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Los Angeles Maritime Lawyer – California’s coastline is 840 miles long. It has many ports of entry and over 3,000 lakes in the state, making it an ideal location for the marine and maritime industry to attract both commercial and recreational vessels. From sailing to water skiing and diving to sport fishing, thousands of boats operate in California waters. That’s why Jacoby & Meyers’ marine attorneys are in high demand for boating accidents.

Filing a boating accident claim against one party for injuries or losses may seem difficult to you. First, boating accidents happen under different conditions and involve different types of boats. Injuries can range from broken bones caused by people falling on top of errant seas to wrongful death lawsuits against an operator whose boat capsized due to damage to the hull and outriggers. Distance from shore can also make it difficult to file a claim with a boating accident attorney, and dealing with signed disclaimers and insurance companies can be confusing, so it’s imperative to contact a boating accident attorney that specializes in maritime law.

Los Angeles Maritime Lawyer

Los Angeles Maritime Lawyer

Many local personal injury attorneys represent clients in the state of California, which includes territorial waters—areas governed by California state law. Marine personal injury lawyers represent clients who have been injured in boating accidents and, in some cases, help clients recover from boating accidents in international waters or waters 12 nautical miles away. coastline. When you contact a Jacoby & Meyers shipwreck attorney, you will be working with a dedicated attorney who has been helping clients get the compensation they deserve since 1972.

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Lawyers who deal strictly with maritime law also deal with salvage law, pollution and shipping disputes. However, a personal injury attorney specializing in maritime law focuses only on boating accidents that result in personal injury and loss.

Anyone injured on a vessel, whether a captain or driver, a passenger or charter worker, may be entitled to compensation if the operator of another vessel was negligent. Additionally, anyone who is injured on a boat due to their own negligent actions may be entitled to compensation for personal injuries. In order for victims to receive compensation, a boating accident attorney must prove liability. This means that the lawyer must prove that the accident was caused by negligence.

A Jacoby & Meyers boating accident attorney has the experience and resources to investigate a disaster. For example, if you are involved in a collision with another motorboat and one fails to change course to starboard (normal maritime law) and this causes your boat to break and collide, a Boat Accident Lawyer and his team will thoroughly investigate the case, prove liability and prepare your case to help you obtain the maximum settlement possible .

Whether you’re the captain of a boat with passengers in an accident, or you’re sailing alone or with a few friends in a sailboat or powerboat, the steps are pretty much the same. Ultimately, the most important thing is to seek medical attention immediately. However, if you are in the water, it can be more complicated than a car accident. Nevertheless, the first thing you should do is ensure the safety of your passengers. This may require counting heads while confirming injuries and ensuring life jackets are worn. In some cases, you need to send rescue ships. If so, passengers should be loaded immediately.

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After confirming everyone is safe, call 911. Depending on the location of the boating accident, it may be necessary to call 911 (for example, if you are on a lake) or the Coast Guard (if you are out at sea).

If the damage to the boat is so severe that you have to abandon it and you are far from shore, be sure to pack rescue and emergency equipment. These include fire cannons, satellite radios, and consumables. If you are at sea and until the location is safe, stay near the area where the ship is going down as it will be easier to find you. If you have an accident in a lake or ocean close to shore, get ashore as quickly and safely as possible.

Be sure to gather information if a boating accident involves a collision with another boat. Record the operator’s name, license number, insurance information, boat make and model, and registration number. You should also take photographs and photographs of nearby vessels whose operators may be potential witnesses. Get as many visual identifiers as possible in the event of a hit and run, which means the boat is lightly damaged and fleeing the scene.

Los Angeles Maritime Lawyer

A boating accident can damage any part of the body. These can include burns, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, injuries, brain injuries, amputations, and even death. Large and heavy objects can fall on people during a crash. Sometimes the mast of a sailing ship breaks and falls on the passengers. Sometimes lifeboats or even equipment can fall on individuals. If the wires are damaged, ships can catch fire and burn passengers. In addition, negligent staff may allow passengers to stray into parts of the ship reserved for trained staff only. As a result, they suffer serious injuries, such as falling into an active screw.

Maritime Smuggling Activity Increases In Orange, Los Angeles And Ventura Counties

Jacoby & Meyers has represented injured victims for over 48 years. Anyone can be injured in a boating accident. Whether you are an operator or a passenger, contact a marine accident lawyer at Jacoby & Meyers. Get a free consultation to understand your legal rights and start building your case to get the best possible resolution for your pain and loss.

Recreational boating is popular throughout the Pacific Coast, and especially in California, where thousands of boats travel each year. California’s lakes, rivers and the Pacific Ocean provide the most beautiful scenery. They also offer many opportunities for rest, relaxation and recreation for sailors, boaters, fishermen and skiers.

Boats range in size from small craft to ski boats and houseboats. In addition to recreational use, California waterways are important passages for commercial vessels such as barges.

Unfortunately, accidents happen with such vehicles. When someone drives a boat or other watercraft recklessly, such as while intoxicated, even the most careful boater is at risk of injury or even death.

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According to the California Department of Boating and Waterways, there were 8,386 boating accidents between 1999 and 2008. Such accidents are extremely dangerous. According to the agency’s data, 4 thousand 663 people were injured in these accidents. This means you have a 55% chance of being injured after a boating accident. In addition, 502 people died in ship accidents between 1999 and 2008. In addition to the injuries sustained in boating accidents, such accidents are very expensive. Between 1999 and 2008, boating accidents caused over $49,000,000 in property damage.

If a victim is negligently injured or even killed (caused by wrongful death) in a boating accident, the operator or owner of the boat may be liable for such damages. In boating accidents, our attorneys work with a team of investigators and medical experts to reconstruct the accident scene and determine the client’s claim for financial damages. Our personal injury attorneys make sure you get the tools you need to deal with your injuries, regardless of whether your accident requires long-term care. We work hard to ensure you have the financial resources, support and care to overcome your injuries.

Our lawyers can help you. We work on a contingency basis, which means we only get paid when you work. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. California maritime attorney Preston Easley provides assistance in both US and non-US jurisdictions. Citizens serving on U.S.-owned vessels when reporting injuries sustained in or outside U.S. waters under the Public Vessels Act

Los Angeles Maritime Lawyer

The Public Ships Act allows seamen serving on US-owned (but not necessarily US-operated) ships to recover damages. The law applies to civilian personnel serving on Coast Guard vessels and research vessels, but not to U.S. Navy sailors, who generally do not file claims with the military.

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Jones maritime rights – Injured seamen and owners of damaged property can also bring a claim under another obscure maritime law law, the Admiralty Claims Act.

Marine casualty attorney Preston Easley is a graduate of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. You can rely on his knowledge of maritime law to protect your rights. Get in touch with Him

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