Grand Canyon Scholarships

Grand Canyon Scholarships – Dozens of construction workers, landscapers and other working families filled the room, many of them hopeful immigrants. Many high school seniors left the parents who brought them to a new country, remembering how they studied hard without knowing a word of English, got good grades, and landed here at Grand Canyon University on a Friday night.

Father Flavio Bustos stood up, turned to the 25 students and their parents, and began a chant that was quickly joined by the others:

Grand Canyon Scholarships

Grand Canyon Scholarships

Yes, they won the full-tuition Inspiring Students Scholarship from GCU for high-achieving students from needy families in surrounding neighborhoods.

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Many people said it meant the difference between not going to college and being able to follow their dreams.

So Evelyn Silva turned to the single mother of three who bakes bread, hugged her tightly and cried.

“It’s been a long struggle,” said mother Claudia Silva, an immigrant from Mexico, whose thoughts were echoed by a family member. “We have been fighting alone for a long time. All the sacrifices have been worth it. I am very proud that he was able to achieve this goal.”

Evelyn vividly remembers sitting alone in class not knowing a word of English, “going from A to F and struggling to learn how to communicate.” But with the help of English teachers at Thunderbird Elementary School and then at Thunderbird High School, he made it through the night.

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“To help people,” he said. “I want to help people understand whether their experiences are affecting them in a negative or positive way.”

Jenn Mitchell, who started five days ago as director of SIS and the Hall of Learning, where recipients are taught on the GCU campus, said others at GCU are aware of the happy reaction of students and families to the surprise SIS announcements, but he was surprised. .

For good reason, you know what it means to families—there are now 675 scholarships offered.

Grand Canyon Scholarships

SIS recipients come from all backgrounds, but Friday night the room was filled mostly with Latino students and parents, who listened to announcements in English and Spanish.

High Schoolers Surprised With Full Ride Scholarship To Grand Canyon University

Bianca Hansen, SIS researcher and learning advocate, told the group that she remembers that night as the first step in her education, but the community she met at GCU made her “realize that I was working on something bigger than myself.”

Jesus Ruiz Suarez, who was awarded the scholarship on Friday, already has that in mind. He advocated for other immigrants, especially Dreamers like his older sister, and said he recently had to speak with Gov. Katie Hobbs about educational opportunities for them.

After attending Brophy College Preparatory, being surrounded by so many people from similar backgrounds means a lot.

“I tend to be around other people who are not like me,” she said. “It’s a great place to grow up. Their parents worked hard to come here.”

Native American Scholarship Program 2022 — Freeport Mcmoran Is Offering Three Different Scholarships Administered By Education Forward Arizona

Jesus said his mother, Isabel Suarez, who watched her older sister Sandra Ruiz earn a nursing degree at GCU and younger brother Martin Ruiz thrive as a sophomore here, was still overcome when she heard Friday. , and repeated his thoughts:

“He said he felt like he was going to faint from the emotions that were coming out of him. It was great that all his children had their dreams come true.’

Ruiz Suarez will enter a strange place in his family. Only his uncle had a college education, and that was because the whole extended family came together to help him become the person he could be. Now he is going to university with his four years of study.

Grand Canyon Scholarships

Her 16-year-old brother drowned, and the family left home to find a new life in Phoenix. Both mother Iliana and father Jose worked long hours in construction so they could have the opportunities they didn’t have.

Joe Rommel Memorial Scholarship

“Without God, I don’t know what I would do,” said the Bourgade Catholic High School teacher, who will major in psychology. “My parents really helped me. They were always there for me when I was down. “The mission of Grand Canyon University’s Inspiring Students Scholarship Program (SIS) is to provide local students with the opportunity to receive an exceptional college education. Many inner-city students in our community are unable to pursue their dreams of receiving a college education. challenges, including financial hardship. To make special and Christian education an accessible reality for all, GCU’s Inspiring Students program provides students with the direction and confidence to pursue their dreams of earning and pursuing a college degree while Give yourself to your community.

GCU and SIS have awarded more than 650 full-tuition scholarships and more than $7 million in scholarships to students since 2016.

You can encourage local high school students on their educational journey today by supporting this program. Your gift will go directly to SIS scholarships, helping to cover all tuition and course fees. Make your gift to the SIS scholarship program below to change the future of talented young people in our community.

I would like to thank whoever funded my scholarship to allow me to go to college. I want them to know that they helped an immigrant achieve his lifelong goal of education. Because of people like them, the world is better. Jose Monarrez, graduated in Mechanical Engineering

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If I meet the person who donated the scholarship funds, I won’t know how to thank them. Thanksgiving will be just the beginning. Through their donations, they enable children with less resources to create a better future for themselves and their families. I want you to know that they really do make a difference. Johanna S. Gonzales, BA in Finance and Economics

When I was at GCU, I realized that if all kids can look up to someone, it can change their outcome and make someone better. Now I look at life and see that what I only dreamed of was possible with SIS and now I am going to my career and start my life dream. Sean Oliver, Bachelor of Science in Forensic Studies

Speaking for many, college was not a top choice for us due to financial struggles and challenges. The scholarship was a blessing for us students, an opportunity to achieve our dreams and goals. This has helped my family and they are very proud of me for being the first generation to receive a bachelor’s degree. John Nguyen, Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies, SEI Endowment Fund on behalf of the John P. Torgenson Donor Advised Fund, and in memory of Karen Reyes, Grand Canyon River Leaders is proud to announce an annual grant for 80 years. Provides Hourly Wilderness First Response (WFR) training for individuals from eleven Grand Canyon tribes. It is our hope that this Indigenous WFR grant can help pave the way for the Grand Canyon’s original stewards, facilitating and promoting much-needed diversity, equity and inclusion in the Grand Canyon. Canyon outdoor industry workers.

Grand Canyon Scholarships

To provide flexibility for applicants, we have selected broad parameters for Indigenous WFR Scholarships to work in any aspect of the outdoor industry (river guide, hiking guide, scientific work, etc.) to work in the Grand Canyon and more. so!

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Arizona And Fiesta Bowl Grant $86,000 To 20 Empowering Diversity Scholarship Winners

Will fund three full scholarships per year, but applicants can apply for a partial tuition based on need. The scholarship program operates year-round with open enrollment on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted. Upon approval, the grantee will be awarded directly for the WFR course that works best for the recipient’s program. The scholarship also covers food/accommodation expenses for those in need during the course.

More details about the Desert Indigenous Response Scholarship Program and the scholarship application that can be completed can be found here:

Grand Canyon River Guides is proud to announce an annual program featuring SWIFTWATER RESCUE TRAINING (also known as River Rescue Training) for eleven Grand Canyon tribes. It is our hope that this grant can help Grand Canyon’s original managers smooth that path by facilitating and promoting much-needed diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Grand Canyon’s outdoor industry workforce. The purpose of the Grand Canyon University Scholarship Foundation is to provide scholarships to students. so that the lack of financial resources does not hinder their bright future. It is a 501(c)(3) public charity that operates independently. This program is primarily for students attending Grand Canyon University’s land campus full-time. The Grand Canyon University Scholarship Foundation (GCUSF) award is given in partnership with Grand Canyon University (GCU). Each organization must pay half of the total award.

In order to receive a scholarship from GCU, you must first be admitted to the institution as a full-time student.

Grand Canyon University Offering Full Ride Scholarships

Once approved, you can start browsing the online scholarship catalog

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