How Many Russian Military Bases Are There In The World

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How Many Russian Military Bases Are There In The World

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Russia’s New Arctic Military Bases

Special tactical training of the Russian Arctic forces in the Murmansk region of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

As the Arctic warms, Russia is poised to become a dominant player in a region rich in natural resources and strategically positioned.

To take advantage of oil and gas beneath the Arctic seabed and to take advantage of new shipping routes as the ice cover recedes, Moscow is making a major military upgrade along its northern coast and remote archipelagos. Its new bases, including search-and-rescue stations, ports and airstrips, and military headquarters, are designed to focus Russian hard power on the emerging strategic frontier.

The map shows exactly where Russia has established its bases and reveals the continental scale of Russia’s militarization of the northern coast. And it shows just how strong Russia’s focus on the Arctic is compared to its neighbors and rivals.

Videos Of Russian Military On The Move Spread On Tiktok

The Kremlin is upgrading the Northern Fleet to support new military bases, most of which are old Soviet bases that have been reopened or modernized.

The fleet will undergo a major upgrade starting in 2015 and lasting until the end of the decade. According to a report by the Polish Institute of International Relations, the navy is in the process of being reorganized into an entirely new unit called Russia’s Joint Strategic Command (JSCN). .

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To support this commitment, a number of Soviet-era installations are being upgraded while new bases are being built in the Russian Arctic. The JSCN headquarters will be located in Severomorsk, Murmansk Oblast, near Russia’s borders with Norway and Finland.

This headquarters will then be supported by a newly opened former Soviet base in Alakurtti, Murmansk, which will house more than 3,000 ground troops just 31 miles from the Finnish border.

Russia Relies On Its Central Asian Military Bases To Block Terror Influx From Afghanistan

In total, Moscow’s plans include opening ten Arctic search and rescue stations, 16 deep-water ports, 13 airfields and 10 air defense radar stations on the Arctic periphery.

Troops take part in the Arctic air offensive on Kotelny Island, part of the Ministry of Defense of the New Siberian Islands of the Russian Federation.

Mark Galeotti, a Russian expert at New York University, wrote in The Moscow Times that the construction, once completed, would “allow for the use of larger and more modern bombers” in the region. “By 2025, Arctic waters will be patrolled by a squadron of new-generation stealth PAK DA bombers.”

The Arctic will become a geopolitical battlefield in the future. The warming of the polar ice cap is likely to reveal large untapped natural resources. According to US estimates, about 15% of the world’s remaining oil, up to 30% of natural gas deposits, and about 20% of liquefied natural gas are stored on the Arctic seabed.

Ukraine Says Satellite Photos Of Russian Bases Unblurred, Google Denies

By 2030, the WSJ notes, the Northern Sea Route will be navigable nine months a year. The route could cut travel time between Europe and East Asia by up to 60% compared to current routes through the Panama or Suez canals.[1/4] A satellite image shows a large military base near the city of Valuyki in the west. Russia, in this undated handout accessed on June 6, 2022. via Planet Labs PBC/Handout

June 8 () – The western Russian town of Valuyki has become a decisive stage in the latest phase of Russia’s war over the nearby border with Ukraine. Over the past month, helicopters have taken off, military vehicles have blocked roads and soldiers have prepared for battle at the massive military base there.

It’s also a place where soldiers’ relatives and citizens work to provide supplies and equipment for troops stationed near the city, including drones, radios and heat-detecting rifle sights, to address shortages, six volunteers and three soldiers said. reviewing the social media channels volunteers use to coordinate efforts.

Among them was local resident Olga Lukina, who said her husband served in a non-combat role in a Russian military intelligence unit. He said some intelligence units lacked drones and night-vision equipment, particularly as other units fighting in Ukraine “need food, diesel, a place to wash themselves and wash their clothes.”

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Russia Bolsters Base On Afghan Border Amid ‘hasty’ U.s. Exit

British military intelligence and the Pentagon have said in published assessments that Russia’s campaign has been slowed by problems getting supplies such as food and fuel, as well as essential services to its troops. Russia has over the past few weeks reestablished control of the port of Mariupol on the Sea of ​​Azov and made increasing territorial gains in Ukraine’s Donbas region, but Western governments say it has come at a cost in men and equipment that Russia has failed to achieve. its original purposes.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov directed questions to the Ministry of Defense. Detailed questions sent by the ministry were not answered.

The previously undisclosed issues at Valuyki provide a rare window for operations in and around the large and strategically important base as the Russian military struggles to sustain a renewed offensive in eastern Ukraine.

More than three months after launching a war against its outnumbered and underarmed neighbor, Russia has pulled back from northern Ukraine to refocus on the east.

Russia Starts Pulling Troops From Crimea, Reports Say

The Pentagon said in April briefings that Russian troops were regrouping around Valuyki and trying to form the northern part of a pincer movement to reach other Russian forces approaching from the south and isolate the eastern Donbas region from the rest of Ukraine.

Rather than the quick victory the West envisioned for Russian President Vladimir Putin, it is now mired in a violent conflict, inflicting heavy casualties on Russian troops. According to the British Ministry of Defence, as many Russian soldiers died in the first three months of the war in Ukraine as in the nine-year campaign of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Calling it a special military operation, describing it as a battle to defend Russia against the West, Moscow said the war would be planned and that the military had everything it needed to fight the war. Ukraine says its forces are also suffering heavy casualties, and the government has launched a crowd-funding campaign to support the armed forces, among other needs.

Located in Belgorod Oblast and surrounded by cornfields, Valuyki is about 15 kilometers (about 9 miles) from the nearest border with Ukraine. It is strategically located east of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, and north of the Russian-backed Donbas region.

The Ice Curtain: Russia’s Arctic Military Presence

Construction of a major military garrison near the settlement outside the nearby village of Soloti began in 2015 amid Moscow’s annexation of Crimea and the launch of a military campaign to support pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass.

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Plans for the 300-acre site include barracks for several thousand troops with a construction contract worth about $50 million, according to publicly available government procurement documents.

According to satellite images released by US-based Maxar Technologies, increased military activity was seen in the area around the base earlier this year as Putin prepared to attack Ukraine in February. read more

Troops and equipment have flowed into Valuyki since Russia withdrew from northern Ukraine in mid-April, three local residents said. Satellite images from the site of a smaller base near Valuyki in May showed a cluster of armored trucks and a structure that Makhar said was a field hospital. They were not there in February.

Russian Arctic Base Miles From Finnish Border

Among those passing through the area were paratroopers from Russia’s elite 76th Guards Airborne Division, stationed in Bucha during Russia’s bloody occupation of the city near Kiev.

One of them, Kirill Kryuchkov, posted a video on Instagram on April 19 showing a group of people in military uniform drinking beer in a cafe in Valuyki. A staff member who saw the video and recognized the soldiers as customers visiting at the time said the same group came almost every day for a week, then suddenly stopped.

“All the soldiers who come to our institution want one thing: to relax psychologically, and there is a clear reason for this,” he said. Kryuchkov did not respond to requests for comment.

Other soldiers came to Valuyki for resupply. A person named Rafael Aliyev, who introduced himself as a soldier of the logistics unit, wrote on the Valuyki community forum on May 26 that he repaired the car after it was damaged by shrapnel in the battle. “But the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, damn it, has no spare parts,” he said.

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, December 7

Contacted, he said that spare parts are generally not available all the time

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