How To Be A Member Of Military Chaplain In Philippines

How To Be A Member Of Military Chaplain In Philippines – The new Army chaplains attend a morning Mass in a small chapel at Fort Jackson in Columbia, S.C., where they are training in the U.S. Army Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course. (CNS photo/Chaz Muth)

Your new books include Jesuit Fathers Anthony Ray and John McElroy, the first fully functional Catholic chaplains of the US forces, who accompanied American troops during the invasion of Mexico in 1845. What can you tell us about Father McElroy?

How To Be A Member Of Military Chaplain In Philippines

Father McElroy had a bit of a misunderstanding. He had never been to Mexico, and when he got there, he didn’t like it. He didn’t like the Mexican people, which was just as well because he didn’t bother to learn a little Spanish. And he insisted that no church in Monterey was a suitable place for him to hold mass.

What Life Is Like As A Catholic Military Chaplain

In the book, you also mention that Father Ray was the first Catholic chaplain killed by the enemy. What did you learn about Father Ray and his death in your research?

Father Ray was much more accommodating than his colleague. He studied Spanish before going to Mexico, and when he got there, things improved. Outside of [one] town was a cluster of huts inhabited by brigands, brigands, and other men and women of less than stellar character. Father Ray began to visit them, and if he did not succeed in getting them into the confessional, at least he earned their respect and even their friendship.

Father Ray went on an errand with a young Irishman as his escort. They traveled to dangerous territory, an area where a detachment of Mexican troops was waging a guerilla war against the Americans. Father Ray and his assistant were killed. Ray is buried in Mexico, but we don’t know where.

Your book also tells the story of Father Emil Kapaun, a candidate for sainthood from Kansas who died in a Chinese POW camp after the Battle of Unsan in 1950 during the Korean War, eventually receiving the Medal of Honor posthumously from President Obama. What struck you about his story?

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Military Chaplains Honored At Memorial Dedication Ceremony > U.s. Department Of Defense > Defense Department News

He was truly holy, he genuinely cared about the people who were imprisoned with him. But he had a colorful side. The young soldiers especially liked that sometimes Kapaun’s tongue got a little salty.

They were starving in the camp, so at night Father Kapaun and two of his close friends would sneak out of the barracks. Once, while a young man began arguing with the guards as a distraction, Father Kapaun and his other friend entered the guard shed and took as much food as they could carry. Before going out on these raids, Father Kapaun always prayed to Saint Dismas.

“The safest place for me is in the center of God’s will, and if that’s in the line of fire, that’s where I’ll be.”

You cover many historical figures such as Father Peter Whelan, imprisoned with Union soldiers in Andersonville, Georgia during the Civil War, and Father Francis P. Duffy, who accompanied the American Expeditionary Force in World War I. Can you tell us something about the chaplain of our time?

Are You Being Called To Be An Army Chaplain? > Joint Base San Antonio > News

Father Timotej Vakoč was a priest of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. In 2004, he was sent to Iraq. Understandably, his family was worried. So he wrote to his sister: “The safest place for me is in the center of God’s will, and if that’s in the line of fire, that’s where I’ll be.” He was returning to the base after celebrating mass when the vehicle he was traveling in hit an improvised explosive device. Father Vakoc suffered serious injuries, including severe neurological damage. He was sent back home to the US for treatment, but never got much better. He died in 2009.

They were fearless. They ran across the battlefields in full view of the enemy, dragging the wounded to safety and comforting, anointing and relieving the dying. It is remarkable how many of them have been awarded multiple times for bravery under fire. And their commitment to ensuring that people at risk have access to Mass and the sacraments is truly heroic. Camping with the military, especially in the 19th century, couldn’t have been fun. But these priests are gone.

That the first general absolution to American troops was given at Gettysburg, by the Chaplain of the Irish Brigade, Father William Corby. He left a comfortable professorship at the University of Notre Dame to serve as chaplain for four years. Then there are all the chaplains who survived the Bataan Death March. On the other side of the world, an Air Force chaplain parachuted with his men into Normandy on D-Day. And after the Civil War, a Southern chaplain, Father Abram Ryan, released a book of poems lamenting the fall of the Confederacy.

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If you could tell Pope Francis one thing about Catholic chaplains in the US armed forces, what would it be?

The Chaplain Is Where The Soldier Is Able To Get Connected To God In An Ungodly Place’

They are incredibly brave, incredibly selfless and absolutely dedicated to ensuring that our servicemen and women have access to Mass and the sacraments, and I will always feel that, through the service of these priests, they continue to be connected to the Catholic Church.

Catholic experts assess the likelihood that Pope Francis will resign – and whether we need a 25th amendment for popes.

The end of a longtime contract for Catholic pastoral care at a leading U.S. military medical center underscores broader concerns about the federal contracting process for such services, according to the U.S. Military Services Archdiocese.

In a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said the FBI had suggested that “certain types of Catholic Americans could be domestic terrorists.” the army. They serve about half a million soldiers. They’re here to help service members navigate everything from work and relationship issues to the big questions about death and war. But there is a shortage of chaplains in the armed forces.

Ukraine Military Chaplain Sees His Mission As Helping Troops Protect Their Humanity

On a busy Sunday morning, Baptist Army Chaplain James Key preaches a doubleheader. Key stops by his weekly inspirational gospel service at Fort Drum, takes the pulpit and briefly greets the congregation.

And then, during the national anthem, he jumps into his car, drives to another chapel on the other side of the base, and preaches for guests at a contemporary Protestant service. He is an energetic and literary preacher, quoting both the Bible and Langston Hughes and urging parishioners to use their talents for good.

“I have several colleagues who come from different faith groups,” Key explained, “and we get the opportunity to serve soldiers and their families together.”

“We call it the ministry of presence,” Chaplain James Dice said. “It is the idea that a chaplain is always present in our unit, who takes care of the soldiers, assesses their needs and gets to know them.”

Q&a: Wing Chaplain Talks Role, Relevance In Today’s Military > 419th Fighter Wing > News

Dice works at the Pentagon, recruiting clergy for the chaplain corps. That’s an ongoing challenge, Dice explained, because “there’s still a shortage of chaplains on active duty and in the National Guard.”

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This deficiency is particularly pronounced among Catholic priests. The Catholic Church now gives incentives to priests to join the military, such as paying for half of their religious education. And Dice says the Pentagon may decide to provide some incentives of its own — especially as the military grows and becomes more diverse.

Chaplain James Key welcomes a parishioner to an inspiring gospel service at Fort Drum. Photo: Sarah Harris For Fort Drum Chaplain James Key, working in a diverse environment is one of the most rewarding parts of the job—but it can require chaplains to stretch the boundaries of their faith.

“We are not compromising the integrity of our personal denomination,” Key said, “but we are creating a space for others to practice their faith.

Recruiting Challenges For Chaplains Mirror Other Military Jobs > U.s. Department Of Defense > Story

If chaplains feel that their faith does not allow them to meet a soldier’s special needs, they must refer the soldier to someone who can.

That’s the problem at Fort Bragg, where a Baptist chaplain is facing possible sanctions after the Army revealed he didn’t allow a same-sex couple to attend a wedding. The chaplain disputes the Army’s conclusion, saying he tried to find another chaplain to take over the retreat.

Lance remembers helping a soldier with an earth religion honor the spring solstice. It was not something he was used to doing as an orthodox Jew.

“But it wasn’t entirely strange either,” Lance recounted. “I think you’re able to look within yourself and say how you identify with this person and where they are.” What I can’t give them in my theology, I can’t connect with them, but I can use it to explore where they come from.”

What Role Do Chaplains Provide In The Armed Forces?

Chaplain James Key at an inspirational gospel service. Photo: Sarah Harris For military chaplains, conversion should be in the background of counseling.

Chaplain James Key explained that if a soldier comes to his office to discuss a problem, “it’s not time to pull out my old ol’ Baptist one-two punch.

But if a soldier expresses an interest in the chaplain’s religion, he said, it would be appropriate to bring it up.


Eighth Army Chaplain Directorate Celebrates 110 Years Of Religious Affairs Specialist Mos > U.s. Indo Pacific Command > 2015

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