How Many Innocent Civilians Killed By Us Military In Iraq

How Many Innocent Civilians Killed By Us Military In Iraq – 20 years after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001, at least 22,000 people have been killed by US airstrikes during the war on terrorism, mainly in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. At least 11,500 people were killed in Iraq, 5,700 in Syria and 4,800 in Afghanistan. Additional deaths occurred in Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan and Libya. The maximum estimate by the British NGO Airwars, which has analyzed announced US airstrikes since 2001, is more than double that, at around 48,000.

Meanwhile, as of July 2021, more than 7,000 American soldiers and more than 8,000 contractors have been killed in post-9/11 warfare, shortly before America’s longest war in Afghanistan in August. As the world remembers the nearly 3,000 people killed in the 9/11 attacks this Saturday, there have been heavy losses and few victories on both sides.

How Many Innocent Civilians Killed By Us Military In Iraq

While civilian casualties peaked in Iraq in 2003/2004 and in Syria between 2015 and 2019, the war in Afghanistan averaged fewer deaths per year, but between 2006 and 2019 between 100 and 550 civilians were killed each year. the Afghan was killed. was available for 2021.

U.s. Military Hid Airstrikes That Killed Dozens Of Civilians In Syria Nyt

Yes, it allows you to easily embed many infographics on other websites. Just copy the HTML code shown for the relevant statistics to embed it. Our default is 660 pixels, but you can adjust the width and display size to see how the stats are displayed on your site. Please note that the code must be embedded in the HTML code (not just text) for WordPress pages and other CMS sites. Two weeks ago, the US military finally admitted what non-government monitoring groups have been claiming for months: The US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State since August 2014 has killed civilians in Iraq and Syria at an alarming rate in the four months since President Trump took office. The result has been a “staggering loss of civilian life,” as the head of the United Nations’ Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Syrian civil war put it last week.

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The United States Central Command, or Centcom, the military command responsible for the Middle East, said in a statement on June 2 that “at least 484 civilians were killed unexpectedly by coalition strikes.” Four months ago, Centcom said at least 199 civilians had been killed so far in the bombing campaign. Estimates by independent observers are much higher. Airwars, a monitoring group, says coalition airstrikes have killed nearly 4,000 civilians.

The number of civilian casualties increased mainly because the war moved deeper into the larger cities. But even as the number of civilian casualties rises, the US military has relaxed oversight, investigation and accountability for civilian casualties. Understanding the causes of these tragic mistakes, seeing what can be learned from them, and applying American military standards could save thousands of lives.

Mr. Trump has given the military “full authority” to decide how and how much force to use, an authority closely held by the Obama White House. But US Defense Secretary James Mattis insisted on May 28 that the rules of war have not changed. “There is no relaxation of our intent to protect innocent people,” he said.

Hidden Pentagon Records Reveal Patterns Of Failure In Deadly Airstrikes

One reason for the huge increase in non-combat deaths is that the United States is dropping more bombs — a more than 20 percent increase from the last four months of Obama’s presidency to the first four months of Mr. Trump’s term.

Also, more attacks have occurred in populated areas, such as Mosul, the last stronghold of the Islamic State in Iraq. A 500-pound bomb targeted two snipers there detonated explosives, causing a building to collapse on March 17 and killing 105 Iraqi civilians, according to Centcom. Because the Islamic State uses residential buildings as command posts, warehouses, and fighting positions, non-combat deaths are more likely.

Even as the US military has stepped up its bombing, there is no independent assessment of intelligence to identify targets. Brigadier General Richard Coe, who investigated the botched attack on a Syrian military convoy in September, admitted there was no “red team” to criticize the decision-making process, a common approach in many commanders. “Each person is expected to do this independently,” General Coe said, “and then, in the process, convey the pros and cons to the decision makers.” Individuals engrossed in determining the enemy’s goals cannot simultaneously evaluate their own decisions.

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As of June 13, there were only two people in the US military investigating civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria. There are currently seven full-time investigators, a small undertaking given the roughly 10,000 troops stationed in Qatar at the air war command headquarters. Dozens of people investigated such claims at the height of the 2011 Afghan insurgency. If the military were concerned about civilian deaths, more investigators with training and experience in targeting would be assigned to these teams.

Vietnam War Casualties

There is also no more public liability. On May 26, a US military press official confirmed that the Pentagon no longer recognizes when its aircraft are responsible for civilian casualties; but they hide under the umbrella of “coalition”. The United States military is responsible for 95 percent of airstrikes in Syria and 68 percent in Iraq. Centcom should own up to its actions, not deflect responsibility.

Congress has shown little interest in determining the root causes of civilian deaths, holding commanders or lower-level officers accountable, or ensuring that lessons learned from botched strikes are incorporated into future operations. Congress can exercise its oversight role by forcing a Pentagon report on how to reduce civilian casualties, funding additional awareness training for American and other coalition officers, and holding public hearings with senior civilian and military officials.

Since the air war began nearly 22,000 airstrikes ago, military officials have repeatedly said they are “doing everything possible” to protect civilians. Keeping that promise is not only the right thing to do, but also strategically important to the long-term effectiveness of the fight against terrorism. When it comes to killing innocent people in the course of war, US soldiers are often cruel and brutal. especially in foreign operations, it has no effect. The recent decision of the US Department of Defense reinforces such an impression.

The New York Times reported Monday that none of the military personnel involved in the August drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan, which killed 10 civilians, will be punished, citing the Pentagon. The report says that over two decades, the U.S. military has “accidentally killed hundreds, if not thousands, of civilians in war zones like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia. And while the military has occasionally claimed responsibility for errant airstrikes on or a ground attack that harms civilians rarely holds specific individuals accountable.”

Tolerance Of Killing Civilians Shows Us Military’s Cruel, Ruthless Image

“The US military’s tolerance of killing innocent civilians will hurt its image and reputation in the international community,” Song Zhongping, a military expert and commentator on Chinese television, told the Global Times.

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This is a form of US hegemony. In the international arena, when other countries are blamed for practices that are contrary to humanitarianism, the United States does not give up. Worse, in order to effectively attack its adversaries, the US even concocts various lies about human rights or humanitarianism. But when faced with this problem, he tries to downplay it. This shows that the image of morality and global justice promoted by the US is fake and contrary to its true colors.

The effort of American troops to reduce their crime abroad also shows their disdain for the lives of other countries. In nearly every US war, from the Vietnam War to the battles against the Islamic State in Syria, civilians have been killed by American forces. The tolerance of the US in dealing with such crimes may partly explain why such practices have occurred so often.

Moreover, although the US military has created an image of itself as trained, it has been witnessed that the US military has poor discipline and poor management. Other NYT reports cited military officials as saying a top-secret US strike on a cell killed civilians in their operations against the Islamic State in Syria. The report cited sources as saying that in 2017, operators showed few signs that the military was present. They used first names and had no rank or uniform, and many had beards and went to work in shorts.

Us Military Admits Killing 23 Civilians Around The World In 2020

This may be an important factor that contributes to the arbitrary killing of foreign civilians by US soldiers in battles or wars abroad, which deserves reflection by the Pentagon to improve the management of the armed forces and limit the irresponsible practices of US soldiers. But the Pentagon’s decision not to punish the personnel involved shows that there is no introspection within the US military. Worse, it leaves an impression on those involved

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