for military purposes than any other country – and as this infographic using data from the Ukraine Support Tracker of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy shows , the gap with other countries is huge.

During the analyzed period, the United States committed a total of $46.6 billion (excluding the value of provided weapons and equipment). The second ranked country, the United Kingdom, pledged only $5.1 billion. In relative terms, however, both military aid commitments amount to approximately 0.2 percent of each country’s GDP. Looking at this scale, Ukraine’s smaller neighbors, relatively, contribute more to the war effort: For example Estonia (military aid of 1.1 percent of GDP) or Latvia (0.9 percent). Although the military, financial and humanitarian aid provided or promised by the U.S. added, it amounts to only 0.4 percent of the country’s GDP.

How Much Military Aid Does The Us Give To Israel

The Kiel Institute for the World Economy’s Ukraine Support Tracker systematically records the amount of aid Ukraine has pledged to the governments of 40 countries since early 2022. It includes military, financial and humanitarian commitments.

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This chart shows the countries that pledged the most arms/weapons transfers to Ukraine, Jan. 24, 2022 to Jan. 15, 2023 (in billions of U.S. dollars).

Yes, easy integration of multiple infographics with other websites is allowed. Just copy the HTML code shown for the relevant statistics to combine them. Our standard is 660 pixels, but you can customize how the statistics are displayed to fit your site by setting the width and display size. Please note that the code must be integrated into the HTML code (not just the text) for WordPress pages and other CMS sites.U.S. Aid to Ukraine totaled $68 billion, and the White House recently asked Congress for another $37.7 billion. In the spring, the new Congress will consider the aid in the context of the administration’s proposed FY 2024 budget. With these decisions ahead, it is worth reviewing how much aid, what the aid can do, and what the administration is asking for. Such a review raises some surprises and helps clarify discussions about future aid packages.

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A1: Congress passed three aid packages. The first one in March ($13.6 billion) was targeted at the massive $1.5 trillion omnibus appropriations for FY 2022. The package in May ($40 billion), which has a large aid component, is a standalone bill. The September package ($13.7 billion) was included in the continuing resolution. It is designed to provide aid through December, when Congress considers full-year appropriations bills. As the chart below shows, the three packages are worth $68 billion.

On November 15, the administration submitted a new aid request of $37.7 billion which, if passed, would bring the total to $105.5 billion. This new aid package is designed to last until the end of the fiscal year (September 30, 2023). However, at the current rate of spending ($6.8 billion per month), it will last until about May. At that point, unless the war ends or settles into a stalemate, the administration will have to ask for more money.

Where Does Your Country Stand On The Russia Ukraine War?

Confusion sometimes arises because of the way the administration periodically announces aid packages, for example, the language from a November 4 press release: “The Department of Defense announced approximately $400 million in additional security assistance for Ukraine under the Ukraine security assistance initiative.” These announcements are useful for understanding how the administration interprets pools of money appropriated by Congress for specific actions. However, these packages do not change the total amount of aid provided by Congress. Instead, they described how the administration used the money.

Congress uses the money, called the budget authority, and then the executive branch spends the money, called expenditures. That can happen quickly as in the case of funding for staff where the money goes to salaries that are taken immediately. Money for operations is also easily spent as the agency, whether it is DOD for military operations or U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) for humanitarian aid, purchases supplies and transportation for immediate use.

However, the procurement funds for the equipment will take several years to be spent because the government pays the supplier gradually as the work is completed. For the types of equipment purchased to support Ukraine, it will take a year to contract, then two more years before the first item is delivered and a year or more for the remaining items to be delivered. That means money appropriated by Congress in one year won’t be fully spent for up to five years.

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Some things, for example incentives for mining rare earths, may take longer because the process of building a mine is very long.

United States Aid To Ukraine: An Investment Whose Benefits Greatly Exceed Its Cost

Congress requires the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to “score” every bill that Congress votes on. Scoring means calculating the effects of the budget, the budget authority and the costs. This chart combines the CBO outlay estimates for the March, May, and September packages. Note that about $10 billion of the $68 billion will not be spent until after FY 2026. (Estimates for the latest $37.7 billion package are not yet available.)

A5: To coordinate aid to Ukraine, the United States has convened a Ukrainian defense contact group consisting of more than 50 countries. As tracked by Germany’s Kiel Institute, aid from non-US sources is huge ($41.4 billion). The total is likely to be slightly higher because some countries are providing aid quietly, so their numbers are not shown here. In addition, many European countries have taken in Ukrainian refugees, a burden that is barely reflected in these numbers. However, the United States provides the majority of total aid to Ukraine—62 percent, according to published figures.

The United Kingdom and Poland provided substantial military support. The European Union and Canada provided more financial and humanitarian aid. Some countries, such as Poland and the Baltic countries, provide high levels of aid compared to their economies (up to 1 percent). Others, like France and Germany, lag.

In general, the United States provides more military and financial support to other countries that provide more humanitarian support. Many countries tend to find humanitarian political support easier to justify because it does not require them to take sides in the conflict.

U.s. Military Aid For Israel Must Be Conditional

A6: Some members of Congress, particularly on the populist right and progressive left, have raised questions about aid. The May package, the only one Congress has voted on as standalone legislation, passed 368–57 in the House and 86–11 in the Senate. Although it reflects a strong bipartisan consensus, it also reveals some dissent. That opposition could grow as sentiment for negotiations to end the war rises in the United States and abroad.

Congress should not put itself in a position where it undermines the ongoing and successful Ukrainian resistance, which depends on US military support. Instead of just hacking away at aid, members of Congress with concerns and questions should hold hearings to clarify what is in the aid packages and what they do. Such questions would allow Congress to make more informed decisions. Most things tend to get broad support. However, some items may be questionable, others may be delayed in the regular allocation process due to their long-term nature, and others may require additional supervision.

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Mark F. Cancian is a retired Marine colonel and senior adviser to the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

Critical Questions is developed by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (), a private, tax-exempt institution that focuses on international public policy issues. Its research is non-partisan and non-proprietary. does not take specific policy positions. Therefore, all views, positions, and conclusions expressed in this publication should be understood as those of the author(s).U.S. Foreign aid mostly went to Afghanistan and the Middle East in 2019. According to figures recently reported by US Aid, the Central Asian country was the largest recipient with nearly $5 billion paid out that year, from nearly $6 billion in 2018.

Ukraine Updates: Us Announces $400 Million In Military Aid

Total aid payments also decreased. Since 2016, they have fallen from $52.5 billion that year to $47.2 billion in 2019. Approximately 30 percent of US aid is classified as military aid given to the Department of Defense and the US Army, of which the Countries at the top of the list usually receive a larger share of military aid.

Payments to Iraq decreased from $3.7 billion in 2017 to less than $1 billion in 2019, while aid to US allies Israel and Jordan increased slightly, as did aid to Yemen and Colombia (for local war on drugs).

Further down the top 10 list are several African countries, which also receive some of the larger chunks of US aid. The largest recipients on the continent were Ethiopia, which received $900 million in aid and Nigeria, which received nearly $800 million.

Yes, easy integration of multiple infographics with other websites is allowed. Just copy the HTML code shown for the relevant statistics to

Ukraine War: Which Countries Are Sending Weapons And Aid To Forces Fighting The Russian Invasion?

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