How To Retrieve Spare Parts From The Military Supply Post

How To Retrieve Spare Parts From The Military Supply Post – You came to the renowned Liyue herbal medicine supplier, Bubu Pharmacy, to get the eternal incense. But what started as a simple trip to the pharmacy turned into a much more complicated affair…

Zhongli’s next task is to head to Bubu’s Apothecary to get Eternal Incense, so head to the far north of Liyue Port and you’ll find the apothecary in a large building by the pond. You’ll hear a voice welcoming you as you walk in, but no one in sight, once you gain control, proceed to the front desk to be introduced to Qiqi, who happens to be a zombie.

How To Retrieve Spare Parts From The Military Supply Post

The quest takes an unexpected turn, and you are now on the hunt for the Coconut Goat, a legendary beast that resides around Guizhong Ballista. Start by taking the northwest exit from Liyue Harbor and follow the path, look up and discover some stairs leading to some ruins.

The Leopard Plan: How European Tanks Can Help Ukraine Take Back Its Territory

When you get to the top, go around the building and you’ll find a ladder leading to a Ballista, so climb it and check it to trigger a scene.

Head northwest from Liyue Harbor to discover these ruins (left), access the supply station through the window. (correct)

The Ballista appears to be out of order, but Zhongli believes he can make the necessary repairs given the materials. Walk east from your current location and face the supply pillar, you should notice a window you can climb through, do so and you will come across four normal chests encased in stone, use a Claymore based character to break the stone faster and loot chests for the material Zhongli was looking for. After you finish opening the gate, stand on the pressure plate and then return to Zhongli to hand over the materials.

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You’re interrupted in your search for Kokoz, but Freckle Huang, the leader of the treasure hoarders, and it’s not long before you engage them in battle. As with all treasure hoarders, there aren’t any elements to worry about, so feel free to create your most useful reactions like Overload and Electric Charge to take them out.

Global Arms Industry Getting Shakeup By War In Ukraine

You’ll have to contend with three groups of hoarders, each one getting harder, consider focusing on bomb throwers and mages first so you can deal with the bigger hoarders with ease. Also, try to avoid knocking them off this platform as you will have to finish them off.

In the end, you failed to track down the coconut goat Qiqi was looking for, so you’ll have to return to her to break the bad news. Teleport back to Liyue Harbor and return to the apothecary to talk to her, trigger a scene and finally get the Eternal Incense. Take it with you back to where you took the Bell and Jade, where the Ceremony will be held to complete the Quest. Guizhong is the sixth part of the Teyvat Archon Quest story Chapter I: Act II – Farewell Archaic Lord.

You came to the renowned Liyue herbal medicine supplier, Bubu Pharmacy, to get the eternal incense. But what started as a simple trip to the pharmacy turned into a much more complicated affair…

Media:vo lyaq106 1 paimon 01.ogg Paimon: Huh, the reception is empty. And it looks pretty creepy here…

Dingo 2 Recovery Vehicle

Media:vo lyaq106 1 paimon 05.ogg Paimon: (Traveller) how about you… go check it out and… Paimon pulls up from behind.

Media:vo lyaq106 2 paimon 02a.ogg Paimon: Ah… Paimon thinks you might be right! Look at the talisman on her forehead!

Media:vo lyaq106 2 paimon 02b 1.ogg Paimon: Joke’s on you — Paimon swims, so there’s no height limit.

Media:vo lyaq106 2 paimon 02b 2.ogg Paimon: Anyway, there’s something special about this. What is that talisman doing on her forehead?

The High Costs Of Free Mraps

Media:vo lyaq106 2 qiqi 02.ogg Qiqi: Once upon a time, Qiqi died. Then the adepts rescued Qiqi. Now Qiqi is a zombie.

Media:vo lyaq106 2 zhongli 02.ogg Zhongli: I… Surely no prescription is needed to buy eternal incense? It is not a controlled substance…

Media:vo lyaq106 2 qiqi 04.ogg Qiqi: Qiqi can get your medicine. But only if you show Qiqi your recipe. These are Qiqi orders from Qiqi.

Media:vo lyaq106 2 zhongli 03.ogg Zhongli: I’m afraid she’s probably right – it has to do with her orders.

Puma Tanks Unusable: Is Germany’s Military Unfit For Action?

Media:vo lyaq106 2 zhongli 04.ogg Zhongli: Zombies are limited to acting within the limits of their orders. And somehow, in this case, the zombie issues its own commands for itself.

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Media:vo lyaq106 2 zhongli 05.ogg Zhongli: My dear Qiqi, I’m afraid we didn’t bring the recipe. But we hope you can still help us find some eternal incense.

Media:vo lyaq106 2 paimon 05.ogg Paimon: Since when do customers have to do favors for customer service staff?

Media:vo lyaq106 2 zhongli 06.ogg Zhongli: Nevermind, think of it as a peer-to-peer transaction. This is how everyone wins. Sometimes in Liyue, the art of agreement is simply about winning through mental gymnastics.

How Valuable Are The U.s. Weapons The Taliban Just Captured?

Media:vo lyaq106 2 qiqi 07.ogg Qiqi: Go to Mt. Tianheng. Find the Guizhong Ballista. And hunt the coconut goat. Please and thank you.

Media:vo lyaq106 2 zhongli 07b.ogg Zhongli: I don’t believe. At least the Guizhong Ballista I’ve heard of.

Media:vo lyaq106 2 zhongli 08.ogg Zhongli: It is a kind of crossbow tower that on Mt. Tianheng installed adept

Media:vo lyaq106 2 zhongli 09.ogg Zhongli: Located in Tianheng Pass, it was designed to automatically shoot large monsters and protect Liyue from outside threats.

Germany, Slovakia Sign Tank Swap Deal To Arm Ukraine

Media:vo lyaq106 2 zhongli 10.ogg Zhongli: Apparently not quite… This is the first I’ve ever heard of “coconut.”

Media:vo lyaq106 2 qiqi 10.ogg Qiqi: How it looks: I don’t know. Where to find it: I don’t know either. Where it comes from: I don’t know either.

Media:vo lyaq106 2 zhongli 11.ogg Zhongli: Alright then… Let’s start by investigating near the Guizhong Ballista. Maybe we can find some clues.

Media:vo lyaq106 4 paimon 01.ogg Paimon: It’s huge! Paimon can fully believe that it took an adept.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Rules Of War

Media:vo lyaq106 4 paimon 02.ogg Paimon: But… how do you control this thing? Just think how much power you would need…

Media:vo lyaq106 4 zhongli 01.ogg Zhongli: Hmm… Anyway, it’s down right now. This device is broken.

Media:vo lyaq106 4 zhongli 02.ogg Zhongli: Even adept gear is difficult to maintain after millennia of wear and tear.

Media:vo lyaq106 4 paimon 04.ogg Paimon: So what are we going to do? Quickly, Mr. Zhongli, use your unlimited knowledge of high society!

At3™ Fu Bag™ Ar 15 Lost Parts Kit

Media:vo lyaq106 4 zhongli 03.ogg Zhongli: Hmm. It almost sounded like I was some sort of… bourgeois parasite whose only usefulness was to provide curious trinkets on demand.

Media:vo lyaq106 4 zhongli 04.ogg Zhongli: That is, let me think for a moment… Oh yes. Spare parts were made for the Guizhong Ballista when it was first made, in case it was damaged in battle.

Media:vo lyaq106 4 zhongli 05.ogg Zhongli: As I recall, somewhere in the pass there is a military supply station from that period.

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Media:vo lyaq106 4 zhongli 06.ogg Zhongli: If we can get the spare parts from where they are stored, we might be able to repair the Guizhong Ballista. It is enough to understand the basic principles of operation of the device.

Optimising Uk Strike Brigade Structures

Media:vo lyaq106 4 paimon 05.ogg Paimon: So… you’re saying you actually understand how it works?

Media:vo lyaq106 4 zhongli 08.ogg Zhongli: With the parts in hand, I could at least play with it.

Media:vo lyaq106 6 zhongli 03.ogg Zhongli: Done. The Guizhong Ballista is more intricately designed than I thought.

Media:vo lyaq106 6 zhongli 04.ogg Zhongli: It’s quite simple. We just have to do it… Look, it even has a scope.

Ukraine’s Air Force Has Added About 20 More Operational Aircraft After Influx Of Spare Parts, Senior Us Defense Official Says

Media:vo lyaq106 6 frecklehuang 02.ogg Freckle Huang: So you fixed this tower… because you plan to do what exactly!?

Media:vo lyaq106 6 zhongli 05.ogg Zhongli: No turret. Guizhong Ballista. Also, kindly state your name before asking a question, it’s just good manners.

Media:vo lyaq106 6 frecklehuang 03.ogg Freckle Huang: Ha! Are you blind or what? You’re looking at the leader of the hoarders, old man!

Media:vo lyaq106 6 frecklehuang 04.ogg Freckle Huang: This area is supposed to be full of hidden treasures, but you can’t get to them with this patrol. It may look like any other mechanical device, but believe me, it has a mind of its own!

Out Of The Dark: Reinventing European Defence Cooperation

Media:vo lyaq106 6 frecklehuang 05.ogg Freckle Huang: The last time we got close to the mountain, it almost took one of our guys down!

Media:vo lyaq106 6 frecklehuang 06.ogg Freckle Huang: A few of us risked our lives to disarm it – which we surprisingly did – and then we turn our backs for two seconds and you ALREADY READ AND FIXED IT!?

Media:vo lyaq106 6 frecklehuang 07.ogg Freckle Huang: The next thing you’ll be fixing are your faces, if you make it out alive!

Media:vo lyaq106 6 zhongli 06.ogg Zhongli: Tut-tut. Vandalizing an adept’s legacy for selfish gain. Dishonest behavior.

Russia’s Potemkin Army

Media:vo lyaq106 7 zhongli 01.ogg Zhongli: Worrying about this spell is not worth the time. We should focus on our contract with Qiqi.

Medium: in lyaq106 7 paimon

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