How Many Military Wives Choirs Are There In The World

How Many Military Wives Choirs Are There In The World – Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan lean on a by-the-numbers script in a well-meaning but hackneyed Brit flick

A military wives choir film without Gareth Malone? Isn’t it like The Witches of Eastwick without Jack Nicholson? Here’s a fantasy-realist dramedy version of The Choir: Military Wives – the 2011 special edition BBC documentary series about empowering local communities through singing. It ran over three episodes, and brought together spouses from five barracks in the UK, whose partners were away in Afghanistan, culminating in a moving performance at the Festival of Remembrance at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

How Many Military Wives Choirs Are There In The World

This film imagines a chorus of military spouses miraculously achieving the same thing without intensive professional help. Malone’s directorial/confessional role is fictionally dedicated to two of the managing wives: the flamboyant Kate (Kristin Scott Thomas) and the shy but cynical Lisa (Sharon Horgan), who fight a lot. about how to run the choir but learning from each other and being best friends.

The Choir: Military Wives (tv Mini Series 2011– )

Of course, this film owes a lot to Brit comedies like Calendar Girls, Brassed Off and The Full Monty (whose director, Peter Cattaneo, is at the helm) and you could argue that Malone’s original TV format is influenced by them. movies, secretly shaped in editing to deliver the same kind of successful Hollywood ending. Military Wives is a movie that means well: the moments of sadness and grief are decent intentions. We get a great gag about Rocky 3, and a wonderful closing credit sequence to the accompaniment of Sister Sledge’s We Are Family, showing all the real-life military-wives choir. But it’s basically very derivative and it’s a shame to see amazing A-listers like Horgan and Scott Thomas working on such shoddy material. A group from the Military Wives Choir will perform a 10th anniversary concert live at Lincoln Cathedral this year. | Photo: Military Wives Choirs

Lincoln Cathedral will host a live concert by the Military Wives Choir this September, as the group celebrates 10 years since the charity was founded.

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Military Wives Choirs are a community of nearly 2,000 women in over 70 choirs across the UK and around the world, all with a shared love of singing and community spirit.

As the charity celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, the couple will be performing for a series of concerts across the UK, stopping for a special show at Lincoln Cathedral on Friday, September 2.

Military Wives Choir To Support Katherine Jenkins At Sandringham Concert

The music includes a selection of new arrangements, along with some of the choir’s best-loved songs, plus individual readings from members. Tickets are on sale now from the Military Wives Choirs website, costing between £5 and £17.50.

There will be more than 200 choir members from 14 different Military Wives Choirs at the Lincoln Cathedral concert, which celebrates 10 years as a charity for those with loved ones in the forces.

Under the baton of artistic director Hilary Davan Wetton and supported by a group of musicians, including Sean Hargreaves, Lucy Mulgan and even featuring an appearance by Soprano and Ambassador Laura Wright, the concert is designed to be uplifting to the poor those circumstances.

Laura Wright said: “It’s hard to describe the impact of being part of an all-female ensemble,  especially as a Mum. Performing and writing music for the Military Wives Choirs in 2018 was so much fun—it gave me so much warmth and made me so proud.

Military Wives (2019)

“However, after recently working closely with individual members of the Military Wives Choirs, I have come to realize that many of these women live their entire lives with the same level of intense isolation that many of us have experienced for the first time .

“Singing gives us emotional awareness—it allows us to recognize and express our feelings, as well as relate to the feelings of others around us. I am so excited to sing again with this amazing group of women.”

There are more than 70 choirs with a total of 2,000 women in the Military Wives Choirs. | Photo: Military Wives Choirs

All women currently affected by their connection to the military are welcome to join one of the Military Wives choirs, which you can explore more on their website. There is a support network for each member to create friendships within the choir and create memories by singing together.

The Yeovilton Military Wives Choir Concert

Luxmuralis light show, wows crowds at Lincoln Cathedral It is on course to be the cathedral’s most popular event ever

Life by Luxmuralis revealed itself in a big way at Lincoln Cathedral on Wednesday night. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

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Lincoln Cathedral was transformed into a sea of ​​immersive light and sound on Wednesday night, when the touring art installation Life by Luxmuralis arrived at the historic building.

Life by Luxmuralis is a touring creative collaboration between artist Peter Walker and composer David Harper, using Son-et-Lumiere installations and sound art pieces to transform historic sites and buildings with beams of light and design.

Military Wives Choir Hoping To Top Christmas Charts

The installation was broadcast throughout the United Kingdom, but on Wednesday, February 15, it came to Lincoln Cathedral for the first time, and the results were surprising.

Bright multicolour bursts projected onto the cathedral’s historic walls are made to completely reimagine the concept of place and space, placing moving pieces of art in the building to bring your surroundings to life.

Hundreds of people were seen queuing outside the cathedral, waiting to catch a glimpse of Peter Walker’s lighting and be transported to the sounds of David Harper’s compositions.

Each section of the cathedral serves as a different aspect of the installation’s overall message, with moving patterns and beams of color dominating your surroundings. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Watch: Cosford Military Wives Choir Perform For Cinema Goers In Wolverhampton

Fear not if you still see it, however, as the project will remain at Lincoln Cathedral until Saturday, February 18.

Lincoln Cathedral said all slots for Life by Luxmuralis were set to sell out, meaning more than 10,000 people in the city came to see it.

Don’t miss your chance to discover the wonder of Luxmuralis Life! | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

This will make it the most famous event in Lincoln Cathedral’s history, and it’s not hard to see why.

Buy Military Wives Choirs Tickets, Military Wives Choirs Tour Details, Military Wives Choirs Reviews

Tickets cost £8 for adults and £6 for children aged 5-16, while under 5s go free. These can be purchased from the Lincoln Cathedral website.

See more in our amazing gallery from Life by Luxmuralis at Lincoln Cathedral, captured by Steve Smailes Photography:

More than 8,000 waited more than a year for planned hospital care by end of 2022 Bosses blame pandemic backlog

More than 8,000 people will be waiting longer than 52 weeks for assessment and treatment in Lincolnshire hospitals by the end of 2022.

What Became Of The Wives Who Wowed Britain? Here They Share Their Tales Of Love, Loss And Friendship

Figures presented to Lincolnshire County Council’s Health Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday, showed that at the end of December, 8,204 patients were waiting 52 weeks or longer and of those 965 waited longer than at 78 weeks.

Councilors were told that United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust’s ambition is to reduce 78-week waits to zero by the end of March this year in line with Government policy but that no one is waiting more than 65 weeks by March 2024 and 52 weeks in March 2025. Earlier, they wanted no more than 700 patients waiting 52 weeks from next year.

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ULHT chief executive Andrew Morgan told the committee: “Pre-pandemic we had no one waiting more than 52 weeks for treatment, that was the absolute maximum and our reported figure for that time – March 2020 – was at zero.

“So you can see during the pandemic, all the changes that happened, all the delays that happened, and the resurgence after the pandemic… our wait lists and wait times built up.”

Military Wives [dvd] [2020]: Dvd & Blu Ray

He said the trust was working to reduce the numbers, adding: “We never forget that every one of those numbers is a real live person, someone else’s loved one waiting for treatment, someone who could be in pain, maybe in anxiety, maybe in discomfort, not knowing what the future holds for them.”

Bosses said work to solve the problem included increasing capacity through new facilities such as diagnostic centers and operating theaters in Grantham (and another planned for Boston) as well as maximizing use of the independent sector.

Michelle Harris, Director of Operations, at ULHT told councilors that there are currently around 600 patients who have waited longer than 78 weeks but there is now capacity to accommodate them.

The councilor’s questions to the trust include progress so far, the use of facilities by private companies and the biggest challenge to management’s ambitions to deal with waiting lists.

Military Wives Choirs To Perform In Birmingham

The committee noted “improvements and speed of delivery for patients”, welcomed the actions being taken and asked for a further update in 12 months. Wives Choirs is a charity that brings together all women in the military community and empowers them through singing. The emphasis is on all women: the choirs contain service wives

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