How Can You Go Into The Military As An Officer

How Can You Go Into The Military As An Officer – Their decisions to participate; friendships Hear from young service members about the skills they’ve developed and their opportunities to make an impact in the military.

From making an impact in the lives of others to making meaningful connections and skills that last a lifetime—find out how young people find fulfillment in the military.

How Can You Go Into The Military As An Officer

Once you speak with a recruiter, you will be scheduled to visit a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) to complete the enlistment process.

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MEPS requires an applicant’s physical qualifications as determined by each branch of service; A joint service organization that determines competency and moral standards. There are MEPS locations across the country.

Length 2:56 Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) Overview Each MEPS is a physical, designated by each service. It is staffed by military and civilian professionals who carefully screen each applicant to ensure they meet academic and ethical standards. View transcript of video Aug 9, 2018 j2z1LEEq1cM.

Speaker 1: I am Commander Cathy Macer. I am commanding officer of the Boston Military Entrance Inspection Station. MEPS is the visiting point for Army applicants and we are responsible for ensuring quality entry into the Army during both peacetime and mobilization. ok After the applicant stayed overnight at the contract hotel, he gave a wake-up call at 4 AM on the day. After breakfast at the hotel, we arrived at MEPS after 5:00 am.

Speaker 2: My name is Staff Sergeant Michael Lyle. I am the MEPS liaison when it comes to anyone for the Air Force. The applicant would come in early in the morning, sit down with the liaisons, outline their day, and go over what they should expect, usually by 5:15; At about 5:30 appeared, We are the first faces you see in the morning.

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Speaker 1: Long gone are the days when applicants were herded into various rooms and treated in person. We have moved to rolling out the red carpet where we treat our applicants with dignity and respect.

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Speaker 3 – Good morning everyone. I’m Sergeant First Class Ketcham. I am the Operations NCRC at Boston MEPS.

We see them throughout the day. Guaranteed every time. I mean, yes. You know it’s early in the morning when they first come up on the floor. After signing them into MEPS, they were all sent to an area and given a morning briefing.

Once we’re done here, you’ll go to the medics. You will receive a medical summary; You’re going to get through that process, right? Once the briefing is over, you will take the exam. I’ll see the doctors, right? And you will get through it. After treatment, You will go down to your service contact. You will sit down with a consultant and negotiate a job. Once done, You will be taken to the processing section. ok I will do what I have to do there. I am ready to take my vows. After you take the oath of service, we will arrange transportation to take you home.

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Speaker 2: We try to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to understanding the whole process, and if there are any concerns, we hope that individuals feel comfortable enough to raise them before our day begins. . So that they have good, There is a smooth process. Where are they going? They know where it comes from; When we meet again, we are in a good mood knowing that the next place is over.

Speaker 5: I always want to join the army. I went to college, As you know, Business isn’t the greatest thing right now, but I’ve always wanted to be involved.

Speaker 6: A family full of Marines. My uncle is 32. My dad is 23 so it’s great to be like a brother.

Speaker 5: And you know, my degree I saw some opportunities that I could use with all that kind of thing; They gave me a lot of useful things for what I want to do in the future.

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Speaker 1: They were allowed to join the army. This is a voluntary service. This is not a draft age, so it is important to each of us and my staff to treat those interested in serving their country with the respect they deserve.

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Length 5:34 A day at a Military Entrance Processing Camp (MEPS) See what it takes to go through each step of the MEPS process and find out what recruits expect. The video was posted on August 8. Posted in 2018 KXuaw9aVwUU View Transcript

Narrative: Military Entrance Processing Centers, or MEPs, are where applicants for military service go to complete the enlistment process. MEPs each applicant must meet the qualifications specified by the Defense and Services Branches; Ensures compliance with physical and behavioral standards.

The government pays for accommodation for all military personnel preparing to go through the MEP process. Hotel staff explained what to expect the next day, including rules of conduct and a list of prohibited items in MEPs.

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After their briefing, applicants can enjoy hotel facilities and special applicants’ guest rooms. intimacy with each other You can watch games and watch TV till 10:00 PM. Applicants are not allowed to drink alcohol or leave the hotel, but can hang out with friends and family in the hotel’s public areas. The lobby closes at 10:00. So everyone can sleep well. They’re going to need it.

As the breakfast was very early, the applicants were ready to board the MEPS bus on time. Before leaving the hotel, be sure to eat a balanced breakfast and drink plenty of fluids. Your body will need fuel. It is free and very early service so applicants can call at 4:30 am in the MEPs bus.

Applicants must be neat and tidy. medium Comfortable clothes must be worn. Holes must be removed. Abusive words or images will not be tolerated and hats are not allowed inside MEPs. Prohibited items are not permitted in MEPs. See your collector for a complete list of prohibited items.

A MEPS employee briefs applicants. Applicants must go through a security check on their way to MEPs. Once inside, MEP applicants will store their personal belongings in areas designated for that purpose. Earrings should be removed. They block the hearing aid for the hearing test.

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Each applicant must provide their driver’s license, Social security card; The birth certificate and requested medical records must be carried with them during processing. Your recruiter can provide more details. Cell phones are only allowed in the waiting area.

Some MEPs process up to one hundred and fifty applicants in a single day. Processing time can be from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM. After a briefing with MEPs commanders. Applicants will meet a representative of their selected service branch, receive applicant name badges and then be sent to the Control Desk for instructions. Name tags must be worn visibly at all times until checkout.

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It is important for each applicant to be alert and follow instructions throughout the day. Biometrics, including the applicant’s photograph and fingerprints, are processed early in the day and will be used whenever the applicant enters or leaves the station. Applicants must check in at each station to ensure they are in the correct place at the expected time.

All applicants must take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB. The ASVAB is a series of intensive aptitude tests that help determine which military jobs you are best suited for. Some applicants may take the ASVAB the afternoon of the previous day or even earlier at a satellite testing location near their home. The ASVAB tests reading comprehension and math skills, as well as electronics, It measures scientific and mechanical knowledge. It takes up to three hours. Applicants are also required to take special purpose tests that help the armed services determine their suitability for specific jobs.

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The next step is the medical examination. Tests include a complete physical urinalysis; HIV pregnancy drugs and alcohol; an ortho nerve exam that checks balance and coordination; Hearing and vision tests will be included.

Your name will be used as a ticket at lunch. Lunch will be provided free of charge by MEP to all applicants. Once an applicant passes the physical test, they will be notified of available jobs; incentives; They meet with their service liaisons about salaries and shipping dates.

In processing, applicants confirm the details of their contracts and their fingerprints.

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