How Many Active Duty Soldiers Are In The Us Military

How Many Active Duty Soldiers Are In The Us Military – The latest active duty, reserve force and civilian employee status totals for each branch of the military.

According to Department of Defense figures from September 2021, there were a total of 1.195 million active duty troops and more than 778,000 reserve forces. The total number of active duty members in the five armed services was 426,624 for the Army, 306,272 for the Navy, 147,846 for the Marine Corps, 275,298 for the Air Force/Space Force, and 39,029 for the Coast Guard. Guard.

How Many Active Duty Soldiers Are In The Us Military

In the year ending October 2021, total armed services fell 0.24 percent year-over-year to 1.38 million. As of November 30, 2021, there were a total of 1,341,609 active duty personnel across all DoD services (excluding 41,231 members of the US Coast Guard), of whom 17.48 percent were women. As of March 8, 2021, only 15 percent of the Coast Guard is women.

U.s. Military Lifts Ban On Women In Combat

US military service member numbers are mostly driven by manpower levels at major bases. The five states with the highest total active and reserve military members as of September 2021 were:

The following tables show the totals of state military personnel for active, reserve and civilian employees. They exclude those located overseas.

Data current as of September 30, 2021. Figures represent personnel paid from federal funding. Source: Ministry of Defense, Defense Manpower Data Center. Master Sgt. Eva Miranda Bernard, U.S. Financial Management Systems Lead Instructor, checks her leave and earnings statement on myPay at the Maj. Gen. Emmett J. Bean Federal Center in Indianapolis July 21, 2022. In an effort to prepare Soldiers to move into its new Integrated Pay and Personnel System – U.S. direct that all soldiers on long-term active duty orders be paid on a semi-monthly schedule beginning October 1, 2022. (U.S. photo by Mark R.W. Orders-Woempner) (Photo: Mark Orders-Woempner) VIEW ORIGINAL

WASHINGTON — In an effort to prepare troops for the transition to its new integrated pay and personnel system — the U.S. is ordering all soldiers on long-term orders on active duty to be paid on a semi-monthly schedule starting Oct. 1, 2022.

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Active Military And Veterans

The vast majority of Soldiers with active duty orders of more than 30 days, whether active duty or reserve, receive their semi-monthly pay on the first and fifteenth of each month.

However, about 11,000 soldiers who previously chose to be paid only once a month will be moved to a semi-monthly schedule to standardize entering the new fiscal year.

The change will affect about 2.3 percent of soldiers, including 1.5 percent of enlisted soldiers and 5.5 percent of all officers.

“IPPS-A is based on commercial, off-the-shelf software used by many civilian companies for their human resources and payroll needs, and can handle only one payroll, one method of paying employees,” said Hans Kennedy, America’s Chief Financial Officer. financial system analyst. “As we move forward with the implementation of IPPS-A, we need to move everyone onto a standardized schedule.”

U.s. Military Forces In Fy 2021: Army

While this change will affect how many times these soldiers get paid each month, it will not change the total monthly compensation for soldiers.

“It’s important to know that when this goes into effect, soldiers who will be transferred to semi-monthly payments will not lose their pay and will not have to stretch their money to cover their bills. because of this change,” said J.D. Riley, G-1 deputy chief of staff, Army Paymaster. “They actually get paid for the first half of each month about two weeks earlier than before.”

“Those who are transitioning will receive their normal pay on September 30th, from which they will be paid from September 1st to the 30th,” explained Sgt. Maj. Julie Harris, USAFMCOM Senior Advisor for Operations. “They will then receive their first mid-month pay on October 15, paying them October 1-15, and then their pay on October 30, which will pay them the rest of October.”

G-1 and USAFMCOM officials said the Oct. 1 pay schedule change is being implemented well in advance of the release of IV IPPS-A, which will move military pay into an integrated system to ease the long-term transition.

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“This leads to many changes coming to better serve Soldiers and their families within IPPS-A, allowing Soldiers to better serve on their mobile devices,” Kennedy said. “Once IPPS-A is fully implemented, Soldiers will be able to perform shifts and track personnel and pay transactions in real time from any device anywhere they have an Internet connection.”

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“It’s changing with the times, but it’s changing in a way that supports our Soldiers and families,” Riley added. “We wanted to lean toward the pay schedule change because we know that change is difficult for many people, but if we can do it gradually as we approach IPPS-A Release 4, we can minimize the impact on our military. Soldiers and families have to make multiple changes at once.”

Prior to the implementation of the Defense Joint Military Pay System in use in the 1990s, service members were paid by check at the end of each month.

“After DJMS, Soldiers had the option of receiving half their pay on the fifteenth of each month, and many chose to go that route to get paid early,” recalled Kennedy, a retired Finance Corps command sergeant major. “Many soldiers liked the semi-monthly change because it was closer to the biweekly pay that the civilian world received.

Army Covid 19 Vaccine Requirements: Active Duty Deadline Dec. 15

Still, some soldiers didn’t pass, and DJMS allowed others to choose to be paid once at the end of each month.

“DJMS, while a great system that had many benefits for our Soldiers at the time, is based on old technology by today’s standards,” Riley concluded. “With this change, we are moving towards IPPS-A, a system that is more controllable, safer and more transparent.”

The DCS G-1 Personnel Office develops and implements effective policies and leads programs that build sustained personnel readiness in the greatest asset—people.

USAFMCOM conducts enterprise-level financial operations, provides technical coordination for financial and control units, and military payroll support with commands across the country to ensure effective implementation of policies and programs to support optimal resourcing and support of Soldiers.

Joining The Military: Active Duty Vs. Reserves

The IPPS-A software suite integrates more than 1.1 million Soldiers into a multi-component personnel and payroll system that provides Total Force visibility to support readiness, talent management and auditability. IPPS-A will modernize human resources and develop a talent management system, reduce IT and military costs, and improve Soldier lives through transparency and mobile capabilities.U.S. Army Soldiers assigned to the 1st Battalion, 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, operate an M-777 howitzer during live fire during Exercise Swift Response 21 at Tapa Central Training Area, Estonia, May 10 2021. (Michael Gresso/U.S. Army)

The Army is focused on supporting and maintaining active duty at 485,000 — the same size as the service on 9/11, but smaller than Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville previously said.

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Speaking to Acting Secretary of the Army John Whitley at a forum hosted by the Atlantic Council on Monday, McConville said “they agreed … [that] we’re not going to raise the military above 485,000 with the resources we have.” now foresee.”

Combined with Army Reserves and National Guard forces that number more than 500,000, it’s a “million-man force” that serves as an “anchor” on which to base the service’s planning and resources, McConville said.

Service Members Must Be Vaccinated Or Face Consequences, Dod Official Says > U.s. Department Of Defense > Defense Department News

Just last week, McConville told a House defense subcommittee that he believes the military needs a strength of 540,000 to 550,000 active-duty personnel, but “frankly, he recognizes that we just can’t afford it.”

The projected number of 485,000 represents a flattening of the Army’s active-duty end strength and allows the service to focus on upgrading equipment and weapons and supporting ongoing operations in the Middle East and elsewhere, McConville said.

“When you look at the levers, you’ve got your readiness in your current operations, you’ve got your terminal strength and you’ve got your modernization,” he said. “What we’re trying to do right now is fund that upgrade.”

Discussions on the 2022 military budget have been hampered by a delay in releasing the full federal budget: The Biden administration released a preliminary plan that calls for $1.5 trillion in spending, including $715 billion for the Defense Department, but the details of the proposal are not yet known. to be released.

Suicide Rate Among Active Duty Service Members Increased By 41% Between 2015 And 2020

McConville said it was essential for the military to reorient itself from focusing on irregular warfare and counterinsurgency operations to Russia and China – a “Great Power” competition based on “peace through strength”.

The need to transform the force has arisen every 40 years since 1940, McConville said — just before World War II, again in the 1980s and now.

“We’re enforcing a new doctrine. It’s about joint domain-wide operations in which ours

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