New Worlds Reading Scholarship Accounts

New Worlds Reading Scholarship Accounts – Steps For Students works closely with private schools, public schools, educational service providers and educational product providers to provide Florida PreK3-12 students with educational opportunities.

Steps Up, which can be downloaded here, provides an overview of the private school, exceptional ability and state scholarship programs. Flyers are available in English and Spanish.

New Worlds Reading Scholarship Accounts

New Worlds Reading Scholarship Accounts

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Your child can attend a private school with the help of K-12 First Steps for Students. All families are now eligible, regardless of household income, to receive an average of $7,700 per year per child for tuition and other school needs. A child must be a resident of Florida and be eligible to enroll in a K-12 school to receive the scholarship. Learn more or apply today at

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Beginning July 1, 2021, dependent children of reservists or active duty members of the U.S. military are eligible for private school scholarships. And dependent children are always eligible for school scholarships regardless of income. Please use this information to help raise awareness for students in the military and law enforcement community.

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Promote your school as a Step Up For Students partner by displaying a 6’x3′ banner outside the school. Writing provides the foundation for academic success from an early age. Students who struggle with reading may still struggle to reach their academic potential. New Account Study Scholarships Account allows for early registration to help students progress.

The program helps students in grades K-5 by providing families with access to a $500 savings account (ESA) to pay for educational programs and resources.

Step Up for Students who are no longer eligible to receive a World Diploma for the 2022-2023 school year. Interested in the New World Scholarship for the 2023-2024 academic year? Subscribe to our interest list. You will be the first to know about changes to the program and you will be notified when it is time to apply.

New Worlds Reading Scholarship Accounts

Have you applied for the 2022-2023 New World Scholarship and are you waiting for your application to be processed and/or funded?

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Steps For Students will continue to work with the state of Florida over the summer to provide and support students for the 2022-2023 school year. You will be notified via e-mail when student applications are processed and/or funded.

New Account The Reading Scholarship Account offers access to an Education Savings Account (ESA). An ESA works like a bank account with money you can use for educational purposes.

Pre-approved services and products are available through the Step Up For Students Education Market (EMA) where families can use grant money without paying out of pocket. Families also have the option to purchase services and products and file a claim through EMA.

Students who are eligible for the New Reading Scholarship Account may also be eligible to receive a free book each month through the Lastinger Center at the University of Florida.

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This literacy program helps Florida’s struggling readers build a personalized library based on their interests while providing families with practical tools to help build reading confidence. Books are available in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole and Braille.

To avoid upfront costs, Reading Family Scholarships can choose one of the top student payment options. Direct payment methods include part-time teachers, after-school and summer reading programs, and pre-approved purchases through EMA.

Reading support organizations may also choose to pay out-of-pocket for eligible products and services. Families can log in to EMA to submit a refund request.

New Worlds Reading Scholarship Accounts

Organizations must first create an EMA account. They will automatically create their profile. After that, families can add students to “My Students”. Finally, parents can click on the “apply” button for the New Bus Scholarship.

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Step Up For Students will send you information to the email address you used when you applied. You can also log into EMA to view your application at any time.

Sponsored families can log into EMA at any time to view their New Worlds Reading Scholarship account. New Worlds Reading Initiative works to increase children’s reading skills, one free book at a time

New Worlds Reading Initiative sends one free book per month to children enrolled in the program.

Welcome to Florida, a podcast showcasing student success, teaching excellence and cutting-edge research at the University of Florida.

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If a child can’t read at a third-grade level, there’s a good chance they’ll struggle throughout their school years — and may be on track to not graduate from high school. In this episode, Shaunté Duggins talks about Florida’s New Worlds Reading Initiative, based at UF’s Lastinger Center for Learning, and how she hopes to change that trend—one book at a time. Produced by Nicci Brown, Brooke Adams, Emma Richards and James L. Sullivan. Original music by Daniel Townsend, a doctoral candidate in music composition in the College of the Arts.

Nicci Brown: The New York Times recently reported a dramatic decline in the math and reading scores of nine-year-olds across the country. But there is hope in Florida as our state may be taking steps to ensure that children are reading on grade level.

Today we are going to talk about the New World Literacy Program and how it helps families increase their children’s literacy. This is not the only action the government is taking, but the program can be a model for the country in solving this problem.

New Worlds Reading Scholarship Accounts

Our guest today is Shaunté Duggins, associate director of the event, which is housed at the University of Florida’s Graduate Center for Learning. Welcome, Shaunté!

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Shaunté Duggins: Of course. So, the New Worlds Reading Initiative was created by House Speaker Chris Sprowls and received bipartisan support in the Florida Legislature, and was signed into law in June 2021. And so the bill of Assembly 3 created the new Global Literacy Program, and it is a statewide program designed to accelerate reading and improve literacy among our state’s K-5 students who are not reading on grade level.

Nicci Brown: So, the New York Times reported earlier this month that it recently released the results of a national test that showed nine-year-olds’ math and reading scores had dropped by the most in more than 30 years. at the beginning of this year and the scores compared to those produced in 2020, of course, were just before the epidemic. First, why are the literacy skills of nine-year-olds, typically third or fourth graders, important?

Shaunté Duggins is the associate director of the New Worlds Reading Initiative, headquartered at Florida State University. Photo credit: Lastinger Center for Learning.

Shaunté Duggins: So we know that the primary mission of schools is to teach children to read. And reading affects all other areas of the curriculum, but in reality many children fail to develop as proficient readers. Therefore, reading comprehension has received a lot of attention because children often struggle in this area, and there are consequences not only in school, but also financially, and even in life.

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So the researchers found that students who were identified as poor readers at the end of the first year were less likely to achieve high-level reading skills. And so the data shows that kids who don’t read at the third grade level are more likely to not graduate from high school. And so good reading and teaching is very important for young children. And there is this great transition from learning to read and reading to learn. And for most children, it usually happens after third grade when children are eight or nine years old. And if children do not read well, and this is reflected in what they read, by the time they enter the fourth grade, they are less likely to use their literacy skills.

Nicci Brown: So, the news The New York Times said, have we seen a similar decline in Florida?

Shaunté Duggins: We actually have. So nationwide, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2019 only 34% of fourth graders were proficient or literate. And for some things only excellence shows consistent learning performance. So these are the students who have reached this level, they have the ability to read. Then again, nationwide, only 34%. In 2019 in our state of Florida, 38% of fourth graders were at or above proficient in reading. And that’s compared to 41% in 2017 and 39% in 2015. So we’ve seen a decline, even though Florida is

New Worlds Reading Scholarship Accounts

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