Why Don’t Other Countries Have Military Bases In The Us

Why Don’t Other Countries Have Military Bases In The Us – From being forced into war to spending a lifetime in the military against your will, thousands of young people live in countries where compulsory military service has had a profound impact on their lives.

The harsh reality of conscription in Russia dates back to the Soviet era. The Russian military is most notorious for high-ranking soldiers exploiting enlisted soldiers (often with physical injury), otherwise known as hazing. But worst of all, Russia has repeatedly used ill-trained conscripts in military conflicts, as is evident in the war with Ukraine and the war in Chechnya.

Why Don’t Other Countries Have Military Bases In The Us

According to Russian law, 12 months of military service is mandatory for all able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 27 in Russia. However, the Russian constitution allows the choice of a non-military form of national service if a man’s “beliefs or religious convictions conflict with military service.” Those who evade conscription face fines or even prison terms. It has recently been reported that many Russians between the ages of 18 and 27 are fleeing the country to avoid being drafted and sent to the war in Ukraine.

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South Korea and North Korea have been practically at war for the past 72 years. As a result of the hostilities, both countries strengthened their armies. North Korea pursues a military policy known as “Songun” in which all resources are prioritized for the military. School graduates are typically recruited into the service at the age of 17-18. In 2003, military service was reduced from 13 years to 10 years for men and from 10 years to seven years for women. Military service used to be voluntary for women, but it was reportedly made mandatory in 2015.

In neighboring South Korea, men must serve in the army (21 months), navy (23 months) or air force (24 months). Alternatively, the police, coast guard and fire department are also available. Successful athletes, such as those who win gold at the Olympics or the Asian Games, may be exempted from compulsory service.

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The Israel Security Service Law of 1949 made military service compulsory for all Israelis over the age of 18, except for ultra-Orthodox and Arab Israelis. People of Jewish, Druze or Circassian descent must serve in the Israel Defense Forces. The minimum period of military service is two years and eight months for men and two years for women.

Israeli Arabs, religious women, married individuals, and persons deemed medically or mentally unfit are exempt from mandatory military service. According to a survey conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute at the end of last year, almost half of Jewish Israelis (47%) support the abolition of compulsory military service and the transformation of the Israel Defense Forces into a voluntary, professional military.

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According to Article 143 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Brazil, military service is compulsory for all male Brazilian citizens. They must serve in the military for a minimum of 12 months, but can choose to remain enlisted for 8 years. The duration of the service is 10-12 months. Recruitment typically takes place at the age of 18. Refusal to enlist is believed to result in the suspension of political rights, including the right to vote or run for office. There are also obstacles to applying for public offices. Women are exempt from compulsory military service.

According to the Iranian constitution, all men over the age of 18 are required to serve in the military for 18 to 24 months. Conscription does not apply to women in Iran. But there are exemptions for health reasons. Male children over 18 whose father is over 60 are exempt from enlistment. Those who do not have grounds for a waiver and refuse to join the military face serious consequences that can include the loss of most of their civil rights, including being ineligible for government employment and being barred from leaving the country. Earlier this year, Iran proposed reinstating a buyout system that would allow those over 35 to avoid classification by paying about $10,000. However, the proposal was dropped after widespread outrage, saying it would only benefit the rich. .

In 2019, the Turkish parliament passed a law that reduced the duration of mandatory military service from 12 months to six months. However, those who wish to extend their service by another six months can do so for a fixed salary. There is also an option for conscripts to attend a month of military training and be exempt from the remaining five months of service if they pay just over $5,000. Compulsory military service generally applies to all male citizens up to the age of 20. He is 41 years old. Those participating in higher education or vocational training can postpone service until the end of their studies. Turkish citizens living abroad are exempted from compulsory military service by paying a certain fee.

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Military service is mandatory for men between the ages of 17 and 28 in Cuba for two years. For women, active military service is voluntary and they can join as a professional soldier or the Women’s Volunteer Military Service for two years each. years of service. Male citizens are obliged to officially register for military service when they turn 16.

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The recruitment process begins at the high school level, when teenagers are recruited under the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) military committee in their locality. Recruits can also be asked to join the Ministry of the Interior (police) or the Youth Labor Army, where instead of military activity, they must perform agricultural or other productive activities based on the government’s decision.

Those performing general military service are considered reserve soldiers until the age of 45, who can be called up if necessary. Those who evade military service face prison terms or fines.

In Switzerland, military service is compulsory for men from the age of 20 and voluntary for women. Basic military service lasts 21 weeks, but additional training programs must be attended until adulthood. Combined, the total service period is just under a year.

In 2013, a referendum was held in Switzerland to abolish conscription, but it failed, with over 73% of voters voting in favor of conscription for men. This was the third time such a referendum was held in the country. Now, however, the discourse has changed to strengthening the army. In the wake of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the country is considering making military service compulsory for women as of 2024.

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The northeastern African country of Eritrea is notorious for its recent history of conscription. According to Human Rights Watch, many Eritrean workers have spent their entire lives serving the government in a military or civilian capacity. Since 2003, the government has forced boys and girls to undergo military training before graduating from high school. Many of these students are recruited directly from high school.

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Although Eritrean law limits national service to 18 months, service is often indefinite. As a result, many 18-24 year olds are fleeing the country to escape the military. The initial pretext for conscription was the war with neighboring Ethiopia, which ended in 2000. But despite the signing of a peace agreement with Ethiopia in July 2018, the government has not changed its policy.

In 2017, Sweden decided to reintroduce military conscription while Russia was conducting military exercises in the region that have now escalated into a war with Ukraine. The annexation of Crimea by Russia and the increased military activity in the region were cited as reasons for the restoration of conscription. Conscripts are expected to serve nine to twelve months.

In contrast to the fact that in the past only men were conscripted, compulsory military service now applies to both men and women. Sweden suspended the conscription system in 2010 in favor of a conscription system under voluntary conditions.

Chart: How Long Is Compulsory Military Service?

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Historically, all empires either fall or transform into some other empire… and then fall. We don’t use the term “empire” as much to describe nation-states anymore.

Germany Debates Reintroducing Military Conscription

Regardless of what we call some countries, they are still able to project power beyond their borders, be it globally (like the United States) or regionally (like Iran).

But when it comes to that

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