Did Hunter Biden Get A Dishonorable Discharge From The Military

Did Hunter Biden Get A Dishonorable Discharge From The Military – In this July 4, 2009, file photo, then-Vice President Joe Biden, right, talks with his son, Army Capt. Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III, at Camp Victory on the outskirts of Baghdad, Iraq. (Khalid Mohammed/Pool via AP)

Trump’s recent wave of pardons leaves no doubt as to his permanent placement among history’s pantheon of amoral leaders. Pardons mock the rule of law and our justice system. Among the wrongs inflicted by the President, it is largely glossed over that pardoning those convicted of killing Iraqi and Afghan civilians creates a real and present danger to our men and women in uniform.

Did Hunter Biden Get A Dishonorable Discharge From The Military

President Biden now faces a difficult challenge to mitigate the danger created by President Trump’s demonstrated antagonism to the rules and laws that have guided and protected our military for generations. But as the father of a decorated Iraq War veteran, the new president has a unique perspective and obligation to meet this challenge. Our troops deserve it and our national security demands it.

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In addition to the criminal cronies pardoned by Trump, there were Blackwater contractors who were convicted of murdering 17 innocent Iraqis, including Ali Kinani – a 9-year-old boy; as well as military personnel convicted by court-martial for murder and other crimes against foreign civilians. The price for these pardons will be paid in blood by young soldiers and their military colleagues long after President Trump returns to Mar-a-Lago.

Trump grants clemency to troops in three controversial war crimes casesPOTUS intervenes in the cases of two Army officers and a Navy SEAL.

Whenever our enemies can point fingers at the United States abusing local nationals, torturing prisoners, or rewarding those who do, we give those who hate us ammunition to recruit fighters and suicide bombers for revenge. The father, brother or sister of a 9-year-old child murdered by an American contractor is ripe for joining the jihadist cause. The president pardoning the killers creates a whole village of motivated recruits.

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When the Commander-in-Chief makes heroes of war criminals, the Islamic State group, the Taliban and other radical enemies of the United States take full advantage. For example, ISIS could not have created a better marketing tool than Trump’s repeated retelling of the blatantly false story of Army General John J. Pershing who murdered 49 Filipino Muslims during the Moro uprising with bullets dipped in pig’s blood and allowing a remaining survivor to scare off other insurgents.

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However, it is not the fact that the story is false that is the most abhorrent. This lie, and others like it, and the exoneration of war criminals, help our enemies. By reproducing the narrative of terrorists – that America will randomly destroy, dishonor and defile Muslims, with encouragement and impunity from the US President – ​​Trump validates and amplifies the message that jihadists use to recruit fighters and incite those who act under the guise of religion to terrorize the local population and kill the men and women who serve our nation.

Now that Trump has shown our enemies by word and deed that there is no justice when it comes to the killing of foreign nationals, President Biden has an obligation to our troops and our allies to demonstrate a again that we are a nation of laws. As Commander-in-Chief, President Biden must communicate unequivocally that he expects every military member – soldiers and commanders – to adhere to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). The era of calling those who profane our national heroes is over; there will be no impunity for those who break the law.

To both our allies and our enemies, our new president must send the message, and act on it, that the United States will honor its obligations to treat civilians and prisoners under the Geneva Conventions and expects may those with and against whom we fight do the same.

President Biden is the first president since Dwight Eisenhower to deploy a child to a combat zone. Her late son Beau earned a bronze star in Iraq for “meritorious service in a combat zone.” Major Beau Biden has dedicated his life to upholding the rule of law and upholding the United States as a nation of law within and outside our borders. His father, our new Commander-in-Chief, should honor that legacy by making it immediately and clear that upholding the UCMJ and upholding our international agreements is a matter of national security. Our soldiers and our country will be safer.

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The Moment Trump Seized On Biden’s Sons

Thomas J. Umberg is a retired Army colonel, former war crimes prosecutor and current California state senator.

Editor’s Note: This is an editorial and as such the views expressed are those of the author. If you would like to respond, or if you would like to submit your own op-ed, please contact Military Times Editor-in-Chief Howard Altman, haltman@.

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Question On Trump And Biden Records

– Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was discharged from the Navy in February after testing positive for cocaine, a person familiar with the matter confirmed to ABC News.

The person said Biden failed a urine test administered in June 2013 before he was discharged from the Navy.

“It has been the honor of my life to serve in the United States Navy, and I deeply regret and am embarrassed that my actions led to my administrative discharge,” Hunter Biden said in a statement distributed through his attorney. . “I respect the decision of the Navy. With the love and support of my family, I move forward.

Biden, 44, had needed an age waiver to join the reserves due to his age as well as a second waiver due to a drug-related incident when he was a young man.

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Separately, a Navy spokesperson confirmed that Biden was fired from the Navy, but due to Privacy Act restrictions, he could not explain why he was fired.

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“Ensign Hunter Biden was selected for commission through the Direct Commission Officer Program in 2012,” said Cmdr Ryan Perry. “In May 2013, he was posted to the Navy’s Eastern Public Support Element in Norfolk, Va. He was discharged from the Naval Reserve in February 2014. Like other junior officers, details of Ensign Biden’s release cannot be disclosed under the Privacy Act.” Hunter Biden, the youngest son of Vice President Joe Biden, was kicked out of the military after being tested positive for cocaine, two people familiar with the matter said Thursday. (October 17)

Vice President Joe Biden’s youngest son failed a cocaine drug test, a month after he was commissioned into the Naval Reserve last year and was discharged.

According to Cmdr. Ryan Perry, a Navy spokesman. He was appointed to the Navy Reserve Unit for the Navy Public Affairs Support Element in Norfolk, Virginia. Biden, who had no previous military experience, was one of six nationally appointed officers in the Navy Reserve’s public affairs division.

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“It has been the honor of my life to serve in the United States Navy, and I deeply regret and am embarrassed that my actions led to my administrative discharge,” Biden said in a statement released through his attorney. “I respect the Navy’s decision. With the love and support of my family, I am moving forward.”

The incident was first reported Thursday night in The Wall Street Journal. Citing “people familiar with the matter,” he reported that Biden took a drug test in June 2013 that came back positive for cocaine.

Biden, 44, was discharged from the Naval Reserve in February. He worked as a lawyer, lobbyist and managing partner of investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners in Washington. He was hired in May to join the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest private oil and gas producer, and take charge of its legal department.

The term “administrative discharge” can cover several types of military discharges, from honorable conditions to general conditions to non-honorable conditions. Perry would provide no further details.

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“Like other junior officers, Ensign’s details

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