What Does.president.xi Say To.the Military On The 70th Parade

What Does.president.xi Say To.the Military On The 70th Parade – BEIJING – Chinese President Xi Jinping has taken on a new joint US-style role as army chief, state media and analysts said Thursday, signaling a strengthening of his authority as the country’s most powerful leader in decades.

The new position of direct military control was revealed by state media after he visited the Joint Combat Command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

What Does.president.xi Say To.the Military On The 70th Parade

Wearing a combat-ready camouflage uniform and insignia, Xi told the PLA that it must be “absolutely loyal, resourceful in battle, effective in command and brave and capable of winning wars,” state news agency Xinhua reported.

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Xi is China’s head of state, head of the ruling Communist Party, chairman of the military commission and also operationally now commander-in-chief – an accumulation of authority that analysts say is on a par with late leaders such as Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. .

His appearance and new title were seen by analysts as sending a message that Xi is not only China’s political and administrative leader but also its overall military commander. Before serving as head of the Central Military Commission, Xi usually wore green tunics, shirts and trousers without insignia or decoration.

Prominent political historian Zhan Lifan said: “Xi’s move reflects the mindset that political power grows from the barrel of a gun and signals his efforts to strengthen not only the Communist Party’s military leadership, but also his own status as China’s supreme. Leader.”

“By reforming the old military command and serving as commander-in-chief, he would have discarded the old Soviet-style structure and emulated the United States’ joint command model for faster decision-making,” he added.

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However, Xi’s new title remains “more political than military” in meaning and does not mean he is in charge of day-to-day management of the PLA, said Andrei Chang, Hong Kong-based editor of Kanwa Asian Defense magazine. .

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“Throughout China’s history, political power has always been based on military control,” Chang said. “It was a visit to show his muscle to potential enemies and to show that he is tough and responsible.”

The Joint Combat Command was established last December to bolster China’s ground, naval and air forces and special commands such as the PLA Missile Force and Strategic Support Force amid heightened territorial tensions in the South China Sea.

Eric Baculinao is the producer in Beijing. A long-term resident of Beijing who is fluent in Chinese, Bakuliano scours the Chinese news daily for clues about new major policy trends and the workings of China’s secretive Communist Party and government leadership. President Xi Jinping said on Monday that China needs to develop its security and that it needs to modernize its military to create a “Great Wall of Steel”.

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Xi, who recently began his third term as head of state, was speaking at the closing of the annual parliament session.

“Security is the foundation of development, and stability is a prerequisite for prosperity. We must fully promote the modernization of national defense and armed forces, and build the people’s armed forces into a great wall of steel that effectively protects national sovereignty, security and development interests,” he said.

He promised that “I will take the needs of the country as my mission and the interests of the people as my yardstick.”

At the opening of the session, China set a gross domestic product (GDP) growth target of 5% percent, its lowest target in nearly three decades, after the economy grew just 3% last year. Lee said the figure was modest. It is determined after a comprehensive consideration of various factors.”

Xi Jinping Says China To Become Dominant World Power Within 30 Years

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Xi ally Li Qiang, who was appointed as China’s new premier, said the US was trying to limit China’s global influence through isolation and containment.

The Chinese government is expected to tighten oversight of security issues. Xi has previously placed trusted allies in top security positions.

The Chinese president also added that the country should achieve greater self-reliance and strength in science and technology. The US has blocked China’s access to chip-making equipment.

China’s Military Must Become ‘great Wall Of Steel’, President Xi Jinping Says

Xi has called for stability in Hong Kong toward reunification with Taiwan, which Beijing considers part of its territory. “The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has entered an irreversible historical process,” he said.

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Tensions between the United States and China have risen recently, following visits by American politicians to Taiwan and the alleged intrusion of a spy balloon into US airspace.

Taipei has agreed to resume flights to several Chinese cities, saying it hopes it will help improve connections. The re-introduction of flights will make the situation more normal compared to the pre-coronavirus.

Police officials in Hong Kong arrested a former union leader after she visited her husband in prison, allegedly as a “threat to national security.” With the three powerful positions of party chief, military and president, in addition, Xi is the sole leader. Party founder Mao Zedong continues in power after 10 years in power, while all his predecessors have retired.

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President Xi Jinping said China’s national security is facing increasing instability and ordered the PLA to devote all its energies to enhancing capabilities and maintaining combat readiness to fight and win wars as he leads the military for a record third five-year term.

Xi, 69, has been reappointed as general secretary of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) and head of the Central Military Commission (CMC) – the high command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) for an unprecedented third five-year term. – One-year term of the party’s five-year congress here last month.

On Tuesday, Xi inspected the CMC Joint Operations Command Center here, which provides vital support to the Strategic Command of the CPC Central Committee and the CMC.

In his first address to the two million-strong army – the world’s largest – at the start of his third term as head of the CMC, Xi said the world was going through deeper changes not seen in a century, and stressed that China’s national security was facing increasing instability and uncertainty. is facing and its military tasks are still difficult.

Xi Jinping Says China’s Military Will Be A ‘great Wall Of Steel’

He said the entire army must devote all its energy to the work of combat readiness, strengthen its ability to fight and win, and effectively carry out its missions and tasks, state news agency Xinhua reported.

Xi instructed them to resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests and successfully carry out various tasks assigned by the party and the people, the report said.

He said the military leadership should focus on realizing the PLA’s centenary goal of becoming a world-class armed force by 2027, which is broadly interpreted as being on par with the US armed forces.

In a speech at the party congress last month, Xi also aimed to “win local wars” and told the PLA to “improve preparation and war readiness in all aspects and improve the army’s ability to fight and win.”

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Biden, Xi Could Meet In Person, Us Official Says

“We will strengthen the normal and diversified use of military forces, carry out military battles firmly and flexibly, establish a security posture, contain crises and conflicts, and win local wars,” he said.

Commenting on Xi’s address to the military, retired Air Force General Xu Qiliang, who was a former vice chairman of the CMC, said in a commentary that the PLA must prepare for rapid transformation from peacetime to wartime.

“Always maintain a posture of high readiness, like arrows on a taut string, ready to go, to ensure that troops are always ready to fight,” said Qu, who resigned as the top CMC post, as quoted by Hong Kong. Based on the South China Morning Post.

(Other than the headline, this story has not been edited by staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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Pictures of Xi, who recently won a third term as party leader, in army uniform visiting the command center featured prominently on the front page of the People’s Daily on Wednesday.

Xi said the military should “comprehensively strengthen military training in preparation for war,” warning at the latest party congress of “dangerous storms” on the horizon.

“Concentrate all [your] energy on the fight, work on the fight and improve [your] ability to win,” he was quoted as saying. The military must also “resolutely protect national sovereignty and national security” as China was in an “unstable and uncertain” security situation, he said.

Xi Says China Must Build Military ‘great Wall Of Steel’

While Xi also ordered the military to focus on war preparations in 2013, soon after taking power, and again in 2017, political analysts say he has significantly stepped up his rhetoric this time around. In a similar visit to the command center in 2016, he told officers to be “committed” and “resourceful” in battles and “brave and capable of winning wars”.

“He sends the United States

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