San Antonio 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

San Antonio 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer – We all went through 18-wheeler intersections and caught our breath doing so. Because these large vehicles, also known as tractors, are very heavy, dangerous and – let’s face it – scary. One wrong move can result in serious injury, lifelong medical debt, and possible disability. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many Americans who experience the trauma of car accidents. That’s why it’s so important to get an aggressive car accident lawsuit at Janice Law. Call a San Antonio 18 wheeler accident attorney today at 210-366-4949 for a free consultation.

According to NSC data, more than 147,000 Americans suffered catastrophic injuries and 4,965 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2020.

San Antonio 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

San Antonio 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

18-wheelers are much more dangerous than regular cars. As a result, a car accident is usually more serious than a normal car accident between two or more passenger vehicles. Below, our truck accident attorneys explain why.

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Commercial vehicles, especially 18-wheelers, weigh tens of thousands of pounds, which takes away from the payload. It’s not uncommon for a big rig to lift 80,000 pounds of cargo. When a vehicle of this size collides with a passenger car weighing a fraction of the weight of a small car, the damage is often catastrophic.

In addition, the size and weight of 18-wheelers can make it difficult for motorists to stop or slow down. In fact, they can require 18 wheels that are almost the length of 2 football fields for their weight.

As mentioned earlier, 18-wheelers can carry thousands of pounds of cargo. But they also transport dangerous cargo, such as heavy, sharp industrial equipment or dangerous chemicals. Car accidents involving such loads can result in serious injuries. It only takes a sharp object going through the windshield or a tool crashing into the top of a truck to cause wrongful death.

All cars have blind spots. However, large blind spots are more dangerous because they are located not only on each side of the car, but also in the front and rear. Multiple blind spots create a greater chance of a truck driver pushing into the side of a passenger car and causing an accident.

Stacks Of Bodies’: 51 People Died In Tractor Trailer Found In San Antonio, Mexico Officials Say

Many drivers often drive the speed limit, but it’s usually because they’re late for work or an appointment. Truck drivers, on the other hand, go faster because it affects the bottom. In other words, many truck drivers often pay for low mileage. The longer you go, the less time costs more money.

As a result, many truck drivers will do whatever it takes to get the most, even driving a little drowsy or forgoing vehicle maintenance for safety purposes. This behavior helps increase the likelihood of car accidents.

The average car accident can sometimes be complicated depending on the severity of the injuries, different insurance policies, negligence, and more. But 18 car accidents tend to be very serious for these reasons.

San Antonio 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Minor car accidents are more complicated than the average car accident because there are so many different parties involved. Not only are all drivers involved, but major trucking companies, truck owners, truck drivers, truck parts manufacturers, truck owners and more. So if a driver sues the minivan driver, they can sue all the other parties.

When Is A Trucking Company Liable For An Accident?

Also, minor car accidents are often more complicated because commercial vehicles are covered by major insurers with policy limits that can be much higher than yours. That’s because trucking companies know exactly the risks to their big rigs. Of course, they will do everything they can to protect you in car accident situations. If a negligent company or driver blames you, they may offer you an impressively small settlement for your serious injuries, or even deny you a car accident case altogether.

Finally, truck accident cases are more complicated than typical car accident cases because of the evidence required for a successful case. We all know that getting a police report and taking pictures of the accident scene is important evidence. But many people don’t realize that when you turn 18 you also need to get other proof, including:

That’s why you need an experienced attorney at Janicek Law on your side. We have years of experience successfully handling the tricks a trucking company will try to extract an injured victim. We know how difficult it can be to get the compensation you deserve from your insurance company. The car accident attorneys at our law firm will handle all parties involved while you recover from your personal injury.

A car accident attorney at Janicek Law can help you recover adequate compensation for the damages listed below.

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Victims of minor car accidents have 2 years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit under Texas law. This tight schedule encourages personal injury victims to file claims while evidence (such as police reports, witness statements, accident scene photos, etc.) is still fresh. Victims who wait more than two years to file a lawsuit against an 18-year-old driver and a trucking company may face having their case dismissed outright.

When it comes to car accidents, it’s important to find an attorney to help you through the process. But when a young driver is at fault, hiring a truck accident attorney is more important than ever.

These cases often involve business entities with significant resources and reputable insurance companies to fight on their behalf. Your attorney should go along with these agencies. In Janicek’s Law we know how to do it. We’ve been settling millions of dollars for our clients for over 25 years, and we can do the same for you.

San Antonio 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Call a San Antonio 18 Wheeler accident attorney today at Janicek Law, we have over 25 years of combined experience handling car and truck accident claims for residents of San Antonio, Texas. The truck accident attorneys at our law firm know exactly how to negotiate with the insurance companies that handle auto accident claims. We’ll take all the legal burdens off you so you can focus on recovering from your injuries. Call 210-366-4949 today for a free consultation.

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Janice Law handled my case with such skill. I was always in the dark about what was going on in my case. Cassidy Muniz is amazing at what she does and I felt she truly cared about me and my case. Recommended Janicek Law Firm!

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Beth and Mona really helped in our case! They really did a wonderful job. I would recommend them to everyone I know.

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Incredibly talented and knowledgeable attorneys who will fight nursing homes and bring justice to seniors and their families.

We are very happy and satisfied with Janicek Law Firm. It was very difficult for me to find someone to review my case. Janicek Law Firm was professional and attentive to my questions. They will take the time to review your situation and are very dedicated to reviewing my case. Let us choose an accident attorney, Calfas Law Group, we’re not afraid to fight for you.

The trucking industry is subject to a variety of laws and regulations – our team of experienced attorneys knows how to determine who is to blame for these tragic accidents.

San Antonio 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Call Calfas Law Group, PLLC today at 210-405-8315 or contact us online to schedule a case with one of our 18 wheeler accident attorneys.

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There are many factors involved in car accidents, and proving who is at fault can often be difficult. It is important to understand that the larger trucking companies will have strong defenses on their side, which is why it is important to secure representation. Our 18 strong attorneys in San Antonio are ready to take on the biggest companies and trucking companies to ensure you have the best chance of recovering the maximum compensation.

Every day, you may share the road with 18-wheelers (commercial vehicles, usually trucks). Even though they are trained to follow strict safety rules and regulations, they often fail, leading to serious accidents. We urge you to contact The Calfas Law Group, PLLC to meet with one of our 18 attorneys to help you get the justice you deserve.

After getting over the initial shock of being a victim a

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