What Do You Do When You Are In The Military

What Do You Do When You Are In The Military – Are you constantly asking “What are you doing?” Whether it’s for a job, a networking event, or a job interview, here’s how to answer that question.

“What do you do?” is a question that is generally asked to know someone’s job or what they do for a living. These questions are a polite way to get in touch with someone new or someone you haven’t seen for a while. People will generally ask this question at networking events and other social gatherings.

What Do You Do When You Are In The Military

This question is so boring! It’s a social script because we’ve asked it a million times before.

Why Do You Want To Work Here:

In this guide, I will teach you how to perfectly answer the question “What do you do?” – and what to ask.

“I’m a UI design expert. I help brands do digital makeovers. In fact, I just completed a huge project and helped a client get noticed by a Fortune 500 company—and now they’re discussing a new partnership!

Even if it’s not a professional success, try to say something personal. Success is not always the same as fame or wealth, so simply saying something like “I work as a receptionist and I am an avid hiker! I even managed to go on a 10-mile long walk last week” can demonstrate personal success.

Ok, this is personal for me, but I wanted to give you a new idea. When people used to ask me what I do, I would say, “I’m a writer.” Then they will ask, “What did you write?” And I would say, “I write about communication and human behavior.” Boring. It can be predicted.

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So I decided to START with my hook. In fact, the first line of my bestseller Captivate is “I’m a recovering clumsy person.” I love this tagline because it’s unique and describes me in a few words. It also creates more interesting conversations.

Take your normal job title and put a creative spin on it. What do you know about your job that the average person doesn’t know? Or how can you make your job description unique?

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A computer wizard. A single mother superwoman. Content marketing specialist. Don’t be afraid to assign something that has never been heard before. Creative taglines create dopamine and make you remember.

And yes, it takes a little courage to go outside the box, but nothing special ever happens in your comfort zone!

How To Answer “what Do You Do For Fun?” (with Examples)

Vanessa helps all the People School students with their elevator pitches. Need some feedback on yours? Register today at the School of People:

If you’ve ever read Simon Sinek’s bestseller Start With Why, then you know your mission can be more important than what you do.

Starting with why will eventually lead you to how and what you do. Try this 3-step framework:

This is also a good way to ask interview questions when talking about your mission first to show you know what you want.

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I want you to show passion for what you do—even if you don’t love ALL of what you do, do you have passion for some part of what you do? I once heard a great elevator pitch. He said:

“I’m in marketing. It’s not my dream job, but I can work remotely and it allows me to travel the world and see amazing places.

Showing passion directly shows you are interesting. Even if you have the most boring job in the world, you can still find small moments of passion in your work.

And if you can’t, try to challenge yourself. Passion can come when we are good at something or find something challenging. So if you’re not improving or challenged, try mixing it up:

Ways To Answer

“I’m a stress engineer, which means I go to construction sites and test whether pipes, valves, and other equipment are safe enough to withstand water pressure. Without my job, pipes could burst from the pressure of the water inside them!”

Try to teach them something about your industry that they don’t know. This strategy works well for VIPs and lifelong learners.

Whatever you do, make sure the other person understands and doesn’t go too deep if it’s not welcome. My rule of thumb:

I help vacation home owners get permits. My job has a lot of details. Let me tell you about them.”

How Do You Live?

If you don’t find what you’re doing interesting, then segue into that. If you help people do fun things then THAT is what your elevator pitch should end up with. Some other examples:

So another quick tip you can try is NOT to focus on what you are doing but use this as a teeter-totter opportunity by keeping it short and simple. Here’s how:

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Teeter-totter is a great technique to use at parties or fast networking events where you don’t have a lot of time or you’re constantly switching conversation partners.

Special Note: I do NOT recommend using this if you are in a job interview because it may be perceived that you are unprepared.

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“I work at a law firm that specializes in helping people get the money they deserve. It’s amazing to help people who have had bad luck.”

We are always looking for reasons to connect with people. Sharing emotions, stories, and feelings helps accelerate this connection.

Can you share a story or details that go deeper than reality? Not only why do you do what you do but who do you help?

“I specialize in SEO. I help companies reach the right people. At my last company, I helped increase organic traffic by 15% last month.

Things To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

This is especially helpful when talking about the talents of people you don’t know. This is GOLD, especially in job interviews. Highlight your unrecognized talents by mentioning soft skills or technical skills that are not required for your job position but can help if mentioned.

For example, if you’re applying for a software engineer position at Apple or Microsoft, in addition to stating how great you are at programming, you might want to mention your team leadership skills, that you like body language, or your interests. other hobbies.

Keep it professional, however. Your side skills only make you a better candidate, not take the spotlight away from you.

“I started as a Wall Street analyst. I had everything, but I felt empty inside. One day, on a weekend trip, something caught my eye. I wanted to start farming. So I started a crazy journey and now I am the owner of a farm proud

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People love stories. When we hear a story, our brain feels and sees images. Try using the Hero’s Journey technique in your response. If you have an interesting background, start your elevator pitch with:

Every person has a unique story. What is yours? Try adding some storytelling techniques to make your story pop.

Say: “I’m our dog’s soulmate. I love to take dogs on long walks on the beach, get them their favorite treats, and take care of them while the owner is gone. Oh, and I also teach them how to walk on a leash, less skin, and sit when I can be a match for dog owners too.

Try to lead with a funny twist. Humor is a great way to answer these questions—in fact, it has many benefits, including reducing stress and building relationships.

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But you don’t have to be a comedian to make people laugh. Being funny is a skill anyone can learn (trust me, I can’t make a clown laugh!). Go to the How to Be Funny article or watch my funny laugh video below:

A slight variation of “What are you doing?” is “Tell me about you?” Here’s how experts answer that question too: “Tell me about yourself?”

I know we’ve talked about how to answer “What do you do?” But I have a confession: I really, really, really don’t like this question in the first place.

“What do you do?” is one of the most overused, boring questions you can ask in any event.

Do You Have The Slightest Idea How Little That Narrows It Down?

I want you to completely remove this question from your repertoire for one month. Ask one of these 3 questions:

When you ask any of these 3 questions, make sure you have your own answers. It’s totally okay if they don’t have anything exciting or big plans coming up—but make sure you’re prepared to answer in a way that makes YOU seem exciting and worthy of the conversation.

There is science behind the question. Can you identify the types of questions that have the most impact on people?

If you answered 4, you’re right! Harvard researchers found that follow-up questions are the most powerful question types. They signal to your conversation partner that you are really listening, care about what they have to say, and want to know more. People who interact with a partner who asks a lot of questions always feel more respected and heard.

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The Takeaway: Follow up any questions you ask others with follow-up questions. For example, here’s how you can do it: I love the little traditions that develop organically in . One is to welcome each new teammate with a long email chain of happiness that begins with the person’s introduction.

I love this 1:2 ratio because it speaks to the simple truth we strive to recognize as

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