Injury Lawyer In Dallas

Injury Lawyer In Dallas – Disasters change the lives of those who experience them. Money piles up, wages dwindle or disappear, and families wonder if their lives will ever be the same.

At Arnold & Itkin, it is our mission to protect people who have experienced the most serious injuries, accidents and losses. Our Dallas personal injury lawyers have traveled the country to help those who need it most, fighting to find answers and demanding liability for their injuries. We’ve taken on some of the largest corporations, won life-changing settlements and awards that have helped our clients rebuild and find peace. In total, we have won more than $15 billion for injured parties.

Injury Lawyer In Dallas

Injury Lawyer In Dallas

When our Dallas personal injury lawyers take on a case, we give it everything we have. Serving Dallas, Fort Worth and all of America, we fight for what’s right.

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Many incidents can result in personal injury. Their personal circumstances may be different, but they all have one thing in common: someone can stop them.

You don’t have to be a victim of a company’s desire to put profits above anything else, or someone’s carelessness or wrongdoing. Our Dallas personal injury law firm is here to help you get answers, heal, and get on with your life.

We know that oil and gas companies, trucking companies and other corporations have a duty to protect workers, consumers, communities and the environment by maintaining safety standards and exercising due diligence. If not, good people will pay the price. Our Dallas personal injury attorneys stand up and fight for what’s right.

No matter what. Whoever the opponent is. That’s why when we see a terrible accident on the news, we’re the first company to start getting calls. We have a national reputation for fighting big bad companies and winning. Whatever the case, whatever the disaster, people choose us because we have a track record of consistently delivering excellent results.

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Helping people is our goal. Whether we represent the families of offshore workers following a marine accident, counsel consumers affected by unsafe products, or represent people who have experienced life-changing trauma from a truck accident. . We stand firm and stand firm in our opposition’s efforts to evade responsibility or deny wrongdoing. Our Dallas personal injury firm wins because we have no choice. It doesn’t matter. If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else’s negligence or through no fault of your own, you may be looking for a personal injury attorney who can help you get compensation. . Finding a personal injury attorney with the right skills and experience to handle your case can take time and effort. From choosing an attorney during candidate interviews to hiring a “quick turnaround” attorney who treats you like a number and doesn’t take you personally. What you deserve

Even if you want to start your personal injury lawsuit to get on with your life, it’s important to do your due diligence on each candidate because it could mean the difference between a small settlement and maximum compensation.

Every day, we at Kraft & Associates, Attorneys at Law, P.C. We Help People Like You Our attorneys can walk you through the steps of filing a Texas personal injury lawsuit and answer any questions you may have. Let our experienced Dallas attorneys advise you on your legal rights. Call us at (214) 999-9999 or fill out our online contact form for a free case review.

Injury Lawyer In Dallas

Injuries can seriously disrupt your life. The more severe your injury, the more complex your claim will be. If you have been seriously injured in an accident, it is important to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you seek financial assistance. Even minor injuries can be expensive to treat. An attorney can fight to get you fair compensation. If someone else injures you as a result of an accident, you should not be responsible for the costs of recovery.

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Regardless of how straightforward your claim is, it’s never a bad idea to hire an experienced personal injury attorney.

Hear directly from clients who have walked the path you’re on now and had life-changing results. These testimonials give you a true sense of the experience, compassion and dedication you can expect from our team of personal injury lawyers.

Kraft & Associates was the best law firm to work for. My attorney was Mr. Stewart and my caseworker was Tressa Gregory. Two of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. All my emails were answered within 12 hours. Very responsive and kind. If you are looking for a law firm that not only pays a fee, but also protects you and truly cares about you, consider Kraft & Associates.

They won my case! Great people, great service! I highly recommend them! Thanks to everyone at Craft & Associates! Bless you!

Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas Tx

We really appreciate Craft & Associates for a job well done. Matt Stewart really took control of the issue and produced an excellent result. I definitely recommend these guys for a happy ending.

Under Texas law, an accident victim must show three things in order to prevail in a personal injury case:

The victim’s family may also seek damages, including an award for loss of affection (called loss of consortium) or a wrongful death claim or action if the victim dies.

Injury Lawyer In Dallas

Under Texas law, you have a deadline to file a lawsuit for personal injury compensation. This filing period is known as the statute of limitations. Generally, you have two years from the date of injury to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you fail to file your lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires, the court may dismiss your lawsuit.

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The most common personal injury lawsuits in Dallas are necessary for many injuries resulting from accidents or other acts of negligence. The most common serious personal injuries that occur in accidents include:

The Law Firm of Kraft & Associates, Attorneys at Law, P.C. We mainly deal with the following types of claims:

Car Accidents – A large number of personal injury cases result from motor vehicle accidents, often resulting in serious injury or loss of life. Many of these cases involve a permanent impairment, disorder, or long-term medical condition that permanently affects the affected person.

Motorcycle Accidents – Motorcyclists are at increased risk of injury or death when they collide with another vehicle. Long-term consequences are often serious, including brain damage or spinal cord injuries.

Car Accident Lawyers In Dallas, Ga

Truck Accidents – The Dallas area has an incredible number of commercial truck accidents that often result in serious or fatal injuries or death. These are complex tasks that can involve many responsible parties.

Pedestrian Accidents – Heavy traffic in the area, as well as the high number of distracted and drunk drivers, have contributed to the high number of pedestrian accidents. These accidents are often fatal. If the victim survives, he or she may suffer permanent disfigurement or other serious health conditions.

Bicycle Accidents – Cyclists are at increased risk of serious injury or death after being involved in an accident involving other vehicles. We represent victims of bicycle accidents in Dallas, Fort Worth and North Texas.

Injury Lawyer In Dallas

Medical Malpractice – Healthcare providers who fail to meet accepted medical standards and cause harm to a patient may be held liable for negligence. Medical malpractice can occur in a variety of settings and can have serious consequences for the patient.

Texas Personal Injury Lawyer’s Win For Wronged Family

Birth Injuries – There are accepted standards of care for medical professionals involved in childbirth, including careful and continuous monitoring of the baby’s condition. If a child is injured due to medical negligence, the child’s family is entitled to compensation.

Prescription drug injuries – Drug manufacturers sometimes release or recall drugs after learning of potentially harmful or fatal side effects. If you have been harmed by harmful prescription drugs, you may be entitled to compensation.

Pharmacy Errors – Some pharmacists are under pressure to work more hours and fill more prescriptions than ever before. If the prescription is filled incorrectly, this situation can have disastrous consequences.

Marine Accidents – Accidents involving waterways are subject to special federal laws and are treated differently than other personal injury cases. Whether the injury is related to a boating accident, a gas or oil rig accident, or another incident on the water, it is important that you are represented by an attorney familiar with marine accidents.

Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas

Premises Liability – This category of claims includes issues such as lack of security, but is the most common.

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