Were Military Based In Stoer During The 2nd World War

Were Military Based In Stoer During The 2nd World War – Schofield Military Clothing Store has become the first non-military entity to take home the Honorable Order of Our Lady of Loreto award for its outstanding support of the military community.

Since 2004, the award, presented by the Military Aviation Association of America, celebrates the sacrifice, support, security and care provided by the people at home and in the greater Army aviation community who enable Soldiers to accomplish their missions.

Were Military Based In Stoer During The 2nd World War

Schofield MCS is a tour stop for foreign dignitaries who often browse the selection of memorabilia and memorabilia. Ellis’ staff is working collaboratively to host Pearl Harbor veterans, 25

What’s Behind Russia’s Logistical Mess In Ukraine? A Us Army Engineer Looks At The Tactical Level.

Lt. Col. Trent Miller, 2nd Battalion, 25th Aviation Battalion commander, presents Schofield Military Clothing Store manager Mary Ellis with the Honorable Order of Our Lady of Loretto award. Ellis received on behalf of the MCS team, which was honored for its efforts to support service members.

The team also supports the installation’s task force in uniform coordination for forces in remote locations and exercises.

“Once the command lets us know which units and leadership are involved, we go to the site on day one to support them. We’re also part of the pre-planning process to support the uniforms,” ​​Ellis said.

Warren Shuster, a 90-year-old Korean War veteran, and his family during an October visit to the Schofield Barracks Military Clothing Store. Store Manager Mary Ellis, center with Schuster, coordinated the installation of the veterans to see the Combat Aviation Division.

Found Money: Fort Bragg Family Gets More Than It Bargained For

Shuster, who survived being shot in the head during the Korean War, made a trip back to Hawaii with his family in October. During his stay, Ellis learned what was on his bucket list and coordinated with the installation for the veteran to see the Combat Aviation Division.

“I’m still in touch with the family,” she said. “His daughter sent me a video of him hunting deer recently.”

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Ellis is very proud of the support the team provides to the military community. “This recognition is a special honor, but serving our community is exactly what we do here at the exchange,” she said.

Exchange Earns Ninth Consecutive Best for Vets Employer Exchange Opens 5th Einstein Brothers Bagels Restaurant in Pacific Region 127 Years of Family Serving Family: James Noble, Little Rock Air Force Base Favorite local kebab food truck sets up shop at Courthouse for food at JBER Exchange. Kaiser, second from right, 2nd Battalion, 82nd Combat Aviation Division, and his wife, Tracy, were recognized by Lt. Gen. Frank Helmick, commanding general, XVIII Corps Airborne and Fort Bragg, for returning more than $9,000 they found in… (photo credit : USA) View original

Maj. Gen. Labrutta Visits Goodfellow > Goodfellow Air Force Base > Article Display

FORT BRAGG, N.C. – What would you do if you found over $9,000 ‘Would you keep it’ Would you look for the owner ‘Would you keep some of it and turn the rest in saying it was all there was’ What if you were getting ready to travel across the country to visit family and could really use the extra money ‘

On May 11, Tracy Kaiser was on a mission. She was looking for a bargain at the Bragg ‘n Barn thrift store and was hoping to find some inexpensive suitcases for a trip to Nebraska. She found a large black bag for her husband to use.

“It was a good deal. It had lots of big pockets and I checked out the main compartment at the store. It was exactly what I needed and only cost seven dollars,” Tracy recalled.

When she got home, Tracy looked at her purchases and opened some of the side pockets to see how roomy they were. What she discovered was a huge increase on a seven dollar investment.

The Maryland Stem Festival

“In the side pocket was a black leather pouch with stacks of cut bills along with sticky notes on them,” she said.

Tracy counted the money with her husband, Spc. Kevin Kaiser, 2nd Battalion, 82nd Combat Aviation Division, can’t believe no one found the money sooner.

Even though the Kaisers have four children and live on a single income, Tracy said it didn’t even occur to her to keep it and immediately returned the bag and money to the store.

Christiana Lake, manager of a thrift store, was at work that day. She said the whole event was amazing.

Clothing Exchange Helps Usag Wiesbaden Community Look Sharp

“It was surprising. Not only did we not find the money when we first got the bag, but how much there was,” Lake said. “I thought maybe it was only a few hundred, not more than $9,000.”

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Lik and her team told about the money and contacted the military police. Since the bag was on delivery, the store tracked who brought the bag. MPs returned the money to the original owner after completing their investigation.

Meanwhile, the Kaiser family went on vacation without the suitcase they purchased because it was seized as evidence. It was returned to them at a ceremony on Aug. 31, with another surprise in the side pocket — a $200 gift certificate to the thrift store Bragg N’ Barn.

“Two hundred dollars for over $9,000 is not really a good comparison, but we wanted to do something for the family,” Lake said.

Micro Grants Assist Growing Economy

Lt. Gen. Frank Helmick, commander, XVIII Airborne Forces and Fort Bragg, said the family is a shining example of honesty and integrity.

“That’s what values ​​are about,” said Helmick. “They could spend the money and no one would know otherwise. I wish I had $9,000 to give them, they are truly an inspiration.” Copyright © 2023, The San Diego Union-Tribune | CA Collection Notice | Do not sell or share my personal information

Military personnel and their spouses, whose duties require licenses to teach nursing and the like, can now more easily transfer their professional licenses from country to country when carrying out a military move.

I am pleased to share much needed new legislation regarding the careers of our veterans and their families.

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It took ten years, but active-duty military spouses, known as spouses, can now more easily transfer their professional licenses from one state to another when making a military move.

As signed by President Biden, the new federal law requires all states to provide reciprocity in obtaining valid occupational licenses from prior jurisdictions (states), which was previously optional.

These licenses are required for a wide variety of occupations such as brokers, nurses, teachers, beauticians and about a hundred others. The one exception, not surprisingly, is the practice of law because the laws are not the same in every country.

But it seems like common sense that a trained nurse can be a nurse in any country, doesn’t it? After all, a patient is a patient in any situation.

Band Of Brothers’ Stars Reflect On The Epic Miniseries’ Evolving Legacy

My active military friends joke that if I got knocked out and I went into the emergency room, would I be okay with a medic with years of combat experience to take care of me?

And I certainly think that a medical license, training and experience in the military or private sector should transfer easily to any hospital, whenever it is.

For too long, this has often been an expensive and time-consuming process, causing a dent in family income as spouses waited for their licenses to be approved to begin looking for work in their chosen field.

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Now, thanks to the new law, a military member or spouse may take a side job selling real estate, and prepare for a new full-time career when they leave the military.

Ukraine Drones Target Military Bases Deep In Russia, Showing Expanded Reach

Of course, those newly transferred military personnel would be wise to familiarize themselves with the real estate laws of their new state. But they don’t need to go back to real estate school to do so.

The San Diego SDMAC 2022 Military Economic Impact Report shows the military is a $56.2 billion economic engine in our region. The head count is equally impressive – 90,000 active Navy and 48,000 active Marines.

As employers, our hope is that this legislation allows thousands of military and active duty spouses to return to the workforce quickly after moving. This takes pressure off employers who desperately need good workers.

We already know that military spouses are some of the best employees. Their relationship with an active army teaches them the need for reliability, flexibility and taking responsibility.

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, North Carolina

Now, with telecommuting, many can keep their current job, continue to work from home and work in any state in the country.

This legislation allows them to seek advanced training, knowing they will be able to utilize it over many years of multiple state deployments.

For employers, balancing where talent is found and where it is needed continues to be an ongoing challenge. And I’ve always believed that veterans and spouses are a relatively untapped and reliable source of talent in the workplace.

I saw this firsthand recently when I was asked to cover graduation ceremonies for young recruits who officially became Marines. My thanks to Brigadier General Jason L. Morris, Commanding General, MCRD and Ms. Morris for the invitation.

Implementing Hums In The Military Operational Environment

At the reception after the event, I met several veterans and spouses who planned to end their careers in San Diego and are planning to move to

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