Shreveport 18 Wheeler Wreck Lawyer

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Sitting as it does on I-20 between Dallas and Jackson, and with many highways passing through it, Shreveport is a major highway in Louisiana. Thousands of trucks and millions of other vehicles travel on Shreveport highways each year, and the law of averages means that accidents are common in the Shreveport area.

Shreveport 18 Wheeler Wreck Lawyer

Shreveport 18 Wheeler Wreck Lawyer

Although today’s cars and trucks are safer than ever before, and they are becoming more and more popular, the fact is that if you are involved in a serious accident, you may suffer injury, property loss, or even death.

Dead, 1 Injured In Shreveport Hit And Run Crash

If you or a loved one has been hit by a tractor-trailer, you need a Shreveport personal injury attorney with the experience and passion to fight for your trucking company’s interests and insurance policies. These companies know that paying for someone’s personal injury costs hurts the bottom line, so they work hard to prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve.

If you are at fault after being involved in a semi truck accident in Shreveport, contact Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys to represent you during negotiations, or if necessary, in court.

Car accidents can happen for unlimited reasons, but serious convictions can be the result of unique reasons. In addition to well-known causes such as driving under the influence or distracted driving, the 18 causes of car accidents are:

A large truck can weigh up to 20-30 times more than the average passenger car, meaning that a truck accident can be fatal to anyone unlucky enough to collide with one. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reports that of the 4,136 people killed in major traffic accidents in 2018, a full two-thirds – 67% – of them were passengers in small cars. such as cars, trucks and SUVs. Even if you survive a crash, you can suffer life-threatening injuries, including the following:

Wheeler Accidents — John Robin Law Personal Injury Lawyers

Because victims’ heads hit the doors, windows, steering wheel and other hard objects in the car during collisions, brain injuries and head injuries are common. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), TBI is a leading cause of disability, morbidity and even death. If the victim is alive, they may experience permanent memory loss.

Spinal cord injuries can cause permanent disability, including complete paralysis below the injury site. Spinal cord injury victims often require wheelchairs or other assistive devices, are unable to work, and face ongoing, sometimes lifelong, disabilities.

Bone fractures and sprains are the most common injuries in car accidents, due to high speeds. In addition to being painful and long-lasting, broken bones can cause complications such as infection, blood loss and others.

Shreveport 18 Wheeler Wreck Lawyer

An accident can be one of the most traumatic events in a victim’s life. It can be not only for the serious injuries mentioned above, but also for the following debilitating injuries:

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If you have been involved in a serious accident, it can be difficult to get started – especially if you or a loved one has been injured. That’s why we’ve put together a list of helpful tips on what to do after being involved in a semi truck accident. Although the first thing you should do after an accident is to call 911 or another emergency number, you should also assess your injuries and then do the following:

After your free legal consultation, the accident team at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys will begin working on your case immediately. We collect evidence, talk to witnesses, collect police and medical reports and negotiate insurance. We will even represent your interests in court if necessary.

For victims of serious accidents, compensation can range from tens of thousands of dollars to the low millions. However, there are many variables that determine the compensation you can expect. You need to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to calculate the total cost of your injury, including

One thing is for sure: you don’t want to handle your business alone. Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys are trained professionals who are familiar with Louisiana and Shreveport law. We’ve also built relationships with the legal community here, which means we know which path to take and which strategies will get you the compensation you deserve.

Best Shreveport Truck Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been injured in a semi truck accident on I-20 or another road in Shreveport, call Gordon McKernan Injury Attorney today at 318.888.8888. Our truck wreck law firm in Shreveport is dedicated to helping members of our community recover after a tragic accident.

Fill out our quick and easy form to see if your case qualifies. Our consultations are free and confidential, and we’re here to help you whether you hire us or not!

Our team will evaluate your case and decide on the best course of action. One of our attorneys will get back to you as soon as possible and begin the process of winning your case!

Shreveport 18 Wheeler Wreck Lawyer

Once your case has been reviewed and deemed suitable for our firm, our team will immediately work to gather evidence, build your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

I 20 Eastbound In Shreveport Closed; See Pictures Of The Wreck

I have a lot of medical bills from my trucking injury in Louisiana that I can’t pay. What can I do? Road and highway accidents happen every day, which can be a terrifying experience for those involved. But perhaps the most terrifying danger on the road is the 18-wheeler. Like all car accidents, these wrecks happen every hour and day of the week and kill thousands of people every year. The cost can be thousands of dollars in car repairs, lost wages, medical care, physical therapy and more. You deserve proper compensation if you have been injured by the negligence of a truck driver. The Shreveport 18-wheeler accident lawyers at Gordon & Gordon fight for your pregnancy rights.

You can’t drive 18 like a normal car accident. There is much more at stake and many parties may be liable for your injuries. It could be the truck driver, the trucking company, the cargo company, and many others. In this case, you may be dealing with experienced attorneys and insurance adjusters with unlimited resources. That’s where we come in.

When you hire a Gordon & Gordon attorney for your personal injury claim in Shreveport, we will carefully investigate your claim and look for violations and other evidence of negligence until we find all parties at fault. Call us at 318-716-HELP to schedule a free consultation with our firm today about your accident.

Commercial vehicles are often much larger than private vehicles, and most accidents are serious. A typical, fully loaded commercial truck (such as an 18-wheeler, a large two-wheeler or a dump truck) can weigh up to 25 times more than a standard car. Due to the basic laws of physics, serious accidents often result in serious or even fatal injuries. These accidents can be aggravated by the dangerous or flammable goods that these commercial vehicles often carry.

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In recognition of the importance of 18 car or commercial truck accidents in Louisiana, trucking companies must comply with federal and state laws. State laws require commercial vehicles such as semi-trucks to carry more insurance than private vehicles. The minimum coverage allowed in Louisiana is $15,000 for non-commercial vehicles. Meanwhile, state and federal laws require $300,000 in insurance for trucks weighing less than 10,000 pounds that carry non-hazardous cargo. But most large equipment weighs more than 10,000 pounds, and these must carry at least $750,000 in insurance. If there are certain dangerous goods in the truck, that requirement can go up to $5 million.

In the event of a collision, these great insurance policies allow truck accident victims to pay for the necessary medical treatment and receive compensation commensurate with their loss.

18-wheelers are more dangerous than cars for several reasons. Perhaps the most obvious reason is size. Tractors weigh 20 to 30 times more than the average passenger car. This means that it can cause serious damage to these larger vehicles. While property damage is common, physical damage is life-changing and often results in wrongful death.

Shreveport 18 Wheeler Wreck Lawyer

Accidents can happen at any time and for any reason. However, some things can contribute more often to the breakdown of an 18-wheeler. These include:

Understanding Comparative Fault In Trucking Wrecks: Seeking Compensation After A Crash

Regardless of the reason, if you have been injured by a large truck, you should have your personal injury case handled as soon as possible by a knowledgeable and experienced Shreveport 18 wheeler attorney. Your legal representative will ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve for your personal injury.

A serious car accident is more complicated than a normal car accident for many reasons, including the number of parties involved, the insurance and the large payouts, the extent of the injuries and the evidence available. Let’s take a look below:

There are many parties

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