Austin 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Austin 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer – Eighteen wheeler accidents are an unfortunate reality of Austin freeways. Across the country, hundreds of thousands of drivers are injured each year in commercial vehicle accidents, often due to the poor judgment and recklessness of 18-wheeler drivers.

These accidents are different from other types of truck or car accidents because they often result in serious injuries or even fatalities. Injuries from 18-wheeler accidents can be life-changing, resulting in significant financial losses such as medical expenses and lost income.

Austin 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Austin 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Additionally, haulers and 18-wheeler drivers may have a history of negligence and violations, which can be a factor in a commercial vehicle accident. Because these accidents can be more serious, financially damaging, and legally complex, victims can struggle to figure out the best way to proceed with their case.

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In addition, carriers and insurance providers can make it difficult for victims to receive adequate compensation and can hide the amount of insurance actually available.

In some cases, 18-wheelers or their carriers may try to hide or destroy evidence important to your case. A personal injury law firm committed to education, transparency and advocacy, like FVF Law in Austin, can help you fully understand your rights and options so you can make good decisions moving forward with your case. Contact our Austin car accident attorneys today to discuss your case.

Truck accidents are generally upsetting, stressful and confusing. However, when your accident involves an 18-wheeler, this can be an especially frustrating and exhausting time. Eighteen-wheeler accidents are often much more serious than accidents between two smaller vehicles.

These collision cases are often more complex and may require more diligence and persistence to obtain compensation as the injuries are often significant and it takes time and resources to fully understand all the individuals and companies that should be held liable.

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Commercial drivers are often encouraged to work long hours without adequate rest. Although the government mandates rest periods through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, many carriers bend or even break these rules, encouraging drivers to falsify their rest period records and continue driving while tired. This practice is well documented, and in fact, 18-wheelers have some of the highest rates of on-the-job fatalities and accidents in the country. By ignoring the rules requiring rest, 18-wheel motor carriers are acting negligently and may be held liable for their conduct. However, proving possible negligence requires more investigative time and a greater willingness to fight on the part of your lawyer, so it is important to hire the right legal representation in these cases.

Due to the demanding nature of the job, many 18-wheeler drivers abuse drugs and alcohol and may drive under the influence of these substances. If alcohol or drug use is a factor in your case, the police will usually open a criminal investigation, which can prolong the length of your case by limiting access to important evidence. A pending criminal charge can also complicate your case, as it will involve both a criminal prosecution and a separate civil suit for damages.

Along with driver fatigue and alcohol and drug use, many commercial 18-wheeler drivers engage in dangerous behind-the-wheel behaviors. For example, drivers may be eating, using their phones, or distracted while driving. Since drivers spend most of their lives on the road, it’s not uncommon for them to engage in behaviors like these while driving. They may also drive recklessly, speeding, tailgating, and changing lanes unsafely to get to their destination faster. Proving that these behaviors caused your injuries often requires the expertise of a qualified 18-wheeler accident attorney, and the specific facts that led to your accident can affect the value of your case.

Austin 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

The injuries sustained by victims of 18-wheeler accidents in Austin are often quite severe, simply because of the size and weight of these large vehicles. Serious injuries bring high and long-term medical costs, other economic losses, and changes in the victim’s quality of life. In general, these types of losses, especially when they are permanent, require higher compensation. Whenever an insurance company faces potential liability for large claims, you can expect an uphill battle before settlement. Without the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney who understands how to build a case, you can expect the insurance company to try to take advantage of you and pay as little as possible.

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Drivers and trucking companies often have their own separate insurance policies, which can complicate your case. You will need to identify all parties who may be legally responsible for your damages and losses to ensure you have a clear idea of ​​the funds that may be available for compensation. Additionally, your auto insurance provider may be required to pay a claim for injuries you sustained in an 18-wheeler accident. Navigating this aspect of an 18-wheeler accident case is one of the most valuable roles of a personal injury attorney.

When an 18-wheeler accident results in a fatality, the surviving spouse, children, and parents have the legal right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Because of the magnitude of this loss, it is critical that you fully understand your rights and what remedies are available under Texas law for a fatal 18 wheeler accident in Austin. Additionally, surviving family members may have to understand and handle the details of the deceased’s estate, which is a confusing and complicated process. A qualified 18 wheeler accident attorney can help you understand the role of the probate process in a fatal accident and ensure that the estate is handled properly.

In addition to the claims available to the surviving spouse, children, and parents, Texas law also allows the decedent’s estate to file its own legal claim based on what happened to the decedent from the time of the accident until death. This is called a “survival” action, and losses include medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and physical impairment.

For these reasons and more, it makes sense to consult with an Austin 18-wheeler accident attorney who can help you understand what needs to be done to help you put your life back together after a fatal 18-wheeler accident.

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While an employment lawyer is not necessarily the right choice for every accident victim, it is always a good idea to at least speak with an attorney so that you understand your rights and make the most informed decisions about your case.

FVF Law has an exceptional track record of providing expert guidance and compassionate support to injury victims in Austin. All of the attorneys at FVF Love strive to provide truck accident victims with as much information as possible in a pressure-free environment so that they can make the best choice for their case, right from the start. Specifically, this is what our law firm brings to the table:

Regardless of how you decide to proceed with your 18 wheeler accident case, we invite you to speak with one of our legal experts. Our goal in these consultations is to help accident victims understand what actions make the most sense for their case. Contact us today for a free consultation with an FVF Love attorney. Our experienced attorneys will provide you with support and guidance during this difficult phase so that you can begin to put your accident behind you.

Austin 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

There are many common causes of 18-wheeler accidents, including driver distraction, driver fatigue, driver intoxication, driver negligence, and violation of 18-wheeler regulations. A truck accident can be a distressing and life-changing event, so it can be difficult for the victim to assess the cause at the scene. An experienced attorney can help you identify cause by finding and evaluating evidence while you focus on your recovery.

Texas Truck Accident Lawyer: Steps To Take After An 18 Wheeler Accident

After an 18-wheeler accident in Austin, victims can seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, wrongful death, loss of quality of life, and pain and suffering. However, this can be quite difficult to do when dealing with injuries, loss of vehicles, etc. An experienced attorney can help you determine the damages you are owed.

Simply because of their sheer size, 18-wheelers can do far more damage than your average vehicle. As a result, accidents involving 18-wheelers tend to result in more damage than accidents involving standard passenger vehicles, both to the participants and their vehicles.

Insurance companies for trucking companies often try to minimize liability, responsibility and damages. After all, they are in the business of protecting their bottom line. If you have been offered a settlement, it may be helpful to discuss your case with an attorney who can assess whether or not the settlement is sufficient. Remember, even if you walk away from a truck accident, internal injuries can show up later, so it’s very important to make sure the responsible party provides enough coverage to help you make a full recovery.

In Texas, which is a comparative negligence state, even if a victim is somewhat responsible for their accident, they can still recover damages as long as they are less than 50% responsible. An experienced attorney like those at FVF Love can help with that calculation.

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If you have been injured in an 18-wheeler accident, our experienced attorneys at FVF Law can help

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