What Is President Trump’s Approval Rating With The Military

What Is President Trump’s Approval Rating With The Military – Net approval of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus sinks For the first time, a plurality of voters disapprove of the president’s response to COVID-19

President Donald Trump listens during a daily briefing of the coronavirus task force at the White House. A new Morning Consult poll finds that, for the first time, more voters disapprove than approve of the president’s handling of the U.S. response to COVID-19. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

What Is President Trump’s Approval Rating With The Military

For the first time in Morning Consult polls, more voters disapprove than approve of President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

Donald Trump Has Become More Popular Since The January 6 Capitol Attack

An April 10-12 poll of 1,987 registered voters found that 49 percent disapprove and 45 percent approve of the president’s response to COVID-19, marking a 5 percentage point drop in his net approval score, the proportion who approve minus those who disapprove. in the course of a week and an 18-point drop from the mid-March peak in ratings of its handling of the pandemic.

The drop in net approval since that March 17-20 poll has been driven by swings among Democratic voters (down 24 points) and independents (down 17 points), while the vast majority of Republicans have continued to rate Trump well. Both polls have a margin of error of 2 percentage points.

Trump appears to be bearing the brunt of voter criticism of the government, though Congress has also taken a hit. A majority (52 percent) approve of how Congress has handled the pandemic and 35 percent disapprove, down 10 points since mid-March.

Views on Washington contrast with lower levels of government. Three in four voters approve of how their state government is handling the spread of the coronavirus, unchanged outside the polls’ 2-point margin of error since mid-March, and 74 percent approve of their local government’s response .

Trump’s Net Approval Rating Dropping In Every State

In the weeks since Trump announced national social distancing guidelines on March 16, the United States has seen a surge in cases and deaths from COVID-19 that brought the economy roaring under the president’s tenure to a halt. Critics have repeatedly accused Trump of not doing enough to stop the virus early on and help state and local governments respond as it spread. Meanwhile, some of the president’s allies are pushing to reopen much of the country to stimulate the economy.

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The downward drift in views of Trump’s handling of the crisis comes as the share of voters who said they were “very concerned” about the virus has risen to 65 percent, even as Democrats (76 percent ) were more likely than Republicans (56%). share this great concern.

That roughly matches the share of voters (68%) who said they were “very worried” about the impact of the coronavirus on the U.S. economy, and is slightly higher than the 64% who said they were very worried about the market national labor market after a week that brought news that more than 16 million Americans had filed for unemployment since stay-at-home measures swept across the country.

About 1 in 4 voters (27%) said they were “very worried” about their own jobs, including 32% of Democrats and 23% of Republicans. Habits and media Methodological research Complete list of topics

At The G7, Trump’s Approval Rating Is Second To One

On the second anniversary of his inauguration, public views of Donald Trump’s job performance, as well as his honesty and administration ethics, are decidedly negative. However, views of the country’s economy remain positive, and Trump’s handling of the economy remains a relative strength.

Trump begins his third year with a 37% job approval rating; 59% disapprove of their job performance. Of five previous presidents, only Ronald Reagan had such a low job approval rating at this point in his presidency. (Reagan’s disapproval rating, 54%, was lower than Trump’s.)

The new Pew Research Center poll, conducted Jan. 9-14 among 1,505 adults, finds that a growing share of Americans say they trust what Trump says less than what previous presidents said while in office. Nearly six in ten (58%) say they trust what Trump says less than past presidents, up from 54% last June and 51% in February 2017, shortly after he took office.

The public also continues to fault the ethical standards of senior administration officials. Only 39% consider their ethical standards to be excellent or good, while 59% say they are not good or bad. While these views are little changed from last year, they are lower than the ethics assessments of senior officials of presidents dating back to Reagan.

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What’s Going On With Trump’s Approval Rating?

However, more Americans say Trump’s economic policies have made conditions better (40%) than worse (28%), while 29% say they haven’t had much of an effect. In January 2011, a point comparable to Barack Obama’s presidency, the public expressed mixed views about the impact of his economic policies, with about as many people saying his policies made things worse (31%) the better (28%).

And Trump commands more confidence in his ability to make good decisions on trade and the economy than in other areas, especially working with Congress. About half say they have a lot or some confidence in Trump’s ability to negotiate favorable trade deals (51%) and make good decisions on economic policy (49%).

Conversely, 40% trust Trump on immigration policy and 35% trust he can work effectively with Congress. (For more on Trump’s handling of the government shutdown, see “Most Border Wall Opponents, Supporters Say Closure Concessions Unacceptable).

Trump’s presidency has been characterized by a favorable economic climate and this remains the case today. Currently, 51% say economic conditions are excellent or good, among the highest ratings in nearly two decades.

Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Reaches A New Low

The increase in positive economic views has been driven by Republicans. Three-quarters of Republicans rate the economy as excellent or good, compared to just 14% in December 2016, at the end of Obama’s presidency. Conversely, only 32% of Democrats give positive ratings; Democrats are now less likely to rate the economy as excellent or good than in December 2016 (46%).

The public’s perception of the availability of jobs has undergone a similar transformation. For the first time in 2001 Pew Research Center surveys, a clear majority of Americans (60%) say there are plenty of jobs in their communities. And while those perceptions also split along partisan lines, a majority of Republicans (71%) and Democrats (53%) say there are plenty of jobs available locally.

However, favorable views about the economy and jobs have not been accompanied by an increase in public satisfaction with domestic conditions. For more than a decade, no more than a third of Americans have had a say in how things are going in the country. Today, that figure stands at just 26%, down from 33% in September, with members of both parties falling.

Low expectations for Trump’s legacy. About half (47%) believe Trump will be an unsuccessful president in the long run, compared with fewer (29%) who believe he will be a successful president; 23% say it’s too early to tell. Trump’s ratings are more negative, in short, than Obama’s and George W. Bush’s at comparable points in their administrations; in February 1995, more said Bill Clinton would be unsuccessful (34%) than did not (18%). Compared to his three most recent predecessors, far fewer say it’s “too early to tell” whether or not Trump will succeed.

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Since The Capitol Attack, Trump’s Approval Rating Has Plummeted At A Record Rate

Most Democrats want party leaders to “stand up” to Trump. As was the case a year ago, a majority of Democrats (70%) want their party leaders to “stand up” to Trump this year, even if that means doing less in Washington; only 26% want them to try to work with Trump as best they can, even if it means disappointing some groups of Democratic supporters. A year ago, 63% of Democrats wanted their party leaders to confront the president. Among Republicans, the share who say Trump should stand up to Democrats has risen from 40% a year ago to 51% today.

The majority continues to say that Trump has the responsibility to issue tax returns. As in the past, a majority (64%) say Trump has a responsibility to publicly release his tax returns; only 32% say they have no responsibility to do so. Nearly all Democrats (91%) and 32% of Republicans say Trump should release his tax returns.

Public confidence in Mueller’s investigation steady. A majority (55%) trust that special counsel Robert Mueller is conducting a fair investigation into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election. Trust in Mueller has remained stable over the past year, and there more confidence in Mueller to conduct a fair investigation than Trump to handle matters related to the investigation appropriately.

Two-thirds of Republicans want Trump to retain a major political role; 44% want it to run again in 2024

Trump’s Approval Rating Rises, Boosting Chances Of Winning Second Term

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