What Is Military Tech Used For In Dying Light 2

What Is Military Tech Used For In Dying Light 2 – Military Tech is one of the rarest resources in Dying Light 2, and you’ll need a lot of it if you want to upgrade your gear and unlock their full potential. Unlike other resources in Dying Light 2, which can be found through simple exploration, Military Tech comes from a very specific type of activity. You won’t have access to many military equipment locations until you have more stamina or more Nightrunner gear in the late game, but you can access a surprising amount of them early in the game. How to get military equipment in Dying Light 2.

Military equipment can only be obtained from crates found in Airdrops throughout the city. Military Airdrops can be found in both Old Villedor and the Central Loop, and you can find them using the binoculars gifted at the end of the prologue. They are usually located on top of very tall buildings and skyscrapers. You can spot them by looking for fallen parachutes hanging over the edge of roofs. There are quite a few of them scattered around the city, so keep an eye out for them above as you explore.

What Is Military Tech Used For In Dying Light 2

Once you find the Airdrop, you’ll need to climb to the top of the building to access it. This usually involves a parkour competition, so you need a lot of stamina. Some of them also require a Paraglider or Grappling Hook, so you may not be able to get some Airdrops until late game. Once you reach the chest, you’ll find a Military Tech in a special compartment that you can unlock with your GRE key. Chests also contain other rewards like unique gear and resources, making Airdrops well worth the trip.

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Note: The exploit used by many players to generate airdrops was fixed in March 2022. Airdrops respawn every 20 minutes, meaning they could produce a certain level of military technology. This means that Military Tech is even rarer as they no longer respawn. Although it was only a matter of time before that happened.

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Military Tech is used to upgrade your Nightrunner vehicles. These include the Paraglider and Grappling Hook, among other things, so if you want to get around town faster, you’ll need a lot of resources. The Paraglider and Grappling Hook upgrades are especially important, with the former allowing you to gain additional altitude and the latter allowing you to pull yourself to an anchor point. You’ll also need Old World Money to upgrade these tools, so make sure you sell your valuables and old weapons.

Dying Light 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The Nintendo Switch version of the game will be released later this year.

Fanboy Attack / GAME GUIDES / Dying Light 2 Military Tech: How To Get Military Tech Upgrades Dying Light 2 has several different resources and materials that can be used to create the best Dying Light 2 crafting items in the game have . These items are essential for expanding your arsenal and expanding your combat capabilities.

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However, Military Tech is a little different. Instead of a resource used to create Dying Light 2’s best drawings, they are used to upgrade Nightrunner tools, from the enhanced travel offered by the Paraglider to the GRE detector that unlocks the inhibitor location in Dying Light 2. For Dying Light 2 Nightrunner Tools, we have a guide on this.

But where can you find Dying Light 2 Military Tech? After spending dozens of hours in Villedor, we know exactly what actions to take to get as many military equipment resources as possible.

Dying Light 2’s Military Tech can be found inside Airdrop boxes scattered around the map in Old Villedor and the Central Loop.

These airdrops can be found on two of the game’s maps and appear as question marks on the map. You won’t know the move is an Airdrop until you get close to it, but you can usually find them on hills or on top of skyscrapers.

How To Unlock The Grappling Hook In Dying Light 2

After unlocking the airdrop, you will be able to use your GRE access key to unlock the interior of the airdrop, which contains military equipment.

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They can be found in both areas of the game, so explore them thoroughly to upgrade your Nightrunner gear.

A number of other resources are also worth checking out, but if you’re looking for more help finding some of the other activities in the game, check out our Dying Light 2 walkthrough, which is packed with tips.

After years of console experience, Joe covers the latest Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox games for The Loadout. It also tops our list of PS Plus Extra and Premium games. Military Tech Location guide will help you get all Airdrops for Military Tech in Dying Light 2. air droplets. Military Tech will help you upgrade Nightrunner abilities/equipment, such as the paraglider. Apart from having the best combat and parkour skills, long-range weapons like bows and crossbows are essential to get through the game smoothly. Also, Nighrunner tools are pretty cool, so it’s never a waste to have them, especially when it comes to climbing skyscrapers and looting containers. Now let’s take a look at all the Airdrop locations and their military equipment in Dying Light 2.

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Military Tech and Airdrops are accessible from the start of the game, with a few exceptions. You can easily get to most of the military airdrops, but some can’t be reached until you get to the later part of the game and get the paraglider. You’ll still need to rely on your parkour skills to get to the hard-to-reach areas we’ve mentioned below. Therefore, if you have basic combat and parkour skills, generating XP in Dying Light 2 is a great idea.

Below we have listed all the Military Airdrop and Tech locations in Dying Light 2 and you can choose the location you want. Military Tech is available in two types of Military Airdrops and they are:

Airdrop THB-04B military equipment in Dying Light 2 is located on the northeast side of Houndfield.

The best way to get there is to climb the building on the right. Use the stairs at the back of the building to climb up this building. Once you have climbed the stairs from inside the building. Find your way to the top of another building. Climbing up there can be done easily and without difficulty, so you can easily get military equipment from Airdrop THB-04B.

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Airdrop THB-17U is on top of the building on the northernmost side of the Horseshoe, and you’ll find military equipment inside that Airdrop.

Once you get there, if you look down at the building, you’ll see a lot of red barriers leading up. We use those obstacles to climb to the top. To climb these barriers, enter the right side of the building and climb up from there. Once you get to one of the top floors of that building, find your way up the red barriers. Now climb up from there and get the military equipment from the Airdrop THB-17U.

The location of the military equipment inside the Airdrop THB-22B in Dying Light 2 is on the broken bridge east of the Horseshoe, not all the way east, but a little off center.

In order to reach the broken bridge to get to the military equipment, you will first need to find a way out to the nearby houses. You will see a green light on the right metal structure in place. You can easily climb up there, and from there climb onto the balcony of one of the houses there. From those houses, walk on the small wooden bridges and use the ropes to get to the areas under the bridge. From there, the rest of the climb is straightforward. When you get there, pick up the Military Tech from the Airdrop THB22B.

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Airdrop THB-M30 with military equipment is located in a building northwest of the city center.

There are several ways to get to the top of the building to get the military equipment, but the best is through another building. First, go to the back of the building southeast of Airdrop THB-M30. Here you will see a rope elevator. Use it to climb up. Now go to the other side

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