What Happened To Military Units At The End Of Ww1

What Happened To Military Units At The End Of Ww1 – The troops say no to the officers, knowing that the punishment is easy while Russia is not technically at war

When senior Russian soldiers were told in early April to prepare for a second deployment to Ukraine, panic struck the ranks.

What Happened To Military Units At The End Of Ww1

The unit, based in Russia’s far east during peacetime, first entered Ukraine from Belarus when the war began in late February and saw bitter fighting with Ukrainian forces.

The British Army In Germany From Trackpad

“It soon became clear that not everyone was going along. Many of us simply did not want to go back,” said Dmitri, a member of the unit who asked not to be identified by his real name. back to my family – and not in a box.”

With eight others, Dmitri told his commanders that he refused to rejoin the invasion. “They were angry. But in the end they calmed down because there was not much they could do,” he said.

He was immediately transferred to Belgorod, a Russian city near the Ukrainian border, where he has remained ever since. “I served in the army for five years. My contract ends in June. I will serve my remaining time and then I’m out of here,” he said. “I have nothing to be ashamed of. We’re not officially at war, so they couldn’t force me to go.”

Dmitri’s refusal to go to war shows some of the military problems faced by the Russian military in the Kremlin’s political decision not to officially declare war against Ukraine – instead preferring to describe it as an invasion. which will soon reach the fourth month, as a “special” military operation”.

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Under Russian military law, troops who refuse to fight in Ukraine can face dismissal but not trial, said Mikhail Benyash, a lawyer who has advised soldiers who choose to do so.

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Benyash said “hundreds and hundreds” of soldiers have contacted his team for advice on how to avoid being sent to war. Among them were 12 national guardsmen in the southern Russian city of Krasnodar who were fired after refusing to go to Ukraine.

“The commanders try to threaten their soldiers with prison if they refuse, but we tell the soldiers they can simply say no,” Benyash said, adding that he was not aware of any criminal cases against soldiers who refused to fight. . “There are no legal grounds to initiate a criminal case if a soldier refuses to fight while on Russian soil.”

Many soldiers, therefore, chose to be fired or transferred instead of entering “meat activation”, he said.

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A similar account to Dmitri’s was given to the Russian branch of the BBC by Sergey Bokov, a 23-year-old soldier who at the end of April decided to leave the army after a war in Ukraine. “Our commanders didn’t even argue with us because we weren’t the first to leave,” Bokov said.

Pointing to Russia’s military laws, Benyash said it would be very difficult for soldiers to refuse to fight if Russia declared a full-scale war. “In wartime, the rules were completely different. Refusal then meant severe penalties. They would be looking at prison time.”

Although the exact number of soldiers refusing to fight remains unclear, such stories highlight what military experts and Western governments say is one of Russia’s biggest challenges in Ukraine: a severe shortage of infantry. .

Moscow deployed 80% of its ground combat forces – 150,000 men – in February, according to Western officials. But heavy casualties were inflicted on the army, which faced logistical problems, poor morale and insurmountable Ukrainian resistance.

Soldiers Of The Republic Of Sierra Leone Armed Forces Train At Hastings, Outside The Country’s Capital Freetown, October 15, 2010. The West African Country, Whose Devastating Civil War Came To An End

“Putin needs to make a decision on deployment in the coming weeks,” said Rob Lee, a military analyst. “Russia lacks enough ground units with contract troops to provide a sustainable cycle. The forces are exhausted – they won’t be able to sustain this for much longer.”

Lee said one option for the Kremlin would be to allow troops to be sent to Ukraine, although Putin has previously promised that Russia would not use any troops in the war. “Conscripts can fill some of the gaps, but they will be poorly trained. Many of the units that are supposed to train conscripts are fighting themselves,” Lee said.

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But without conscripted brigades, Russia could soon “struggle to occupy the territory it currently controls in Ukraine, especially as Ukraine gets better equipment from Nato,” he said.

The Russian government has quietly stepped up its recruitment efforts as it becomes clear that a quick victory in Ukraine is out of reach.

Us Army Sends More Reinforcements For Pkk/ypg In Syria: Reports

An investigation by the Russian branch of the BBC has revealed that the Russian Ministry of Defense has filled vacancies on its job portal, offering people with no combat experience opportunities to join the army on short, lucrative contracts. Some large state-run companies have been sent letters urging them to enlist their workers in the army.

Russia has also turned to mercenaries to bolster its war effort, recruiting fighters from the Kremlin-linked Wagner Group.

But analysts say that self-recruitment and mercenary groups are unlikely to lead to a significant increase in the number of new recruits, compared to the numbers that would result from mobilization or full mobilization.

Despite earlier speculation, Putin did not officially declare war on Ukraine during his Victory Day speech on May 9.

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Andrei Kolesnikov, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment, said officials may be worried that public mobilization would anger large sections of the public that support “special operations”.

The Russians “may be in favor of the conflict, but they don’t really want to fight,” he said, adding that mass mobilization would result in “huge losses of untrained soldiers”.

While the current state of the conflict gives Russian soldiers legal recourse to refuse to participate, some soldiers have complained that it has also led to inadequate care.

A junior sergeant said he was injured in one of the latest attacks by Ukraine on the Russian border where he was stationed. His superiors argued that he was not awarded the £2,500 compensation the Russians were legally entitled to because their injuries occurred on Russian soil – meaning they were not subject to Russian special operations rules. . “.

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“It’s unfair. I’m fighting this war like the others in Ukraine, risking my life,” said the soldier. “If I don’t get the compensation I’m entitled to soon, I’m going to go public and make it a big issue.” Russian forces held me at gunpoint for two weeks in Ukraine. Here’s what I learned. On March 4, Breaking Defense reporter Reuben Johnson was captured by Russian soldiers outside Kyiv. This is the story of what happened next.

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Russian military soldiers take part in the Victory Day military parade at Dvortsovaya Square in Saint Petersburg on April 28, 2022. (OLGA MALTSEVA/AFP via Getty Images)

Editor’s Note: On March 4, just hours after filing an insider’s assessment of the first weeks of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Kyiv-based Breach Defense contributor Reuben Johnson went missing. He finally returned from Poland, after being captured by Russian soldiers and held at gunpoint for two full weeks. What follows is Reuben’s story of his time in the Russian base, how he was eventually released and what he learned about the invasion while surrounded by Russian soldiers.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. It is hard to believe that I am somehow still alive today.

File:major U.s. Combat Units At The End Of The Cold War, Germany, 1990.jpg

The story began on March 4, when my partner and I decided to go to a train station to catch a train out of the country. While we were near the Ukrainian towns of Irpin and Bucha, near Kyiv, our car was attacked by a unit of the Russian army. These soldiers deliberately hide from anyone on the road, looking for defenseless vehicles to ambush. Before I could register what was happening, the car was being machine-gunned; Miraculously, the three of us in the car survived the many bullets that penetrated the windows and shattered the windows.

After the shooting started, we all jumped out and ran from the car, which then rolled back down a hill and broke a fence at the bottom. The Russian soldiers – who didn’t bother to check who we were or whether we were alive or dead or wounded – jumped on the remains of the car and tore into our backpacks and suitcases while two or three or more of them ordered us out of the shelter. we had. ran away.

Videos showing the notorious brutality of the Russian army, holding us at gunpoint, not allowing us to get our belongings in our car, and

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