Should Transgender People Be Allowed To Serve In The Military

Should Transgender People Be Allowed To Serve In The Military – Pentagon Announces New Policies for Transgender Open Service In Trump’s first week in office, President Biden signed an executive order to lift the ban on transgender people and direct the Pentagon to begin the process of allowing transgender people to serve openly.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby, seen at the Pentagon last week, announced the new military policy on Wednesday, International Transgender Awareness Day. Andrew Harnick/AP hide caption

Should Transgender People Be Allowed To Serve In The Military

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby, seen at the Pentagon last week, announced the new military policy on Wednesday, International Transgender Awareness Day.

Trans Rights Should Not Come At The Cost Of Women’s Fragile Gains

The Pentagon on Wednesday announced new policies that would roll back Trump-era rules that effectively barred transgender people from serving in the military.

The new rules provide “access to self-identified gender-identified troops, provided all applicable standards are met,” the Defense Department said in a statement, and “allows service members to receive treatment, gender transition, and recognition.” a person’s self-identified gender”.

“These policies are based on the conclusion that open service is consistent with transgender individuals subject to the same high standards and procedures as other Service members regarding medical fitness, physical fitness, standards of dress and grooming, and employment and retention. with military service and readiness,” the instructions of the Ministry of Defense state.

Biden signed the executive order overturning the transgender ban during his first week in office in January. He then told reporters that the order would allow all “qualified Americans to serve their country in uniform.”

Transgender Troops Say Trump Directive Will Create ‘complete Inequality’

The president has directed the defense secretary and homeland security secretary to begin the process of allowing transgender service members to serve openly. Departments have been asked to report within 60 days.

“We welcome this move by the Department of Defense to ensure inclusive policies to attract and retain the best and brightest our nation has to offer,” said Air Force Lt. Col. Bree Frahm, SPART*A Vice President, Transgender. military protection organization.

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“Military personnel are most effective when they have access to all medical care, and we are pleased that this policy will expand access to transgender service members. In addition, transgender recruitment will provide a pool of highly talented and motivated individuals that this country needs to have the opportunity to serve in uniform,” Fram said in a statement.

Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of GLAAD, said the policy changes will make the US military “more prepared, more organized and more equal.”

How Historians Are Documenting The Lives Of Transgender People

“President Biden and the Pentagon moved swiftly and decisively to reverse the discriminatory and unjust transgender military ban imposed by the former president,” Ellis said in a statement. “This is a great day for America’s military, who deserve a commander in chief who understands the service and sacrifice that comes with wearing the uniform of the United States military.”

Trump originally ordered a ban on transgender troops in a series of tweets in July 2017. A Defense Department panel drafted regulations to implement the ban, which was then blocked by federal courts until the U.S. Supreme Court allowed it to continue in early 2019.

In his order, Biden noted that in 2016, the Obama administration secretary of defense concluded that “allowing transgender people to serve openly in the military is consistent with military training and strength through diversity, so that transgender service members can meet.” required standards and procedures should be allowed to serve openly. The Secretary of Defense also concluded that it is appropriate to establish a process to allow military personnel to take steps to transition to sexuality while on duty.

Drew Garza, whose draft plan was suspended when Trump’s ban took effect, said he was quickly contacted by recruiters from the Army, Air Force and Marines after Biden announced the repeal last month. Army Capt. Jennifer Peace felt that way. he finally managed to exhale. On television from the Peace Office, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced that he could serve openly as himself. It was over, he realized. It’s finally over.

Trump’s Trans Military Ban Is About Much More Than Military Service

There are no longer any rules for men’s uniforms or men’s haircuts; His subordinates do not greet him as “sir” rather than “ma’am”. For Peace, an intelligence officer and veteran of two combat tours, Carter’s announcement that he would open the military to transgender people like himself marked the official end of years of living in limbo.

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A week before Army Capt. Jennifer Peace spoke with Defense Secretary Ash Carter to lift a ban on transgender military service members serving openly.

“I just thought I’d feel relief, it wouldn’t be as emotional as it used to be,” said Beybit, a career soldier with a blue and pink tattoo on his left shoulder. and the white stripes of the transgender pride flag.

“I had to put being transgender at the top of my list of who I am,” she said. “Now I can be a soldier, an officer, a woman and everything else, and let transgender fade into the background.”

Mcpon: If Ruled Fit For Duty, Transgender People Should Be Able To Serve

The Pentagon’s decision in late June to open the ranks to transgender service members was informed by months of research into costs and numbers.

Between 1,320 and 6,630 transgender men and women are already on active duty, researchers estimate, which is a fraction of one percent of the total force. The cost of providing them with open services and access to military health care would be “negligible” as a percentage of military spending.

For example, more than 140 active-duty service members may seek gender reassignment hormone treatment per year; Due to the transition period, surgery is also used less often. That would add between $2.4 million and $8.4 million to the more than $6 billion military health care budget, the researchers estimate.

“If an outside team can do the job, that’s really important. If people think you can do the job, you’ll gain their respect and they’ll feel like they’ve got your back.”

Trump Says Transgender People Can’t Serve In Military

These medical treatments limit when and where 25 to 130 active duty members can deploy in any given year. By comparison, the Army alone has 50,000 active-duty soldiers who cannot be deployed for other reasons.

“So we’re talking really small numbers — really small,” said Agnes Gereben Schaefer, the study’s lead author and a senior political scientist.

The study was the latest to address long-standing barriers to military service. Research into gay and lesbian enlistment led to the military’s 2011 repeal of its “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. A series of recent reports helped inform the Pentagon’s decision to integrate women. combat positions.

“All of our work in these areas has shown that it’s really important if an outside team can do the work,” said Schaefer, who was involved in all three areas of the research. “If people think you can do the job, you’ll gain their respect and they’ll feel like they’ve got your back.”

U.s. Military To Allow Transgender Men And Women To Serve Openly

She served two combat tours in Iraq, as a Marine, as a woman, and then another in Afghanistan, as a soldier, as a man. His transition landed him a desk job; he believes his willingness to work harder and go the extra mile has kept him one of the first openly transgender people on active duty in the military. Seventy push-ups? He knocks out 90 and drops the chest to the floor.

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“It’s tiring to struggle every day to identify the right pronoun,” he said, then cited an incident when he was invited to speak at the Pentagon. His commanders initially ordered him to squeeze into a woman’s blouse, citing Army regulations and the gender still listed on his military ID. It was so hard that he could not raise his hand.

“It’s something they can’t screw up,” said Ortega, who wore camouflage field uniforms to meetings at the Pentagon and has since retired from the military. Excluding the ban, it must be “liquid. It’s not just “You need to get a new uniform.” These are people’s lives.”

Eighteen other countries have allowed transgender people to serve in the military, as have close US allies such as Australia, Canada, Israel and the United Kingdom. Since opening their ranks, the researchers found, they had “no significant effect” on unit cohesion, operational effectiveness or overall readiness.

Poll: Should Transgender People Be Allowed In The Military?

But their experiences—especially the challenges they faced—offer some hard-learned lessons for U.S. military leaders now tasked with implementing rules for transgender service.

Some foreign militaries have reported cases of abuse or harassment of transgender troops, stressing the need for zero-tolerance leadership and training, for example. The researchers also found that it’s easy to get bogged down in the details: Could medals and commendations earned before the transition, for example, be reissued under a new name after the transition?

Research provided the Pentagon with the most rigorous and unbiased assessment available of the costs and consequences of allowing transgender men and women to serve openly.

The Pentagon thus released an 18-page policy memorandum

The Struggle To Change Your Gender While Keeping Your Job

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