What Is The Difference Between Military Prison And Regular Prison

What Is The Difference Between Military Prison And Regular Prison – 6 / 6 Show caption + Hide caption – 18016-A-RW053-109 CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait — Sgt. 1st Class Gerry Kistner, 1st Sergeant for the 340th Military Police Battalion, watches as his Soldiers prepare to fly a Black Hawk during prison transport training at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait Jan. 08, 2018…

CAMP ARIFJAN, KUWAIT — Soldiers of the 340th Military Police Battalion conducted an aerial prisoner transport exercise on January 26, 2018 at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.

What Is The Difference Between Military Prison And Regular Prison

When prisoners or detainees need to be transported, most guards or MPs have used ground methods, but moving people to distant places requires air transport. The purpose of this training is to protect each prisoner and ensure that the guards are in control during the flight. Everyone reacts to flight differently, and with the added chaos of inmates, this type of transfer is more difficult.

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“It’s very important; they really have to load and monitor the inmate because they’re putting them on any plane,” said Sergeant First Class Gerry Kistner, 340th Military Police Battalion first sergeant. “It’s not easy with aggressive inmates or high security risks. .”

First, the guards place restraints on their prisoners so that their hands are tied at their sides. Using precise hand movements and restraints, the guards maintain control as the inmates walk toward the helicopter. Prisoners are loaded and strapped into the Black Hawk for safety during flight.

“It just gives us another way to deliver and something new to learn,” said Specialist Ashley Carter, 340th MP Battalion. “It’s hard to be distracted from the helicopter, you must always maintain the safety of the prisoner and other members of the guard force with you.”

Guards must work as a cohesive team to maintain control while maneuvering the helicopter. A quick rush and a head start will let the guards know that the prisoner is afraid of flight or may cause trouble. They are taught how to deal with situations.

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Differences Between Military And Civilian Prison

“Before they get on board, you can see them pull away and not want to move toward the bird,” Kistner said. “The guards are well trained in how to deal with unruly inmates.”

Not only is this training a first for some, it is their first flight in a Black Hawk helicopter.

“It was a good experience to know what it’s like to have a prisoner with you when you’re in the air,” Carter said.

The unit hopes their replacements will continue this training, keeping the guards in Kuwait ready to fly. From the moment you put on the uniform of the US military, the biggest threat that will arise in your young career will be to “turn the big rocks into small rocks” in Leavenworth. There are actually a number of military prisons where prisoners are held for serious crimes, including capital murder. In fact, the US Army has not executed one of its own since 1961, when the Army hanged Pvt. John Bennett for sexual assault and murder. Most criminal forces, like most criminal civilians, do not commit crimes at this level and are expected to spend much less time on the loose.

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Civilian prisons have a lesser reputation than their predecessors. Film and television portray America’s civilian prisons as jungles of gang violence, drugs, rape, and boredom, where death stalks the inmates at every turn. Worse, the food is so terrible, ramen noodles have replaced cigarettes as unofficial currency. But military life has always been different from civilian life, and the two justice systems are just as different.

Wardens at military prisons are usually part of the local police/security forces. These are uniformed officers who have the same duties as prisoners under their supervision. Their military specialty is their job, and they want their lives and the inmates’ lives to be as easy as possible – and in military prisons, life tends to be that way.

There are two types of federal prison guards, according to a former inmate who saw both systems while dealing drugs. The first is the type that comes in and does their job and prefers to hang out in offices and janitors, drink coffee and take home a check. Another type is aggressive and tries to provoke the prisoners so that he asserts his authority (and sometimes a kind of beating) over the prisoners. That’s not to say that correctional officers are completely horrible—every job has its best and worst. The inmates will “show off” while the worst guards are around.

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As with basic training, everyone in a military prison is responsible for cleaning their own areas, as well as maintaining and maintaining it. If a prisoner’s quarters became even slightly disorderly or unsanitary, that prisoner would immediately hear about it and the strict code of military discipline would be hastily dropped. What’s more, military prisons are extremely clean and well-maintained anyway, so it’s almost impossible to maintain. Maybe the broken windows theory is a thing, because it’s so different in a federal penitentiary.

Image 119 Of With Sherman To The Sea; A Boy’s Story Of General Sherman’s Famous March And Capture Of Savannah.

Federal prisons are run-down, run-down and unsanitary messes. The inmates here are also responsible for cleaning the buildings, but many leave a lot to themselves. Civilian inmates tend not to care much about cleanliness, do minimal work, or give up after seeing certain areas as far away.

The military offers a number of different ways that an inmate can rehabilitate before leaving the military prison system. Since most prisoners who leave the military with a conviction remain with a dishonorable discharge, the ability to work in a demanding field or skilled trade will be important in their new life. Thus, the military prison system offers carpentry training, certified auto repair, culinary arts, and hospitality services, among others.

Preventing recidivism is less obvious in the civilian prison system. The Federal Bureau of Prisons allows offenders who have served enough time to be released from a residential drug addiction program for up to nine months. Federal prisons for those with no high school education or for inmates who do not speak English, and some job training exists, but mostly depends on the labor needs of the prison system. College coursework is available, but inmates must finance it themselves.

In general, military prisoners focus on the long life after prison, while civilian prisoners focus only on what happens that day.

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Civilian prisoners would never think to do this, but for a military audience it is important. Prisoners in military correctional facilities, while technically in the military, are not allowed to salute military officers, a crime punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The reason is respect, but not in the way you think.

A military officer returns the salutes given to them as a sign of respect for the person who salutes them. If a prisoner salutes a military officer, the officer is obliged to return the salute, and who wants to salute a convict? However, convicts are expected to refer to their guards by rank and name.

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While inmates are still part of the military and answer to the military hierarchy, a corrections officer from California noted that inmates in the general population of a federal prison create their own chain of command (outside of prison staff) to the inmates above.

Fights are very common in the military prison system, and when they do happen, they are quickly broken up. Prisoners in military prisons were – in some cases – trained by military personnel and held to a high standard. Breaking a few laws usually doesn’t change that much. In addition, everyone tries to get out of the military system with good behavior, and most of them return to military service after serving their sentence. Most importantly, they don’t want to lose access to good rehabilitation programs and lose the work they put in as a result of fighting stupidly – and prison gangs don’t exist. Military personnel do not lose the sense of camaraderie they gain while serving, and this “togetherness” mentality bonds military prisoners.

United States Penitentiary, Leavenworth

In the civilian system, the world is not as it is depicted on television. There are more fistfights than military facilities, but federal prisons are also overcrowded. In most cases, difficult prisoners are separated. When fights in civilian prisons get really bad, the entire facility can be put under siege. For groups, some facilities have more groups and group members than others, with a “you stay with yours and I’ll stay with mine” mentality.

Whether in a federal prison or a military prison, disobeying the guards will land you in segregation, that is, solitary confinement, aka “The Hole.” The only activity left to the prisoner is solitary confinement

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