Can You Get Into The Military If You Smoked Weed

Can You Get Into The Military If You Smoked Weed – Hear from young service members about their decisions to join, the friendships they’ve made, the skills they’ve developed and their opportunities to make an impact in the military.

From making an impact on the lives of others to making meaningful connections and skills that will last a lifetime, learn how young adults find fulfillment in the military.

Can You Get Into The Military If You Smoked Weed

Although the Services have similar eligibility requirements, they may also reserve the right to recruit using criteria based on current mission needs or vacancies. The general requirements listed here apply to the US Army as a whole. For details, please contact the recruiter.

Jail For Soldier Who Refused Deployment

The minimum age for admission to military and service academies is 17 years with parental consent or 18 years without parental consent. Service academy applicants must meet age requirements as of July 1 of the year of enrollment.

You must be between the ages of 17 and 39, a US citizen and have a high school diploma, GED with 15 college credits, or GED.

The physical demands vary widely among different branches of service. Generally speaking, potential recruits must be in good physical condition, of appropriate weight, and able to pass a standard pre-enlistment physical examination. Contact the recruiter for specific information.

What to Expect at the Military Medical Examination The chief of the Military Recruiting Station (MEPS) Medical Branch describes what happens when new recruits are medically examined at MEPS. Video published on July 30, 2021. Duration 1:42. View transcript

Military Slang Sayings

Diane Mahalko: My name is Diane Mahalko. I am the head of the medical department. The purpose of the medical examination is to ensure that the applicant is medically fit to join the army. After they check in with processing, they are ushered into a hallway for a medical session. They register. We measure their blood pressure. We check their eyesight. We check hearing. Then they are sent to a briefing to get all the paperwork done, make sure their privacy statements are signed, their HIV forms are signed. After that, they are given a commander’s clearance, a medical department clearance, and then they are sent back to the medical department where they have their blood drawn for HIV and then a urine sample for a drug test. After that, they go to the doctor. The men’s and women’s exams are slightly different, basically the same as if you were going to family practice. Women’s examination includes a pregnancy test. Females, you know, take a little longer. Then the males, mostly males all in one room, females on top of each other.

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Speaker 2: What you’re going to do now are some orthoneurological maneuvers. It will seem like we’re testing your exercise ability, but we’re not. If anything we ask you to do hurts or makes you dizzy, short of breath, etc., take a break. This is not a disqualification, and we certainly don’t want you to leave here injured.

Diane Mahalko: If they are medically disqualified, the Services can waive that disqualification, and they usually do. The duck walk, that’s what everybody remembers, you know. The first officers come, and they always, you know, tell applicants about the duck walk. My favorite part is seeing the applicants when they’re told they’re qualified, you know, they’re so happy. They are relieved and you know it was all worth it.

Duration 1:42. What to expect from a military medical examination. The chief of the Military Recruiting Station (MEPS) Medical Branch describes what happens when new recruits undergo a medical examination at MEPS. Video posted on July 30, 2021 lpb-e9ZDA_M View transcript

The Military Alphabet

Success in any army depends on a good education. A high school diploma is most desirable. Applicants with a GED (General Educational Development) certificate may enter the service, but some services may limit their eligibility. It is very difficult to be considered a serious candidate without a high school diploma or alternative recognition.

For security purposes and to maintain the high standards of the Armed Forces, all applicants for the Entry Processing Station (MEPS) are asked to undergo background checks. As a rule, criminals or people with multiple convictions are not eligible to join the army. However, each department has its own policy and, in some cases, may grant a moral waiver or a felony waiver:

Individuals who have been convicted of a felony as an adult or juvenile for crimes involving violence, domestic violence, illegal drugs, or sexual conduct will be disqualified.

A criminal record may affect eligibility (this includes an excessive number of traffic offenses within one year).

Civilian Jobs For Military Police (mp): Jobs After Military Police

If you have additional questions or would like further clarification, please contact a recruiter to discuss your specific situation in more detail.

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What to expect from the MEPS security check As part of the joining process, applicants will confirm their identity and undergo a biometric scan and health and safety warning check. Video published on July 29, 2021. Duration 1:40. View transcript

Speaker 1: Good morning everyone. I’m Sergeant First Class Ketchum. I am the Operations NCRC here at Boston MEPS. I’m going to talk very quickly about biometric registration. We did this this morning when you checked in during your first visit to MEPS.

Yes, when they first arrive here at MEPS, we do biometric registration of all applicants. Basically, we will take their fingerprints. We use their primary finger, which is usually the right hand. And we’ll also make a spare finger on the left hand. And then we’ll take a picture of them that will show 20 different points on their faces. Once we put them in the database, all they have to do is show up at the station, get a copy of their fingerprint and, you know, that identifies them. And it’s also a security measure because if someone tries to sign in and it’s not the right person, we use a different finger that will tell us that as well. Hence, it will also ensure the safety of all applicants.

Famous People Who Served In The Military

Okay, when you’re done with that, you need to come to the processing people, okay? You should be open and honest with them if they seat you.

Speaker 2: During your visit to MEPS, you will see that the biometric process is the first step. We will also process your fingerprints, revealing any involvement you may have with law enforcement.

They will ask you about 14 questions. They will ask you about speeding tickets, communication with the authorities. If you have open or closed court cases, whatever you need to tell them, you need to make sure it’s documented. ok? Is that clear?

Speaker 2: Undertaking to obey the orders of the President and the orders of the officers to whom they are subject, and to adhere to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. These are important concepts that they need to understand and that they will be held to higher standards than the people they went to high school with.

Can You Join The Military With Autism?

Duration 1:40 What to expect from the MEPS security check As part of the joining process, applicants will verify their identity and undergo a biometric scan and a current year health and safety check. Video posted on July 29, 2021 gbFMaBQUAp0 View transcript

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US citizens or lawful permanent residents (people who have a valid alien registration form, I-551, or green card, from US Citizenship and Immigration Services). For more information on citizenship and naturalization, visit the USCIS website.

Non-citizens who have the appropriate documents can enter the service. However, options may be limited. Please contact your recruiter for further advice on your specific situation.

For conscription purposes, the United States includes Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and Palau.

Reasons To Join The Military (plus 5 Considerations)

Almost all male U.S. citizens and male aliens between the ages of 18 and 25 living in the United States must register with Selective Service. About 95,000 soldiers have chosen to serve their country in the Individual Ready Reserve. (Master Sergeant Brian Hamilton/US Army)

Did you know that once you join , Uncle Sam might keep you there longer than you planned – or that you might be called back to active duty once you leave or retire?

As the name suggests, this extension depends on the service member. If you are serving in a designated assignment, location, or unit, you may voluntarily extend your service past the normal end date.

If you do, you qualify for Special Incentive Income (AIP) of up to $1,500 per month. Monthly fees, bills, locations, specialties, and restrictions vary by service.

Promotions, Ribbons Established For Army Recruiting Referrals

Unlike a voluntary extension, it happens whether the service member likes it or not. Under a program known as “stop loss,” you can remain on active duty past your expected discharge date. This program has been around since 1984 and has been used several times.

While not currently active, the stop loss can be activated at any time. Usually required

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