What Is Said When Flag Is Presented At Military Funeral

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Whitney Smith Former Director, Flag Research Center, Winchester, Massachusetts. Author of flags and arms around the world and others.

What Is Said When Flag Is Presented At Military Funeral

Mark Lipson Historian and journalist Mark Lipson is the author of nine books, including What So Proudly We Hailed: Francis Scott Key, A Life; Saving Monticello; And the ballad about the green beret: life and…

Betsy Ross And The American Flag

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National flag consisting of white stars (50 since July 4, 1960) on a blue canton with a field of 13 alternating stripes, 7 red and 6 white. The 50 stars represent the 50 states of the Union, and the 13 stripes represent the original 13 states. The aspect ratio of the flag is 10 to 19.

After the start of the American Revolution, the first and unofficial national flag—known as the Continental Colors (or, sometimes, the Grand Union Flag, Cambridge Flag, Somerville Flag, or Union Flag)—was flown on a 76-foot liberty pole (23 m) on Prospect Hill in Charlestown (now Somerville), Massachusetts, on January 1, 1776; It was raised by order of General George Washington, whose headquarters were nearby. The flag had 13 horizontal stripes (probably red and white or red, white and blue) and in the canton, the first version of the Union Jack. As the flag of the Continental Army, it was flown on forts and naval ships. Another popular early flag, that of the Sons of Liberty from 1765, had only nine red and white stripes. Various versions of coiled “Don’t Tread On Me” rattlesnake flags appeared on many 18th-century American colonial banners, including some flown by military units during the Revolutionary War. The version carried by the Minutemen of Culpeper County, Virginia, for example, included not only the snake and the motto “Don’t Tread on Me,” but also the famous words of Virginia patriot Patrick Henry, “Liberty or Death.”

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The first official national flag, officially approved by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777, was the Stars and Stripes. The first flag resolution read, in total, “Resolved, That the flag of the United States shall be thirteen stripes, red and white alternately; that the Union shall be thirteen stars, white on a blue field representing a new constellation.” The layout of the stars remained undefined, and many patterns were used by flag makers. The designer of the flag – most likely Congressman Francis Hopkinson, signer of the Declaration of Independence from Philadelphia – may have had a ring of stars on top to symbolize the new constellation. Today this pattern is popularly known as the “Betsy Ross Flag”, although the widely circulated story that she created the first stars and stripes and invented the ring pattern is unsubstantiated. Rows of stars (4-5-4 or 3-2-3-2-3) were common, but there were many other variations as well. The new Stars and Stripes formed part of the military colors carried on September 11, 1777, at the Battle of Brandywine, perhaps its first use.

The South Korean (l) And North Korean Flags Are Raised During The Medal Presentation Ceremony After South Korea Won Silver Medal And North Korea Won Bronze Medal In The Women’s Quadruple Sculls

The Stars and Stripes changed on May 1, 1795, when Congress enacted the Second Flag Resolution, which stipulated that new stars and stripes be added to the flag when new states were admitted to the Union. The first two new states were Vermont (1791) and Kentucky (1792). (One such flag was a 1,260-square-foot [117 square meter] “Star Spangled Banner” made by Mary Pickersgill, which Francis Scott Key saw at Fort McHenry in September 1814, inspiring him to write the patriotic poem that later provided the the words of the national anthem.) In 1818, after five more states were admitted, Congress enacted the third and final Flag Resolution, which required that henceforth the number of stripes remain 13, the number of stars should always correspond to the number of states, and each new star should be added on July 4 after receiving Country. This has been the system ever since. In all, from 1777 to 1960 (after Hawaii received it in 1959), there were 27 versions of the flag – 25 involving changes to the stars alone. Executive order signed by the president. William Howard Taft on October 29, 1912 first fixed the proportions and relative sizes of the elements of the flag; In 1934 the exact shades of paint were standardized.

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There is no official assignment of meaning or symbolism to the colors of the flag. However, Charles Thomson, Secretary of the Continental Congress, in describing the proposed Great Seal of the United States, suggested the following symbolism: “White signifies purity and innocence, red, toughness and valor, and blue…signifies vigilance [sic], perseverance. [sic] ] and justice.” As with many other national flags, the stars and stripes have long been a focus of patriotic sentiment. Since 1892, millions of children have recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag at the beginning of each school day, and the words of the national anthem are also about the flag. After the US Supreme Court ruled in 1989 that all flag desecration laws were unconstitutional, some veterans and patriot groups pressured lawmakers to adopt laws or a constitutional amendment banning desecration of flags. Such legislation was opposed on the grounds that it would infringe on the First Amendment’s constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech.

During the American Civil War, the Confederate States of America began using its first flag, the Stars and Bars, on March 5, 1861. Shortly thereafter, the first Confederate battle flag was also flown. The design of the stars and bars changed over the next two years. On May 1, 1863, the Confederacy adopted its first official national flag, often called the Steel Flag. A modification of this design was adopted on March 4, 1865, about a month before the end of the war. In the latter part of the 20th century, many groups in the South challenged the practice of flying the Confederate battle flag over public buildings, including some state capitals. Supporters of the tradition argued that the flag commemorated Southern heritage and wartime sacrifice, while opponents saw it as a symbol of racism and slavery, inappropriate for official display. It’s the safest and fastest way to get your books. Pulsa sobre el suuiente enlace para acceder a… See more

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South Korean (l), Chinese (c) And North Korean Athletes Stand On The Podium As Their National Flags Are Raised During The Medal Presentation Ceremony After China Won Gold, South Korea Won Silver

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