Injury Lawyer San Antonio Texas

Injury Lawyer San Antonio Texas – Whether you have been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or other type of accident, or have lost a loved one due to the negligence or carelessness of another party, a San Antonio personal injury attorney at Dolman Law Group can help. help you determine whether you can claim personal injury compensation for your losses.

The legal team at Dolman Law Group has received national recognition for the high quality legal services our attorneys provide. We have been featured on NBC, Fox and ABC, and our past successes have earned us a reputation as passionate advocates and hardworking professionals in the legal community.

Injury Lawyer San Antonio Texas

Injury Lawyer San Antonio Texas

We specialize in personal injury law, representing people injured in preventable accidents. We have extensive experience negotiating favorable settlements with at-fault parties and their insurance companies and leading successful litigation.

Best Personal Injury Lawyers San Antonio & Car Crash Attorneys

At Dolman Law Group, we have experience representing injured individuals in personal injury claims and successfully recovering financial compensation, both through negotiation and litigation. Our attorneys have won numerous legal awards for our firm’s success and litigation skills, including America’s Top 100 Litigators, the Multimillion Dollar Lawyer Forum, and Super Lawyers.

When you work with a team of personal injury attorneys, you get the resources and legal expertise of a large, national law firm, along with the compassion and flexibility of a small, local firm. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible representation to our clients and always strive to maximize compensation on their behalf.

Our law firm offers free, no-obligation consultations so we can review the details of your injury, answer questions about your legal options, and determine whether you may be eligible for compensation. We take cases on a fast-track basis, which means we cannot collect attorneys unless we successfully resolve your case.

We have offices across the country, including San Antonio, and are ready to help. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident caused by the negligence of others, contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced member of our legal team.

S.a. Personal Injury Lawyer In 2 Court Fights Over Ex Clients

When hiring an attorney, you want someone with experience handling personal injury cases similar to yours. At Dolman Law Group, we have experience in settling personal injury settlements and, if necessary, litigate. While we cannot guarantee a favorable outcome in your case, we can cite our past results as an indication of the highest level of legal representation offered by The Dolman Law Group.

Although every case is different, we approach each unique situation based on its own service and the client’s individual needs, and we have knowledge and experience with many types of personal injury cases. Some of the recent results have included millions of dollars in refunds for our clients, such as:

Injury Lawyer San Antonio Texas

These are some of our past results; We invite you to view all published cases on our website. If you or a loved one has been injured in a preventable accident, contact us today to find out if you are entitled to adequate financial compensation for your losses and to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Eric Ramos Law Pllc Is A Highly Rated Personal Injury Law Firm In San Antonio, Texas

Suffering injuries in a preventable accident can be traumatic. Don’t just try to handle personal injury claims. Instead, hire an experienced personal injury attorney to help you negotiate and avoid potential damages. If your insurance company offers you a settlement, don’t accept it without consulting an attorney first.

Often times, if you hire a reputable personal injury attorney, your settlement will increase quickly. Insurance companies know that an attorney understands how to calculate the full cost of a personal injury claim and that you take your case seriously when you work with an attorney. Don’t miss out on maximum compensation. Contact a San Antonio personal injury attorney today for a free, no-obligation consultation by calling (210) 361-2039 or using our online contact form.

Personal injury law is a fairly broad umbrella that covers injuries caused by various types of accidents. Here is a brief overview of the most common types of work Dolman Law Group deals with:

This list is not exhaustive. So, if you have been injured in another type of accident, the best way we can help you is to contact us for a free case evaluation.

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In San Antonio, people suffer serious injuries from a variety of accidents and incidents. The most common personal injury claims we see clients at Dolman Law Group arise from the following situations:

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TDOT), more than 15,000 people are seriously injured in crashes on Texas roads each year, and more than 3,600 people die. The majority of car accidents are the result of human error, also known as negligence.

Premises liability is an area of ​​personal injury law that requires commercial and personal property owners and managers to be free from hazards that could harm guests.

Injury Lawyer San Antonio Texas

You may have heard about recalls, defective parts in settlements, or the combination of drugs with unwarranted dangerous side effects. Both of these are examples of product liability. Everyone in the production chain – manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer – has a legal responsibility to ensure that the products they produce and distribute to the public are as safe as labeled.

San Antonio Work Injury Lawyer

In general, product liability cases are also strict liability cases, meaning that members of the production chain are liable for defects, even if they avoid risks that could harm consumers. Before filing a lawsuit and seeking fair compensation for damages, it is important to understand that you do not need to return the product. Often a lawsuit comes before a recall rather than the other way around.

Nursing home negligence is the failure of nursing home staff to maintain the standard set forth in federal nursing home reform laws. These laws give nursing home residents the right to be treated with dignity and respect; participate in your care plan; have basic needs such as food, water and warmth; and medical care. Negligence in nursing homes can take many forms, including neglect; physical, emotional or sexual abuse; medical malpractice; or financial exploitation.

According to the National Association of Nursing Home Advocates, approximately 5 million adults in the United States are abused each year, and many of these people live in nursing homes when the abuse occurs. According to the organization, one of the main causes of abuse and neglect of nursing home residents is low volume. About 90 percent of nursing homes in the United States have staffing levels that cannot provide adequate care for all residents.

While carelessness in nursing homes is not always intentional on the part of the staff, many lack the training or hours to perform the necessary tasks to ensure they are functioning adequately. This is an administrative matter and we may hold the owners or managers legally liable.

Personal Injury Lawyers & Accident Attorneys In San Antonio, Tx

Workers’ compensation is a “no-fault” insurance policy that most employers in Texas are required to carry for their employees. This policy provides medical and wage loss benefits to those who are injured in a work accident or contract an occupational disease in a workplace setting.

If you have been injured or become ill as a result of a workplace accident or condition, the experienced employment lawyers at Dolman Law Group can help with your claim.

If you are a surviving spouse, child, or parent who died because of the negligent or careless actions of others, you may be able to seek compensation for financial losses and emotional distress through a wrongful death lawsuit. loss suffered. Like a personal injury lawsuit, a wrongful death lawsuit is a legal action filed in civil court that tries to prove who is responsible for a fatal accident.

Injury Lawyer San Antonio Texas

In recent years, many reports of child sexual abuse by individuals associated with organizations such as the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America have prompted many states to change their laws to give child sexual abuse survivors more time to defend themselves against personal injury. Claims and seeks compensation for the physical and emotional damage the abuse has caused to their lives. In Texas, state lawmakers have extended the maximum age limit for child sexual abuse survivors to file a lawsuit. The maximum age has been increased from 15 to 33 years.

Round Rock Car Accident Attorney

Let our experienced attorneys help you understand how to obtain compensation for the long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse. In some cases, civil litigation

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