Gcu Scholarships List

Gcu Scholarships List – The mission of Grand Canyon University’s Inspiring Students (SIS) scholarship program is to provide local students with the opportunity to receive a private college education. Many inner-city students in our community are unable to fulfill their dreams of obtaining a college education due to many challenges, including financial hardship. To make private, Christian education an accessible reality for all, GCU’s Inspiring Students program provides students with the tools and conviction to pursue and achieve their dreams of earning a college degree while giving back to their community.

GCU and SIS have awarded more than 650 full scholarships and awarded students more than $7 million in scholarships since 2016.

Gcu Scholarships List

Gcu Scholarships List

You can move local high school students forward in their educational journey by supporting this program today. Your gift will go directly to the SIS scholarship, helping to cover all tuition and course fees. Make your gift to the SIS Scholarship Program below to change the future of deserving youth in our community.

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I would like to thank the person who funded my scholarship that allowed me to go to college. I want them to know that they helped an immigrant achieve a lifelong goal of getting an education. Because of people like them, the world is becoming a better place. Jose Monarrez, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

If I met the person who gave the scholarship funds, I wouldn’t know how to thank him. Thanking them is just the beginning. Because of their donations, they give children with less resources a chance to create a better future for themselves and their families. I want them to know that they are really making a difference. Johanna S. Gonzales, Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics

While at GCU I realized that if all the children had someone to look up to, this could change their outcome and allow them to become someone better. Now I look back in life and see that what I dreamed of became possible through SIS and now I am entering my career and starting to live my lifelong dream. Sean Oliver, Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

Speaking for many, college was not the best choice for us due to financial struggles and challenges. The scholarship was a blessing – an opportunity for us as students to achieve our dreams and goals. This helped my family and they are very proud of me for being the first generation to get their bachelor’s degree. John Nguyen, Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies PHOENIX, April 1, 2019 // — Grand Canyon University surprised 50 high school seniors from Phoenix and Glendale with full scholarships.

Grand Canyon University Scholarships For International Students

The full tuition scholarship for Inspiring Students (SIS) is designed to improve educational opportunities for students with limited financial means. The SIS Scholarship is a collaboration between GCU, the Grand Canyon University Scholarship Foundation, local high schools and business leaders and philanthropists.

Each year, the University awards full tuition scholarships to students from city high schools who maintain a minimum 3.5 grade point average, demonstrate financial need, and have received 100 or more hours of academic assistance in the Hall of -GCU tuition, post-school. learning and mentoring program.

When SIS scholarship winners enter GCU next fall, they pay it forward as undergraduates and provide 100 hours a year of on-site mentoring and academic support of Learning Hall to help the next cohort of K-12 students.

Gcu Scholarships List

“We are investing in human capital,” said Dr. Joe Veres, GCU Vice President for Student Success. “This scholarship program is in its fourth year at the university and is running. It is gratifying to see these students spending time in the Learning Hall, receiving the scholarship of “study and succeed on campus. They are brilliant and wonderful young men and women who all that is needed is a financial incentive to go to college.”

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The average GPA of this year’s 50 SIS scholarship recipients, who come from 15 different Phoenix high schools, is 4.1. In addition to high academic achievement, recipients must also receive strong recommendations from GCU Learning Lounge Leads (Learning Advocates).

GCU President Brian Mueller said he hopes to attract more donors to the SIS program in order to expand the number of scholarship recipients. GCU matches all donations to the scholarship program.

“The best part of this program is that, as a donor, you are not only investing in a young person who now has the opportunity to get a college education and make a better future for himself or herself,” said Mueller. “That in itself is inspiring enough. But that scholarship recipient, in turn, will impact hundreds of other high school students by serving in the Hall of Learning as a student of GCU. It elevates an entire community. Our goal is to create an inner-city community-minded education that people want to be a part of.

“The impact this program is having on our state is truly transformative and could become a model to be emulated nationally.”

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About Grand Canyon University: Grand Canyon University was founded in 1949 and is Arizona’s top private Christian university. GCU is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and offers more than 230 academic programs, majors and certificates for both traditional graduate students and working professionals. The University’s curriculum emphasizes interaction with classmates, both in person and online, and individual attention from teachers, while combining academic rigor with Christian values ​​to help students find the -their purpose and become capable and attentive professionals. For more information, visit gcu.edu.

About the Grand Canyon University Scholarship Foundation: The Grand Canyon University Scholarship Foundation was founded in 2006 and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing scholarships to traditional full-time students who attend Grand Canyon University. For more information, visit gcuscholarshipfoundation.org.

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Gcu Scholarships List

To be eligible for any GCU scholarship, you must first be accepted as a full-time student at the institution.

Community Through Esports At Gcu

Once accepted, you can begin searching through the online scholarship catalog or by visiting the financial aid office on campus.

GCU scholarships are all undergraduate scholarships. Regardless of your preferred choice of study, as long as your choice of study course is offered by the university, you will be considered.

The Grand Canyon University Scholarship is funded by the Grand Canyon University Scholarship Foundation to help students study at Grand Canyon University in America.

Applicants must first and foremost be current GCU students. Students must also have a minimum 3.0 GPA, demonstrate financial need and have an outstanding academic record.

Students Inspiring Students: Grand Canyon University Awards 50 Full Tuition Scholarships

Applicants must also participate in extracurricular activities and demonstrate leadership characteristics. Applicants must also be able to express their thoughts effectively and write good essays.

Scholarship money is limited, and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit the GCU website or contact the financial aid office

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