Personal Injury Lawyer In Dallas Tx

Personal Injury Lawyer In Dallas Tx – Almost everywhere you turn, you face the possibility of a serious accident in Dallas. Accidents can happen when you’re on the road, walking down the street, shopping, at the pool, or anywhere else – and when you least expect them. The effects of such events can last for months or years and can change your life forever. If you have experienced a serious personal injury case in Dallas, you need serious representation.

Practicing law in Texas for over 20 years, attorney Stewart J. Guss and his team of attorneys and legal professionals have a deep appreciation and understanding of what makes the state of Texas so special.

Personal Injury Lawyer In Dallas Tx

Personal Injury Lawyer In Dallas Tx

Our team of Dallas personal injury lawyers and legal experts fully understand the rights of accident victims under Texas law. We have the resources and knowledge to ensure that all our clients receive maximum compensation. If you have suffered a personal injury accident in Dallas, call us now for your free consultation at (800) 898-4877, or you can contact us to submit your case for review. We will always be here to help you, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

Dallas, Tx Personal Injury Attorney

You can choose from many different personal injury law firms that handle cases in or around Dallas. However, not all law firms know how to successfully litigate your personal injury claim.

Some injury companies try to settle every case as quickly as possible, resulting in a result that is much less than what you really deserve. Other companies may not have the resources or experience to fully investigate what happened in your accident and gather the evidence needed to prove your full damages. You don’t want to risk liability for medical expenses and other losses because you didn’t hire a law firm that knew how to stand up for your rights.

Stewart J. Guss and his team of attorneys and legal professionals are committed to providing the highest quality legal representation to all clients. While we take aggressive action against insurance companies and negligent parties, we always treat our clients like family. You will receive the respect and attention your case requires for the best possible solution. We have many years of experience behind us, which allows us to serve as loyal and effective advocates for your rights.

Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers

Many accident victims call a law firm because they are concerned about the cost of legal services. After all, if you’re looking at a bunch of medical bills and other unpaid expenses while you can’t work, the last thing you need is another financial burden. The good news is that anyone can hire the team of attorneys and legal experts at Stewart J. Guss, Personal Injury Attorney.

Our firm handles personal injury cases on a passive fee basis, meaning you owe us nothing until your case is settled. Consultations are always free, so please call our office to discuss how we can help and why you may be eligible to represent our company.

Our firm is widely recognized in Dallas, throughout Texas, and even throughout the United States. Please contact us today to learn why our law firm is unique, and to discuss your legal rights and options.

Personal Injury Lawyer In Dallas Tx

Many types of accidents can result in personal injuries. Different accidents require different legal expertise to achieve the best possible outcome, so your legal team needs experience with cases like yours. Our personal injury attorneys and legal experts typically handle cases that include:

Metro Dallas Ft Worth Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Texas

Stewart J. Guss, Personal Injury Attorneys, has a law office located at 1910 Pacific Avenue, Suite 6000, Dallas, TX 75201.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) collects reports of traffic accidents that occur throughout the state. According to the latest reports, Dallas County and the Dallas area reported the following crash statistics for 2022:

Almost any type of personal injury case in Dallas can result in serious injuries. We take all injuries seriously and understand that physical and mental injuries can require extensive medical treatments and cause a lot of pain and suffering. Below are some examples of injuries we have helped our clients with:

Every accident and injury is unique and we treat every claim as such. Whatever your situation, don’t hesitate to give us a call and discuss how we can help you.

Personal Injury Attorney In Dallas, Tx

No one expects to suffer a personal injury, and when they do, you should do everything you can to protect your interests when you are on the scene. If you are the victim of a personal injury accident, follow these simple steps.

The first step you should take is to call for help. Call 911 immediately if you have injuries that affect your mobility or may be life-threatening. Call for EMS and police assistance.

Victims of personal injury may hesitate to call the police, but in most cases, it is helpful and necessary. The police will come to the scene and make sure you get the help you need and that no one else is at risk of harm.

Personal Injury Lawyer In Dallas Tx

Get medical attention for your injuries as soon as possible, and follow all recommendations from your provider regarding care and treatment. This will not only help your case but also increase your chances of a full recovery.

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If possible, while you wait for help, take a few quick minutes to gather as much evidence as you can about the accident and your surroundings. If you can, take pictures of the accident, including the surroundings and anything that may have caused your injuries.

There is no time to waste after a personal injury accident. When you are receiving medical treatment, call a Dallas personal injury attorney at Stewart J. Guss, Personal Injury Attorneys as soon as possible. We can discuss your situation and legal options to recover compensation for your injuries.

Injury can happen to anyone. The CDC estimates that there are more than 95 million ER visits in the United States each year for the treatment of unintentional injury.

This is surprising given the number of people who suffer injuries serious enough to require emergency medical attention. These accidental injuries can be due to various causes and reasons.

Best Personal Injury Lawyers In Town ‘n’ Country, Florida

One of the most common causes of injuries is negligence. When someone is negligent and causes harm to another person, there are personal injury lawsuits and damages to recover.

Personal injuries occur when someone is harmed due to the negligent, reckless or intentional actions of another party. When a personal injury occurs, the victim may be entitled to file a claim for damages or a lawsuit if they can prove that the defendant’s negligence caused their loss.

Fault can be determined in a number of circumstances in a personal injury accident. Every personal injury case is different because of the facts and events that lead to the victim’s injury. No rule covers every situation or state where a party is to blame for an injury to another.

Personal Injury Lawyer In Dallas Tx

Depending on the situation, the duty of care and the relationship between the parties will affect the person who is the victim of the injury and damage. Only one party may be at fault, or several parties may be at fault for causing harm to the victim. In cases where multiple parties are at fault, each party may be required to pay a percentage of the damages to the victim.

Carrollton Personal Injury Lawyer

Your Dallas personal injury attorney will look at the evidence related to your accident to determine who may be responsible for you. In some cases, the victim may not know that the other party caused their injuries. Your attorney will not only determine the liability of each party in your case but can also pursue damages against them.

Once they identify all the responsible parties, your attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf and fight for you every step of the way to increase your chances of achieving a successful outcome.

To find out what damages you are entitled to after a personal injury accident, a Dallas personal injury lawyer will work with you to go through any type of loss you may have suffered to calculate your legal damages. While a damage calculation by your attorney does not guarantee the compensation you will receive in your case, it does help you and your attorney negotiate a settlement with an insurance company. You will know if a settlement will pay your bills or if you have to go to court to prove your case.

In Texas, a victim of a personal injury accident must file a lawsuit in civil court within two years of the accident. If the plaintiff fails to comply with the law, the court will prevent them from recovering their loss. Any lawsuit filed after this deadline will usually be dismissed by the court.

Personal Injury Lawyer Near Dallas Tx

Like most personal injury attorneys, the attorneys at Stewart J. Guss, Dallas Personal Injury lawyers handle personal injury cases on a no-fee basis. That means you have to pay upfront to be represented, and you don’t have to

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