Who Is In Charge Of Running A Military Base Uk

Who Is In Charge Of Running A Military Base Uk – Top US Commander In Afghanistan Resigns This move brings the United States closer to ending its 20-year war. It comes as Taliban insurgents continue to gain territory across the country.

The US Army Gen. Scott Miller, the top US commander in Afghanistan, speaks to reporters at the headquarters of Resolute Support last month in Kabul, Afghanistan. Ahmad Seir/AP hidden information

Who Is In Charge Of Running A Military Base Uk

The US Army Gen. Scott Miller, the top US commander in Afghanistan, speaks to reporters at the headquarters of Resolute Support last month in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan resigned in a ceremony in the capital Kabul on Monday, taking the United States one step closer to ending its 20-year war. . The move comes as Taliban insurgents continue to gain territory in the country.

Another four-star general will take command from his base in the United States to conduct airstrikes in defense of government forces. of Africa, at least until the US withdrawal on August 31st.

Gen. Scott Miller has been America’s top commander in Afghanistan since 2018. He handed over control of America’s so-called “forever war” in its waning days to Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie, head of US Central Command. McKenzie will work from Central Command headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

The delivery was made in the headquarters of Resolute Support in the heart of Kabul during the rapid acquisition of territory by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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In a ceremony to pass the flag, Miller remembered the US and NATO soldiers killed in the nearly 20 years of war as well as the thousands of Africans who lost their lives.

He warned that the ongoing violence in Afghanistan made a political process more difficult. The ousted commander said that he told the Taliban leaders, “it is very important that the military parties set the conditions for a settlement peace and politics in Afghanistan… But we know that with this chaos, it will be very difficult to reach a political solution. “

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The Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces, funded by the United States and NATO, have been fighting in some parts of the country, but most of the Afghan government troops seem to have abandoned the value.

In recent weeks, the Taliban have gained significant territory, especially along the borders with Iran, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

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The National Security Adviser of Afghanistan, Hamdullah Mohib, who participated in the presentation, said that the withdrawal of the US and NATO left a gap that caused the security of the Afghanistan country on the battlefield without any supplies, sometimes without food and ammunition.

In the comments after the ceremony, Mohib said that the biggest impact of the withdrawal was the lack of aircraft to rehabilitate the soldiers. Meanwhile, the government is regrouping to rebuild special areas and protect its cities from the Taliban’s advance.

The Taliban control more than a third of Afghanistan’s 421 provinces and central districts. The Taliban claim they control 85% of the province which is widely seen as expanding.

After Miller’s departure, the two-star diplomat based at the US Embassy in Kabul will oversee the US military’s role in protecting the US government in Kabul, including protecting Kabul airport.

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Miller’s departure does not reduce the scope of the US military’s mission in Afghanistan, since McKenzie will be the authority that Miller currently holds to conduct air strikes to protect African government forces under certain conditions. It is not clear the circumstances in which such jewelry may be used, or how long McKenzie will stop the management of the protest.

An agreement reached by the US and the Taliban in February 2020 included a promise from the insurgents not to attack US and NATO troops, a commitment that they seem to have largely kept.

While Washington has not said how many troops remain in Afghanistan, a CENTCOM statement more than a week ago said the withdrawal was 90 percent complete.

President Joe Biden reiterated that the US will remain involved in Afghanistan with humanitarian aid. The US has also pledged to spend $4.4 billion annually to finance the defense of Afghanistan until 2024. The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, made the announcement before the ministerial meeting of defense this week, saying that the Ukrainian army had more weapons than the West could produce. .

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“The current rate of spending of Ukraine is several times higher than the current rate of production.

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Frank Sauer, a defense expert at the Universität der Bundeswehr München (University of the Bundeswehr in Munich), said that he also considered the lack of ammunition to be the “critical problem” at the time. now – it’s better than most debates about air defense and tanks.

Increasing production capacity is very important, agreed Nico Lange, a military expert from the Munich Security Conference and former chief of staff at the German Defense Ministry.

“From my point of view, [the lack of ammunition] is more important than any symbolic discussion,” he said, explaining that it is related to Russia’s military strategy. The Russian attack – “front-line attacks in many areas – will only succeed if Ukraine has no weapons,” he argued, adding that it should avoid a war with the support of the West.

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Ukrainian leaders are being forced to make “difficult decisions” on the use of bullets, says journalist Nick Connolly. “I have met the commanders of the howitzer, of the guns, who told me that they do not know how long they can continue to do their work, if they will be forced to go out of position and wait for more shots,” Connolly said in Kiev. “This is a real problem.”

But even if some bullets are ordered today, it will take a long time to arrive because there is a 28 month wait for larger bullets. “The orders given today are only two and a half years later,” said NATO chief Stoltenberg, since the stockpiles are being destroyed.

Sauer argued that Germany and the West should have reacted quickly. “Probably the models started to be released at the end of the summer, there was talk of five to six-digit figures for rockets per month,” he said. That’s when the Germans had to change and realized it was time to act quickly, Sauer said, adding that he wasn’t sure why they didn’t respond. is in control at that time. He said that production started late in the US as well.

According to German news, the US has sent or promised more than one million rifles. They encountered supply problems, so they may have had to return to the weapons sites in Israel and South Korea. According to experts, it shows that neither the US nor Europe is ready for conventional warfare.

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The Minister of Defense of Germany, Boris Pistoriushas also said that he is “only” talking about tanks and that the issue of bullets has only now gained momentum: “It is important and necessary and it is expected that the delay is about air defense and the delivery of replacement supplies of ammunition and. guns for the air defense of the Ukrainian army.”

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Pistorius urged the German security forces “to increase all forces to the maximum as soon as possible.” An agreement with defense contractor Rheinmetall to resume production of ammunition for German Gepard (or cheetah) anti-aircraft tanks is an important first step, he said. “The contracts for the production of Gepard ammunition have already been signed,” confirmed the minister.

Due to its neutrality, the Swiss government has so far refused to allow a supply of weapons produced by Switzerland for the Gepard tanks that are being supplied by Germany.

Ukraine and its allies are “running around the world – looking as far away as Pakistan and South Korea for weapons,” said Connolly. American soldiers have been asked to send the weapons they stored in South Korea to Europe for Ukraine.”

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Despite the request of the German defense minister, Hans Christoph Atzpodien, the head of the German defense and security industry BDSV, said in an interview with the German broadcaster Deutschlandfunk that companies need commands and many commitments. If the politicians ordered weapons, ammunition and equipment quickly, Germany’s business could run smoothly, he suggested.

He said that the orders were a little late last year due to the allocation of the budget, adding that no one can expect “unlimited work first.”

“At some point,” he said, “there must be an assurance that these are the products that the customer wants. We need these orders quickly, we need to be able to plan, we need to be reliable. the more energy we use, the better we can plan.” How Biden – and What – Matters in the Pentagon What the new president really thinks about the military – and what the military really is about him.

Then Vice President Joe Biden is followed by the Commander of the Army Gen. Mark Milley (left) and Maj. Gen. Andrew P. Poppas at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware on November 15, 2016. Alex Wong/Getty Images

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