Injury Lawyer Odessa Tx

Injury Lawyer Odessa Tx – Our personal injury attorneys are invincible and have consistently won the largest number of Texas trials and settlements.

A unique dedication to our clients, together with a history of achievements and judgments in saltwater and 18-boat accidents, oilfield accidents, factory and smelter explosions, and some of the most important work in the history of accidents.

Injury Lawyer Odessa Tx

Injury Lawyer Odessa Tx

Having successfully represented hundreds of accident and wrongful death victims in Texas and the United States, our Midland personal injury attorneys understand the devastating physical and financial toll accidents can have on our clients and their families, and are committed to receiving the best medical care possible. can . that he may nourish himself and his wealth with the rest of life.

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In addition to going undefeated, our Midwest personal injury attorneys have won billions for accident and wrongful death victims throughout Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana, and we’ve won judgments and settlements for them, consistently presenting evidence.

We were able to achieve these results because, unlike some law firms, we have deliberately limited our cheese, allowing our time and resources to maximize each of our individual recoveries.

Recently, for example, our personal injury attorneys recovered the largest oilfield accident in US history for an oilfield worker who was severely burned in a well blowout.

A year ago we filed another record with a $23.5 million settlement, the largest traffic accident in Texas, for a client injured in a collision with a commercial vehicle.

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A few months ago we recovered a record $100 million settlement for a group of workers injured in a fatal smelter explosion and a record $4.2 million claim against R&L Carriers, the nation’s largest privately held company.

Hiring a personal injury attorney is an important decision that affects the quality of care you receive and the ability to provide for you and your family in the future.

In addition to the experience, capabilities and skills of large companies and their teams of attorneys, a personal injury attorney who is willing and able to take your case to trial if the defendant refuses to offer you a full settlement. a lawyer will cover all your injuries and damages, who will do the best in your interests first, and is committed to ensuring that you (and your family) receive maximum compensation.

Injury Lawyer Odessa Tx

Since he successfully raised thousands of accidents and wrongful death victims in the most serious history, 18 wheels, oil fields, factories and smelting accidents and explosions, we only understand the way to pursue and receive only one possibility for you. a settlement or judgment that fully compensates you and your household for all of your past and future personal injuries and financial losses.

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But as experience shows, our Mediterranean injury attorneys have not only won for our clients, they have set records.

We are not a law firm to sign every case through the door. We believe that every customer receives our full and individual attention and remains our first and #1 priority.

That’s why we decided to limit our workload, allowing our managers and staff to fully concentrate on both sides, making sure that our customers receive the best medical care and keeping our customers informed. in their cases, from whence the case is filed, until the case is resolved.

From giving our clients access to the best doctors and health care providers in the country to helping them with their bills and setting up trust funds to pay for their children’s education with their cases, our Midland personal injury attorneys strive to do it all. which they can so that our clients recover as quickly as possible and have the financial resources they need to care for and support themselves and the rest of their lives.

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Dedication, dedication and openness to our clients is what sets Zehl & Associates apart from other law firms – and allows us to consistently achieve the record breaking wins the firm is known for winning for clients.

You can hear what our customers have to say by clicking on the links below or by visiting our Customer Testimonials page or our YouTube channel.

In the past five years alone, our invincible personal injury attorneys have handled some of the most serious and fatal 18-rober, oilfield or cable-related injuries in the Mediterranean, Odessa, Pecos, Monahans and Permian Basin, recovering billions for each individual. family and various accidents and explosions in history.

Injury Lawyer Odessa Tx

If you or a loved one has been injured because of someone’s carelessness or negligence, our invincible personal injury attorneys can help.

Personal Injury Lawyers In Dallas Fort Worth—call Us 24/7!

Our agents will answer your questions, explain your rights, and make sure you do what’s best for you and your family.

All consultations are free and because we work on a contingency basis, you don’t owe us a penny until we win your case.

Call 1-888-603-3636, chat with us via the chat button, or click here to send us a private email via our contact form.

What sets our Houston personal injury attorneys apart from other law firms? Our mission is to our clients and we achieve results for them.

The Best 10 Personal Injury Law In Odessa, Tx

In addition to the undefeated outcome, we have won billions of casualty victims in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and throughout the United States, we have recovered the largest judgments and settlements in Texas and the history of our opponents and we always spend the greatest resources for all. received by our clients.

For example, we recently recovered $90 million for an oilfield contractor who had a well drilled in Burleson County, Texas. This compound is the# largest oil field accident site in US history.

Last year we set another record for a $23.5 million settlement for a client who was seriously injured after being hit by a commercial vehicle. The combination was the most destructive in Texas.

Injury Lawyer Odessa Tx

We also recently received a record $100 million settlement for a group of workers injured in a smelter explosion. Not only is this the largest settlement in the factory owner’s history, but we were able to achieve this despite the owner’s efforts to limit our clients to less than $50,000 in workers’ compensation.

Midland Odessa Truck Accident Lawyers

Ryan Zehl won a record $3.2 million judgment in the Eastern District of Louisiana for a rescue worker who injured his back in a 10-foot fall on a botched beach personnel transfer.

Our Houston truck accident attorneys have also negotiated $6 million settlements in serious bus accidents after successfully petitioning a court to require drivers to undergo a sleep test to prove they had a medical condition. prohibited commercial vehicles.

Our attorneys have secured a $4.2 million judgment against R&L Carriers, the nation’s largest privately held company, after 5 weeks in Dallas, Texas. The ## verdict is the largest in R&L’s corporate history, and the only case in which a punitive damages award was awarded against the company and upheld on appeal.

A few years ago, we recovered an $18.8 million verdict against Greyhound Bus Company, the largest ## case verdict in Texas, for a client who suffered a herniated disc in his back when the bus overturned on an icy road.

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We are able to achieve these unprecedented results because we work harder and prepare more than our competitors, we prepare every case for trial and until the client and their family members are fully compensated for all injuries and damages, we do not accept the offer.

Having successfully represented thousands of clients who have been seriously injured or tragically killed in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and across the United States, our personal injury attorneys have handled the physical and financial impact of accidents on our clients, their families, and theirs. futures., which shows the secret. We often understand the compromise of giving our clients access to the best medical care and the ability to care for themselves and their loved ones without worrying about how they will pay their bills.

It is this insurmountable obligation to our clients and their families that urges our 18 car accident attorneys, wrongful death attorneys, plant explosion attorneys, personal injury attorneys, minor moving attorneys, and oilfield accident attorneys to work the time and resources necessary to help each one. Our clients receive maximum compensation.

Injury Lawyer Odessa Tx

See what people, workers and families across the United States are saying about their experience working with our invincible personal injury attorneys.

Midland Personal Injury Attorneys

Our success both on and off the court has been covered by major media outlets around the world, including:

More than 5,000 workers, individuals and families across the United States have filed personal injury claims.

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