Becker Scholarship

Becker Scholarship – Chantal Bader, a postdoc at the Department of Small Natural Products, received a grant from the Hans-and-Ruth-Giessen-Foundation on June 29, 2021. As a talented young scientist, she will receive euros 25,000 for his research. Influence. We talked to Chantal about this important award and asked her a few questions.

This must be a joke! Usually, when someone calls claiming to have won something, it’s probably a phishing call, and it’s best to hang up immediately. After a very good conversation with the foundation’s notary – Mr. Burgmeister – I was immediately convinced that I had been selected for the Hans-and-Ruth-Giesen Foundation Award.

Becker Scholarship

Becker Scholarship

For me, the award is the best step towards an independent academic career. I was fortunate to have a very open-minded supervisor, Rolf Müller, who always supported me in pursuing my ideas during my doctoral research. The prize money is the first money I can spend on my own, so it’s a good opportunity to see what you have to do when you do research.

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First, I would like to spend money to live abroad and at this time I would like to learn more about neglected tropical diseases. In particular, I am interested in diseases caused by helminths (=worms). Since it’s a bit difficult at the moment because of Corona, I will first use part of the prize money to publish my research results as open access, which unfortunately is not free in most journals.

Are you planning to set up your own research group that can conduct research specifically on tropical infectious diseases?

Of course! It is my biggest dream to have my own research group in this field and I hope to have it in the future.

In the new year, I will be working with a different type of soil bacteria – actinomycetes – at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in Florida. Here, I will continue the discovery of new natural products and their development into potential drugs. I am very excited about the new chemical structures I can discover there and what daily life in a different laboratory is like. As one of my favorite hobbies, I look forward to traveling to another continent and meeting many interesting people. All in all, natural product research is a field you can never tire of. Because every new strain of bacteria is “like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to find”.

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“As the director of medical education, I am very happy for Chantal and I am proud of her and her excellent teaching. She is a great scientist and she really deserves this prestigious award. I am sure that this award is I will help him in his future work and I wish him all the best personally and in his research”

Postdoc in the Department of Microbial Natural Products from the Hans-and-Ruth-Giessen-Foundation on June 29, 2021. Chantal Bader received a grant. © Torsten Becker

Charles Thom Award 2023 for Rolf Müller 07.08.2023 HIPS Director honored for his outstanding excellence in industrial biology and biotechnology

Becker Scholarship

Project “Microbelix” focuses on soil environments 21.06.2023 Saarbrücken Citizen Science Project Combines Antibiotic Research with Nature Conservation.

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Model of infection from 3D printer 13.06.2023 Researchers print bacterial biofilm on human lung tissue to study chronic lung diseases

Another candidate drug against the intestinal virus 25.04.2023 Study shows the effectiveness of the natural product chlorotonyl A against dormant stages of the bacterium Clostridioides difficile.

Bacterial weapons against viral diseases

HDDC 2023 – International Helmholtz Drug Discovery Conference 22.02.2023 Attracting a high-level audience of researchers, the conference will provide a stimulating platform for academics to discuss the latest state of drug discovery.

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HIP and CISPA join forces to secure future active ingredients

A new human lung cell model

Disarming bacteria: new drug candidates to fight chronic diseases 23.01.2023 Saarbrucken researchers use bacterial communication for new drugs

Becker Scholarship

Glucose-based inhibitors eliminate the pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Detroit Lakes Man Awarded $2,000 Law Enforcement Scholarship By Becker County Sheriff

10.01.2023 The Saarbrücken Antibiotics project, funded by the INCATE incubator, will develop a new class of agents that work against multi-resistant bacteria in the coming years.

06.12.2022 EU funding for graduate students for drug research Over the next five years, 15 international medical students will be trained at Saarland University and HIPS.

World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2022 18.11.2022 Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is becoming a growing threat to human health. An estimated 1.3 million deaths in 2019 were caused by resistant bacteria.

The first GO-Bio funding for two natural products projects at HZI 28.09.2022 At a conceptual level, scientists are developing strategies to activate metabolites from fungi and the group a new anti-malarial agent.

David Li Presented With Frank J. Becker Education Foundation Scholarship

23.09.2022 New Junior Research Team in Bioinformatics at HIPS We are very happy to welcome Alexey and his team at HIPS.

18.07.2022 The HIPS project “The Microbial Treasure Chest” is exhibited at MS Wissenschaft in Saarbrücken The Floating Science Center will be set up in Saarbrücken (next to the Congresshall in the Bürgerpark) from 5 to 8 August.

Photo: From Odessa to Saarbrucken 08.07.2022 Pharmacist Maria Nesterkina has built a fast career in Odessa. Then he had to flee the war, exchanging his lab in Ukraine for his life in the Saarland, where he continues…

Becker Scholarship

Bioinformaticians identify a protein that can reverse cognitive decline in aging

John W. Bean And Kathryn Bean Becker Scholarship

Therapeutics and HIPS sign a cooperation agreement for the joint development of bioactive compounds 16.03.2022 Jerusalem, March 16 2022 – Therapeutics Pharma (“Therapeutics”) and the Helmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland are satisfied. ..

New Team of Junior Researchers at HIPS 01.03.2022 We are pleased to welcome Julian Hegemann and his HIP team.

Spin-off project Myxobiotics receives support from new incubator INCATE 06.02.2022 HZI, HIPS startup develops new class of antibiotics

Assessing Bacterial Bioavailability / Are We There Yet? 09.12.2021 HIPS scientists have developed a diagnostic tool to check the presence of bacteria.

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From basic research to the clinic: new center boosts drug research Saarland 30.09.2021 It often takes years before a new active compound from basic research reaches the market as a drug. To accelerate this process, the Helmholtz Center for…

After five years as a junior professor at HIPS, Gregor Fuhrmann will take up the position of professor of clinical biology at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Want more? 31.08.2021 Researchers at the Department of Biological Natural Products are developing a new drug candidate.

Becker Scholarship

Resistances: ideas for new antibiotics

Uga Journalism Professor Receives Deutschmann Award For Research

02.08.2021 Klaus-Michael Lehr has been selected as a scout in the Henrik Herz Program. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has appointed Klaus-Michael Lehrer as a Scout in the Henriet-Herz Program. This award allows him to choose three young scientists.

Hans-and-Ruth-Giesen-Scholarship for Chantal Bader 08.07.2021 Chantal Bader, postdoc in the Department of Small Natural Products, received a grant from the Hans-and-Ruth-Giesen-Foundation on 29 June 2021. Young talented…

World Tuberculosis Day 2021: New drugs for old viruses 24.03.2021 At the celebration of World Tuberculosis Day, Jennifer Herman, a scientist at the Department of Antibiotics, talks about the epidemic of this disease and …

Deep details of cystobactamid biosynthesis 10.03.2021 Scientists at the Department of Microbial Natural Products reveal how myxobacteria produce biological compounds.

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Interesting natural products from rare myxobacteria

Federal Government Decides on €47 million in funding for HIPS 01.12.2020 The Federal Budget Committee has approved the Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS) with funding of €47 million for the expansion of continuous of…

An important step to combat resistant bacteria 01.12.2020 Prof. Anna Hirsch’s team receives 1.46 million euros in funding

Becker Scholarship

ERC Starting Grant awarded to Gregor Fuhrmann 06.10.2020 Gregor Fuhrmann and two other HZI scientists receive a multi-million euro grant from the European Research Council.

Becker Morgan Group Awards Wicomico County Scholarship

Saarland University appoints Alexander Titz as Professor of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Biomedical research boosted in Saarland with the new Leibniz Science Campus 29.06.2020 HIPS participates in the project “Living Therapeutic Materials”

Mirror, mirror – a new enzyme class converts amino acids into a mirror image

EU-funded training network for junior researchers 25.06.2020 Anna K.H. Hirsch coordinates EU-funded training for new generations of researchers

Future Is Bright For First Ever Class Of Walser Scholarship Winners

To the point of action – 17.04.2020 Novel vehicles in nanotransporters improve the effectiveness of antibiotics against chronic diseases.

Working together in the fight against tuberculosis and malaria.

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