Do All Males In Korean Have To Do Military Service

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BTS’s men can still opt out of the mandatory military service required of all South Korean men.

Do All Males In Korean Have To Do Military Service

According to South Korean law, all able-bodied men are required to complete approximately 18 months of military service between the ages of 18 and 28. But according to Yonhap News Agency, Busan City Mayor Park Hyang-joon asked the presidential office to allow seven members of BTS to serve as an alternative to military service, which is occasionally offered to the country’s top athletes and classical artists.

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Mayor Park proposed that global K-pop stars serve as public-relations ambassadors in Busan’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo, expecting an “aggressive publicity drive” from BTS to give the city a leg up, according to Yonhap News Agency. .

All seven members of the international sensation BTS are required to serve in the South Korean military, forcing the K-pop band to take a break.

“If BTS is allowed alternative military service, its members will be assigned national duties as heavy as military service and serve the nation in their unique capacity,” Park said.

The question of military service is especially pressing for BTS’s oldest member (at age 29), Jin. Although most men must enlist by the age of 28, in 2018 South Korea passed a revision of the Military Service Act that gave K-pop stars the option to delay their service until they turned 30. (Jin’s 30th birthday is December 4. )

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Although the current exemption for the service only applies to elite athletes and classical musicians, Hwang Hee, South Korea’s Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said in May that the provision should be expanded.

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Jack in the Box, a fast-food chain, has created an entire marketing campaign inspired by BTS rapper J-Hope’s new album, “Jack in the Box.”

“It’s time to create a system that integrates popular culture-art figures into an art crew,” Hwang said. “The system is meaningfully maintained to give greater opportunities to those who have risen to national status based on their outstanding skills to contribute to the country, and there is no reason to exclude the popular art-culture sector from it.”

“Exempting pop culture artists from military service even if they have contributed to the country’s reputation is not in line with the government’s stance of upholding justice and fairness,” the ministry said at the time, according to Reuters.

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After BTS said they would be taking a break to work on solo projects, a representative said they would be active in ‘various different formats’.

The news comes months after the BTS members said they would be taking some time off to focus on solo projects.

“I think we need to spend some time figuring out how to get back together,” J-Hope said during the group’s Festa dinner in June. “I hope you don’t see it as a negative thing and see it as a healthy project. I hope BTS will get stronger that way.

In the spirit of that mission, J-Hope released his solo album, “Jack in the Box,” in July and later that month became the first solo Korean artist to headline Lollapalooza. Suga and Jungkook shared that they are working hard on their solo projects.

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Kenan Draghorn is a reporter at the Los Angeles Times and a member of the 2021-22 Los Angeles Times Fellowship class. When he’s not writing a story, you can find him skating across Dockwheeler Beach, playing the drums, or frantically updating his Spotify playlists. Certain segments of the Israeli population and the male population of South Korea are excluded from compulsory military service due to age requirements and exemptions.

On May 25, a post on the “Duterte Youth Party-List” Facebook page made two claims: Israel’s entire population of nine million are military reservists or veterans, and in South Korea more than 25 million men, including artists and billionaires, have served in the military, not just reservists.

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As of writing, the post has nearly 2,500 responses, 254 comments and 369 shares. Another page that covers the claim is “Sarah Duterte for President Movement”. The Post used Israel and South Korea as examples of why the mandatory Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) should be brought back in the Philippines.

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In Israel, the Defense Service Law generally allows men aged 18 to 29 or women aged 18 to 26 to be drafted into the military (Article 13), with special provisions for those who have reached the age of 17 (Article 14).

According to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Israel’s average total population in 2019 was 9,054,000, leaving 2,843,900 people under the age of 17 excluded from military service. 17-year-olds are also excluded, the count becomes 2,985,500.

Certain exemptions provided in Israel’s Defense Service Law further increase the number of those excluded from military service. Articles 39 and 40 cover statutory exemption from service and exemption on grounds of religious belief respectively.

A November 2019 Law Library of Congress report, “Israel: Military Draft Law and Enforcement,” says that by tradition, Haredi Jews and Israeli Arabs in Israel receive exemptions. As of January 19, 2020, in the article

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, 32.9% of men and 44.3% of women are exempt from military service, with 15% of men dropping out during their service.

Meanwhile, South Korea calls for mandatory military service for every able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 28 for a period of about two years, with exemptions for exceptional athletes, musicians and artists, and allowances for pop culture icons. BTS to postpone the start of their military service for two years.

The Korean Statistical Information Service (KOSIS) has a section on their website that shows the total male population of South Korea as of May 2021 to be 25,775,853. Of this total, at least 3, 197, 982 males 0-14 are excluded from service for those below 18 years of age. (Men aged 15-17 are also excluded, but the next age group is shown as 15-19, and individual age data is not shown.)

Proponents of mandatory ROTC in the Philippines, including President Rodrigo Duterte, cite patriotism, patriotism, and the need for military reinforcement to deal with the South China Sea issue as reasons for the reinstatement. Meanwhile, opponents cite cases of hazing and abuse, the death of Mark Wilson Chua in 2002 to expose alleged corruption in the ROTC unit of the University of Santo Tomas, and add that there are other options for nation-building progress. and civic engagement in the country other than ROTC.

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Duterte Youth Party-List’s current representative in Congress is Duciel Cordema, who was declared as a result of a 4-1 vote by the Commission on Elections. Duterte Youth Party-list consistent in calls for revival of mandatory ROTC. -Percival Bueser/

Percival Bueser is a graduate of the Fact-Checking Mentoring Program. This fact check has been checked by members of the research team and senior editors. Learn more about the Fact-Checking Mentoring Program

Let us know about suspicious Facebook pages, groups, accounts, websites, articles or photos in your network by contacting us at factcheck@ Let’s fight misinformation A man wearing make-up on the street can create an unwanted glare about his masculinity and his sexuality. But in South Korea, as Saira Asher reports, ideas about how to look good as a man are changing attitudes and influencing the world.

When a video about a 16-year-old YouTuber’s makeup routine in Seoul was posted on Facebook, reactions ranged from curious to downright vitriolic.

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While some assumed this meant he was gay, others suggested that “real men don’t wear make-up” for his choice. Of course, he argued for freedom to live as he pleased and against “weak masculinities” on display.

But Kim Seung-hwan is used to it. He says some Koreans online called him gay until he did a makeup tutorial.

When asked if he looks feminine after putting on make-up, he was confused by the question saying he hadn’t thought about it.

“No I don’t. I don’t think it’s a girly look,” she says. “It’s about looking good.”

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For those uncomfortable with men wearing makeup, the scene at a high-end salon for men in Seoul’s Gangnam district is quite something. But it also marks a major shift in cultural expectations.

Senior makeup artist Han Hyun-jae skillfully applies foundation, eyeliner and lipstick on a man. They choose from a range of products and brands familiar to most women and

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