Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Bakersfield

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Bakersfield – There are many factors involved in a motorcycle accident. However, accident statistics have found that the main cause of Bakersfield motorcycle accidents is other drivers failing to see the bikes. In fact, about two-thirds of motorcycle accidents occur when the driver of a larger vehicle fails to see the motorcycle, resulting in side-swiping, crossing the road, and other dangerous incidents.

If you have been injured or a loved one killed in a motorcycle accident in California, please contact our Bakersfield car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Mickey Fine online or by calling (661) 333-3333 to schedule a free consultation today . Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney Mickey Fine serves serious motorcycle accident victims in California from our office in Bakersfield. If your injuries prevent you from traveling, Mickey Fine will come to your location to help you with the services you need to get the justice you deserve.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Bakersfield

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Bakersfield

In California and throughout the United States, more than 70% of motorcycle accidents occur when car and truck drivers fail to see bicycles or yield the right of way to motorcycles. Common causes of motorcycle accidents in Bakersfield include:

Calculating Damages In Motorcycle Accident Cases: A Comprehensive Guide

This is the most common of motorcycle accidents. Often, cars fail to see the motorcycle or don’t judge the motorcycle’s speed correctly when turning left at an intersection and end up causing a collision. This situation can be blamed in several scenarios, such as negligence, distracted driving, blind spots, and others. These accidents are usually caused by drivers who fail to see the motorcycle in their rearview mirror when turning.

Rear-end accidents and intersection accidents are also common. Regardless of where your motorcycle accident occurred, if it was caused by another driver, you have the right to seek compensation well beyond the insurance company’s offer. Remember, insurance companies are more interested in helping their bottom line than in helping motorcycle accident victims recover from serious injuries. Our experienced California motorcycle accident attorney, Mickey Fine, will take your case seriously to help you get the fair compensation you deserve.

Speeding in any vehicle – motorcycle, car, or truck – is illegal and should be avoided. Riding a motorcycle at high speed is a very dangerous activity. Often, riders act too fast and end up paying big money for doing so. According to a report from NHTSA, in 2013, 34% of all fatal motorcycle accidents were caused by speeding motorcycles. This is higher compared to car (21%), electric vehicle drivers (18%), and truck drivers (8%).

Road conditions can be a major concern for motorcyclists. There are various situations that can cause problems for drivers. Wet and slippery surfaces, ditches, objects in the road, and irregularities in the road can all prove to be very dangerous. Drivers should always be on the lookout for things like:

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Motorcycle Injury Attorneys

The problem with motorcycles is that you will not see a road defect or obstacle until you are right at the obstacle or defect.

Like driving a car, operating a motorcycle while under the influence can prove fatal. According to NHTSA, 30% of cyclists involved in serious accidents have a BAC over .08%. Being drunk on a motorcycle increases your chances of getting into a real accident. When riding at night, riders with a BAC over .08% increase their risk of getting into an accident by 46% compared to riding during the day.

Blind spot accidents are scary and can happen in an instant. Most motorcyclists think that having a loud exhaust or a brightly colored bike will increase the chances of other drivers seeing/hearing them. However, that is not the case. The exhaust pipe points towards the back of the motorcycle, so the sound travels to the back, not the front. Additionally, lane splitting is illegal in California, which makes everything worse. Drivers may suddenly decide to change lanes in slow motion while a motorcycle is between them. Being on a motorcycle in the driver’s blind spot is not recommended and it should be best practice either by a protected vehicle or just keep in their mirror. A good rule of thumb when on a motorcycle is that if you can’t see the driver’s face in their mirror, then they can’t see you.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Bakersfield

There is no question about it; two wheels on the road vs fouris will have a big effect on the cornering and maneuverability when riding on the road, especially in bad weather. Since Bakersfield’s annual snowfall is 0 and is close to 0 everywhere else in California, motorcycles can ride year round. Rain, on the other hand, is when things can get downright slippery. The worst time to ride a motorcycle when it rains is when it starts to rain. That rain washed away all the dirt and gravel on the road and turned it into snow for the motorbikes.

Top Motorcycle Accident Lawyers In East Elmhurst, Ny

The bottom line is not motor power but weight. The motorcycle is very light, and it sits basically on the engine. Motorcycles are meant to be ridden hard because of their performance capabilities. When you push something hard, every time, parts will be damaged or misaligned. When you are traveling at high speed and something falls, bad things can happen. Reach within your comfort zone and the limits of your abilities. Additionally, if you hear or feel that something is wrong with your motorcycle, pull it out and have it checked. The worst thing you can do is ignore the signs of trouble when you are traveling at high speeds with limited safety.

Let’s face it we’ve become a mobile world, a microwave society where we need stuff, and we need it now. Our phones have given us a sense of convenience, meaning we can get what we want when we want it. However, it doesn’t always mean the right thing to do. We see it often; Drivers are texting, talking, changing music, looking at GPS, eating, and the list goes on and on. According to the CDC, every day, as many as 9 people are killed and more than 1,000 are injured in accidents reported involving drivers of he is confused. When you are behind the wheel of a car, you have to focus on one thing, driving. When you ride a motorcycle, you only have to focus on one thing, the ride. The bright side about distracted driving is that it can be prevented if we don’t touch or look at our mobile devices. Look twice and save a life; it’s not worth it.

Although the majority of motorcycle accidents are not caused by riders, mistreatment of motorcyclists can prevent you from being treated fairly by others involved in the accident, law enforcement, and insurance companies. Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney Mickey Fine knows how unfair this injustice is and has spent nearly three decades standing up for the rights of motorcyclists and helping injured motorcyclists receive maximum compensation.

Many injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident will result in both immediate medical insurance and long-term rehabilitation. These methods have also proven to be insufficient to restore function and require permanent housing and lifestyle changes. Your injuries can prevent you from working, cause additional financial losses, and cause untold physical pain and emotional stress. California motorcycle accident victims deserve full compensation for all their damages. Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney Mickey Rupa knows what to do in this case to help ensure that justice is served, and that he provides you with a settlement that provides everything you will need to recover.

Motorcycle Accident And Personal Injury Lawyer

Because motorcycles provide less protection for their riders during impact, motorcycle accidents tend to produce a greater number of traumatic injuries than those involving passenger vehicles. Even when wearing safety equipment, motorcycle accidents often result in:

Whether the motorcyclist has a helmet or not, traumatic brain injury (TBI) is common when a motorcyclist crashes with their head on the asphalt. Minor brain injuries like concussions and more serious injuries can leave riders dependent on others for their lives.

Levels of brain injury caused by motorcycle accidents include mild, moderate, and severe. Signs of moderate TBI are as follows.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Bakersfield

Wearing a helmet is the only way to reduce your risk of sustaining a head injury from a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle riders who wear helmets increase their chances of surviving a motorcycle accident. Helmets can also help reduce the severity of head injuries.

Serious Crash Involving Motorcycle Shuts Down Tucson Road

When they threw the motorcyclist from his bike and strayed from the parking lot, they kicked his body with force, which caused serious injuries. When your body is thrown in such a way, spinal cord injuries can occur. Torn ligaments, ruptured discs, and lacerations are rare injuries in motorcycle accidents. According to

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